33 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 3 C-sections.....found my RX for a Tighter Future - Anchorage, AK

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At this point I am just counting the days to my TT...

At this point I am just counting the days to my TT and BA to take care of what the gym and weight loss has not. Normal fears > scars, implant sizing, recovery.....

Maintained 50 lb weight loss for over two years after my last baby (12 yr old, 8 yr old, 4 yr old, and 2.5 yr old) and still feel like I need some extra help to love my body again.

Main areas of concern: belly button to c-section scar and lack of volume and fullness in my breasts (ready to not have such a strong secret with Victoria Secrets....). Don't want to be too top heavy, and then just feel fatter or less fit vs now. I have a pacemaker, so I am looking forward to some fullness up top to help with how much the device shows in the upper chest area today. Current sizing 34b or 36a - but more of the 34B on an everyday level. Height 5 ft 3 in and 140 lbs.

Looking at Mod profile 375 on L and 350 on R. Full TT.

And the countdown and prep begins.....

And the countdown is on!

I am just over a month out from my scheduled date of surgery- amazing how quickly time has passed. Major focus over the next few weeks include exercising, eating well, and not going crazy OCD on spreadsheets for everything (pain tracker, food and water intake, med reminders, averaging out the costs by stitch....maybe I should ask for mess now and not wait ????)

My pre op isn't until Feb 2nd, days prior to my surgery, so I am trying the determine real needs (and tracking them in a spreadsheet) for post ease and care. Rent a hospital bed? Why not....if it will make it easier. Still trying to figure out these little things.

Any suggestions or lists that you could direct me to would be helpful- it's easy to get lost in all the postings and comments.

15 days...and counting

Paid the remainder of the doctor fees today....and I am 15 days out. So much to do- and the days are flying by.

Days away

had my pre op today for my procedure Friday Feb 6th. Have my RX. Have magic body wash. Everything is coordinated with my OBGYN for ovary and tube removal then on to the good stuff - full TT and BA (375 right side, 350 left side moderate plus).

I think I am ready. Will get my RX tomorrow, will pick up the last of my items at the store, make sure work is buttoned up until in deemed fit to make important decisions...

Thankfully work has been so busy I haven't done much but get to my appointments and shop for the known items.

I have no real idea what to expect. I am worried about the pain, scar, the mental game of how much bigger I will feel until I am healed, etc.

I have been working hard to get in shape- dropped the 6 lbs I wanted to, but it would have been better to drop 6 more. Always something, right?

I am at a weight I can maintain, and a size that fits me well (4/6). But the recovery may prove to be harder than expected.

Oh well- more data for a spreadsheet.

Made it- now on to recovery

Went in early this am, and surgery started at 730 am. 4.5 hrs of surgery. Left the surgery after 3pm, and have been camped out on in the hospital bed I rented. Pain is just annoying today. Able to walk, get to the bathroom in my own. If I keep up at this rate, it will be a very pleasant surprise. I am taking my meds as ordered,

My guess I will feel worse tomorrow, but so far it's just like mild cramps, or difficulty getting out of bed post c-section. The Dr called this evening to check in on me, and said that all went well. My follow up is Mondsy- can't wait to see.

Hopefully everyone else who is having surgery soon, or just did. Happy resting and healing.

Day after - feeling great

So far, so good. I am able to get up and out if bed unassisted. Can get to te bathroom without assistance (score!).

Drinking lots of water, eating super light (jello, protien shakes, plain yogurt, and meds as ordered.

Dealing with the drains is super easy-so far , with pretty modest output.

Hasn't looked yet, the reveal is Monday ! Happy healing to everyone else!

If you can change your pants and apply makeup....

I have had a pretty good day- what a surprise. I was able to change pants on my own, apply make up, and have been able to get up and go to the bathroom, and empty my drains. Granted I am slow moving, but moving pretty easily. Major complaint - if this is a complaint- I am bored.

2nd day post op- feeling great

Other than boredom, I am feeling really very good considering. I am able to do everything on my own so far. Eating light, watching TV, taking my meds, and resting. Can't wait to see the results on Monday !

Omg- clean hair is so amazing

Today has been great. Rested, watched some horrible TV, ate light snacks, and had a girlfriend from work drop by and my grandma. Visitors were great to break up the day, but they that was exhausting.

But not so bad that I couldn't wash my own hair in the sink and curl it.

Happy healing!

Post op appt

Hello Flat Side

Well, I had a great post op appointment. Out of the post surgical tighter than you know what wrap and got my first look. Very happy with the results (from what I saw today), and so much more comfortable in the new compression garment and post surgical bra. I have a slight vertical scar (I would have bet on this based on the skin i had to get rid of). But minimal swelling to date, and and still able to walk totally upright. All going well. What a surprise!!

