47 Yr Old Mom..Day 1 - Anchorage, AK

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After careful research by reading several reviews,...

After careful research by reading several reviews, as well as my thorough consult, I decided to try the CoolSculpting procedure. It was somewhat uncomfortable when they put the applicators on and I then waited comfortably after going numb while the procedure did its thing. I had a total of four procedures today, each individually done; my upper and lower abdomen, and the flanks and love handles. Lots of area tty o grab..After the numbness wore off and 8 hours later, I am now beginning to feel severe cramping or gas and occasional stabbing or burning sunsations in my lower and upper abdomen. I'm taking Tylenol and lying in bed.

I highly recommend anyone having this procedure research it thoroughly.. it is not a weight loss program or painless by any means. I also expect some down time as I feel like I've been kicked by a horse. The best advice I can give is to wear very form fitting spanks or shape wear around the areas you have treated as this will help minimize the discomfort. I hope the pain does not intensify beyond what it is now as I'm cramping in my middle abdomen area and it seems to be getting worse, accompanied by a growling stomach, but I'm afraid to eat. I've only had lettuce wraps and water tty oday. DRINK TONS OF WATER AFTER THIS, AVOID IBUPTOFIN AND USE TYLENOL IF YOU'RE ABLE.

Occasionally I'll feel the pins and needles or maybe little tiny seizures as this is obviously a shock to your system. The good news is I'm pretty sure I'm thawed by now as its been 8 hours from the time I left the building. I just hope the pain that I do experience (occasional stabbing in my lower abdomen) doesn't get worse as I read the many reviews. It isn't frequent and is localized, lasting a few seconds and then going away for a bit. I'm also experiencing some mild itching in my upper abdomen on occasion. I think that's a good thing. If the discomfort gets worse, not sure how I'm going to deal with it. I also wonder if i should massage the treated areas. For now, I'm taking a sleep aid and calling it a day. I have 25 lbs to loose and this is my jump start. Sure hope it wasn't a waste but no way am I going under a knife or having smart lipo (lasar), which I hear is far more painful than this and less noticeable as far as results go. Will continue to post updates. Oh, I'm very bloated and swollen. Here is a pic of my stomach and then the other picture is what I'm wearing for compression..helps tremendously.

Day 3

Umm...ya. yesterday was rough and I gave serious doubts that this could possibly work. It was basically like a large waffle iron taking slabs of my pooch and fat rolls over the hips, squeezing it and sucking and cooling the skin to about 38 •F. So my muscles are very sore, I'm a bit numb where the looser skin is, and have bruising and a lot of swelling. My upper abdomen is hard as a rock. I hope the itching or random stinging or varying sensations means fat cells are dying. I realize this is going to be a long process. I took pictures today that I am posting and will probably do weekly updates just for my own peace of mind. I suspect that I may need to have one more treatment on the middle part of my lower abdomen around the belly button as that's an area they did not treat so having said that, coupled with my weight loss program and increased activity, I'm hoping it will all come together and I'll get a much nicer, toned look than what I currently have. Shame on me for letting it get like this but it is what it is ..thank God for my little compression girdle and tight tank top. it has been a lifesaver to wear at night and I noticed when not wearing it made a big difference. The pain, for now, is not as bad as some of the descriptions I've read where it was nerve issues. I don't believe I have any of that but it it's only been two days and right now I just feel like I've been kicked in my entire upper torso and sides with bruising and significant swelling. It hurts more where the fat was less..took 2 Tylenol today.


You bet! Itching is tolerable. Cut down Tylenol to 200 mg. I am doing normal housework and only annoyance is the underlying itching. Activities increase it because of the circulation. I talked with the therapist today. Said itching is common she also stated anyone wearing compression garments should heavily moisturize..was glad to hear that my instinct to keep a good moisturizer down there was recommended because I haven't read that anywhere. So thanks for dolliwing me.. I've never had any followers but I'm really looking forward to seeing if this works I have a wedding in August and I really want to lose 20 pounds and loose the muffin top which as you get older it seems to get harder and harder to lose even when you lose the weight so I'll be getting my office area on Tuesday and I am quite interested in seeing how that turns out I'm having my entire lower face done and I'm very nervous so she had to talk me down a little bit but I'm going to go for it.

hell day

Oh dear Baby Jesus..I'm cramping and the itching is driving me mad. No docs here have heard of this..I fucking hate Alaska. I've taken Tylenol and Motrin plus benadryl..no relief. Just constant burning and itching with stabbing cramps. I hear ice may help. That's next. Its primarily in my upper abs under rib cage but has now spread to lower love handles. Even compression garments not helpful. And lots of digestion issues today. Never again.

stomach day 3


Licensed tech. Fabulous. Rate high for service and thorough explanation of realistic expectations . Time will tell on results.

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