Some before & after (very soon after)

Here are some before & after pic's showing the difference.

Skinny jeans- check!

I verified this evening that my pre surgery jeans fit without issue, even with padding and binder/drains. So do my work trousers, so when I get back to work on the 23rd there won't be a woredrobe meltdown. Need to keep in track so I don't get major swelling between now and then.

Off all meds- other than OTC and antibiotics. Bored out of my mind. Working from home, attending conference calls, but doing my best to take it easy.

Follow up appointment tomorrow - so we will see what the Dr's office says I can do. Light treadmill, no major arm movement is my goal.

Hope everyone else is healing well or easing into their upcoming surgeries worry free!

Well.....some of my many, many swimwear options may still work

2nd post op- Check

Stiches are out and I have graduated to the tape phase of recovery. Everything is healing well and I look forward to drain removal next week. They don't bother me at all, but one less thing to deal with while dressing, being around the kids, etc.

Not in any real pain (other than the occasional sneeze, which reminds me that I did just have a TT and MR). Just easy to slow down and want a nap.

Hope everyone is healing well or getting excited for their upcoming surgery dates!

Almost 1 week

Almost one week post. Very happy with progress, and look forward to the weeks to come.

And the purge begins....

I have been surprised by the lack of items in my closet that are immediate giveaways. Even tailored button up tops fit post BA- so far. All the ones I had to tape previously due too minor gapping or puckering at the bust are fitting the same. Shocked! But pleased- no NEED to shop. Just a desire....(always)....

I really had a misconception that a lot of my stuff wouldn't fit. But it does- which is good since I LOVE some of my staple wardrobe items that I added this past season. Some are not going to work, but I wore those the weeks leading up to surgery as a ceremonious goodbye.

Now the biggest closet clear out that I took care of today has to be the 30+ VS bras that will not fit and are not age appropriate for my girls. What to do with those? Some have been only worn once (and are super cute).

Kind of a silly posting, but I have nothing to really add about my recovery. My drains come out this Thursday, and after that it's just good scar TLC and standard follow up. The nurses at Dr. M's office have been very helpful and even gave me a few tips for when my pacemaker has to be replaced (in a few years) to ensure a better scar or possible scar revision. My c-section scar was hardly noticeable (even with three of my four born via c-section, plus reuse for a partial hysteretomy, and so far the TT and BA seem to be following suit), I think I am going to require that the cardio gods pay a little more attention to how they close me up next time :)

I hope that everyone is healing well- or getting ready for their upcoming makeover dates. Or that those just checking it all out or doing their research for possible future procedures are getting their questions answered.

Until next time....

A day at the gym...so I am shopping

The kids wanted to go play at the gym, and I am following dr's orders and NOT even going to go near the treadmill. Going to beg for some clearance once the drains are out.

But for now- I guess I will have to fill my need for yoga, Studio Rush, and a good workout with some retail therapy.

Almost two weeks already

Drains came out today- and unless you have had this done there is no real way to describe it. Not painful - use really really odd.

Got a three panel compression garment since my other one doesn't really compress enough (if I get my waist at the right tightness I can't get the lower area to tighten without bending the garment - not too comfortable or effective). Those compression garments work well until you have a big difference between your waist and your incision area (in my case hips). Measurements today - 39 bust/33 rib cage/28 waist/ 39 hips. It's not 36/24/36, but I will take it. Hopefully the three panel garment will sit low enough to compress where I need it to post drain removal.

Totally picked up a few non surgeon post surgical bra options today. The other one just didn't provide enough support. Of course wireless, but I can't wear a front zippered sports bra under taylored or silk tops for the next three months. Besides, the PS office is really pleased with my progress - extremely minimal swelling and probably not going to settle much lower (soften, sure, but I most certainly don't have the implants sitting on my collarbones). They don't expect much change in the three month underwire wait, but I will be compliant. Depending on the maker I ranged from 34DDD to 34DD to 36D.

Outside my addition to buying bras (seen through the 30 bra sizing 34a to 36b that cost me well over $1500 that I can no longer wear.....I love buying swimwear. I accumulated 50 (I know) bikinis over the last two years, and well...some of these are just plain inappropriate now. So.....I bought 4 that I will use on my trip out of Alaska in April. I will have to purge many of my epic swimwear collection too, small isn't going to cut it. All the VS suits I just got are large tops (or 36d)- how so much can change in two weeks.

Worked half a day today actaully at the office - and will be back full time on Monday. Feeling great, can't wait to get back to the gym. I meet with the Dr next Tuesday, and hopefully I will be released to light (minimal arm movement) cardio or treadmill and I will have to see if I can start modified yoga (maybe to arms above shoulders?) soon. I am up 1 pound from pre surgery, but I calculated the approx. weight of my implants (approx 1.6 lbs) so I am super happy to not be holding too much water weight- or to have blown all my hard work by bad food or lazy time the past two weeks. I have some swelling at the incision - but as of now very minimal. I really didn't have a large amount of skin- so I in no way expected weight loss from this process.

Hope everyone is doing well along their journey- stay well, stay compliant with your Drs orders (I am reminding myself), and enjoy each win and step towards healing. Until next time....

Made it- 2 weeks

The scale doesn't lie- I am feeling great- and the BCBG dress I bought as motivation last year fits (and no spanx required). Another win.

16 days post op

Ok- so, these are not edited or photoshopped (but I really wanted to do some color correction, since everything looks so much darker in these pics). Keep in mind this is at the end of the day (830) so I have been up and around all day, binder on, so there is extra creasing on the skin and tape and I didn't allow for any time for the skin to settle.

BB is still crusty and the classic TT slit (but I am not going to mess with it - I have an appt with my doc on Tuesday, they can mess with it and let me know if it needs to stay taped).

Scar is pretty darn flat and the small vertical scar is healing very well. Swelling is minimal - and the most pain I have been in was taking the tape off.

I didn't need to swap tape for the BA yet, but I will post pics when I do.

I hope everyone is healing well or getting ready for their big day.

Great follow up and back to work

I went started back to work Monday full time- all has gone well. Most if not all work clothes work (but not my dresses due to the bulky binder- well they work I just don't like the fit). No swelling even after a full day (10 hrs door to door)- so that's been great. I layer like a crazy person (spanx shorts- high waisted, binder, smoothing tank over binder- then work top). Thank goodness I am normally cold.

Had my post drain removal appt today with the Dr- that went well too. Follow up in a month. They joked that they must have forgotten to do something since I am recovering so fast- haha, you didn't, right?! Of course not.

Cleared for treadmill - no lifting, weights, chest workouts...but I will manage. I am doing my best to follow all the rules- my part for the best result. So far I am very pleased- I just keep waiting for something to go wrong.

I hope all the ladies scheduled for this week the best outcomes possible - and a smooth and easy recovery.

Week three update

Nothing new really- healing well, managing full time work fine, and healing seems to be right on track. Binder is not my best friend right now, just because it is so bulky and I get tired of wearing it by the end of work day. But....I will work as directed....I will do as the dr says....I haven't had any swelling yet, so I don't want to start now. No pain, no med's needed, and just doing amazingly well.

Special healing hugs to all the ladies who had surgery today. I hope your weekend is full of rest, healing, and wonderful results.

3 w 4 d before & after

4 week update

No major news. Just healing and getting back to daily life again as restrictions are lifted.

I will post new pic's for a scar update . How everyone is doing well and healing wonderfully!

5 weeks

Not much to update - again. But that's a good thing. Getting used to the new me. Can't wait for a full release.

Purchased more swim suits....silly, I know. But it's fun shopping for this body.

Epic replacement of swimwear

6 weeks post feeling pretty darn good. I have my next post op next week and look forward to pretty much full release to get back to my gym. But we will see.

I need to start getting some strength back. :)

Swimwear keeps arriving on my doorstep....note to self...hide the iPad when you can't sleep at night...or you will end up with 50 more swimsuits.

Six week scar update

Scar pic.'s at 6 weeks.

Seven week post

I saw my PS this week, nothing really to report. I go back in two months, hopefully to get fully released to the gym. For now, just need to slowly ease back into circuit hell- modified of course

Two months - already!

Two months out- feeling great. Down just shy of 20 lbs from day of surgery- looking forward to a trip out of state to restock the closet. Can't wear swimwear to work :)

Almost ten weeks post

All is well and recovery at this stage is fine too. Starting to be more and more active to strengthen. Just got back from a long weekend in Vegas- this body travels well.

Still dropping weight, but it's slowed so that's good. Down 23 lbs - so vegas was a much needed shopping trip.

I will post a scar update this weekend.

Ten week scar review

My TT scar is healing well. A little red, but very flat. Don't love the vertical but really....I didn't have enough skin and I would rather that vs be too tight.

2--> 10 week post scar compare


3 months post- doing great

I am healing well and other than some slightly noticeable lack of strength compared to before surgery, no one would guess ....other than of course the implants and super flat tummy.

Back to working way too much and mostly normal daily activities. I have not gone back to crazy interval training workouts - but plan on that once I have my next appt with the dr.

Scar is looking really good (I guess - I really don't know but I am happy about it). Weight has mostly stabilized - leaving me with a 22 lb weight loss post surgery, nearly 25 if adjusted for implant weight.

This has been a very positive experience for me so far- and I am expecting positive days ahead too. Oh...and more swimsuits....and more botox- smile lines are just a little too noticeable now ;)

Happy healing and best of luck!
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