27 Year Old, 5'1, 105lbs, 2 Kids, Mommy Makeover (TT, BA/BL 500cc mod+ silicone implants and anchor lift)..Anchorage, AK

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I have my first consult June 3rd with Dr. Jana...

I have my first consult June 3rd with Dr. Jana Cole and I just can not wait till find out what I will have done and how big my BA can be. I have done some research on BA/BL and I know I want under the muscle and high profile, go big or go home right?

Well more about me I wear 34C but really I'm a 32D maybe in between 32DD since when I try on a 32D my saggy skin falls over. I breastfeed both my kids which is why I so badly need the lift I was a 34C before kids and during breastfeeding went up to a 32F. Also now I personally feel I have to wear a pushup bra and I use to always feel like they are not showing the real you but my self confidence went down after my boobs went down after breastfeeding my second child. No one likes saggy deflated boobs.

So I was for sure on the BL/BA but recently I have put a lot of thought into it and I want the tummy tuck because why not be happy with everything. I am very worried about the scar from the tummy tuck though but I hope it would be worth it.

Wish boob photos

Also forgot to add I am getting silicone inplants.

More Wish Boobs

Some photos of myself

More photos of me

I can not wait till my consult to talk to my doctor and find out when I can have my surgery.

More wish boobs

1 of the million of questions running around in my head....

So I have asked a few people on here but what did everyone that has kids tell them before you had your surgery? My kids are old enough that I will have to say something (almost 10 and 6) and I just want some ideas since I don't see telling them that mom doesn't like her boobs or stomach and I'm fixing them to look and feel better about myself. I know my husband and I will figure it out but no hurt in getting ideas :)

Super excited!!!

So I called to see if I could schedule my surgery even before I went in for a consult and was told I could, so I got told July 7th was the soonest then asked to go on hold. Next thing I know I moved my consult to tomorrow and surgery should be June 4th!!!!! I'm so excited and will know for sure tomorrow but July 7th just wasn't going to work for me and June 4th works great. I'm already so thankful for the nice helpful staff that works at Dr. Coles office.

Had my consult and pre op all in 1

I have to say I'm so pleased with how nice and kind everyone is in Dr. Cole's office and Dr. Cole also. So I'm getting 475cc silicone implant with anchor lift and a tummy tuck on June 4th :) I'm so excited now to get my meds and things this weekend before surgery.


I have until Monday morning to figure out if I want 475cc mentor mod+ silicone or 475cc mentor high profile silicone, my doctor oked me for either 1. What to do, I want projection more then wide boobs so I feel maybe the high profile but I hear different things....someone help me :(

Changed to 500cc mod+

Went to try on the 475cc and 500cc mod+ and I went with 500cc, well surgery is coming up fast on Thursday. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:15am but surgery should be 8am. I'm so excited :)

Another photo

Surgery tomorrow!!!

Been super excited and still very excited I can't wait!!!! Starting to get a little nervous though. Got a nice date night planned with my husband tonight :) Went out and bought a few last minute things for recovery. I'll try to post something as soon as I feel up to it tomorrow. I have to be at the surgery center at 6am :)

Surgery is done :)

Everything went well, now that I'm home it's time to rest.


Woke up with really bad pain. I took my meds and ibuprofen And feel so much better :)

Day 2 post op

All wrapped up....waiting till Monday to see under all the wraps. My stomach is feeling weird it's like weird tingles and itches a little. But no pain I feel way better today then yesterday.

Woot I got boobs and a flat stomach :)

Went in for my first post op appointment today and I have to say omg it felt so good to get that ace wrap off me, I have blisters on my back from it. Got a new binder and this 1 feels so much better I feel I can stand up straighter. Still have my drains but maybe get them out Thursday. Also stopped at the store and got a zip front sports bra to wear later since I was told I could wear that or the surgical bra. I'm healing nicely and have only a little bruising on my boobs. Pain wise I feel pretty good most of the day it's getting up in the morning that is a pain. I have been weighting myself and I have only gained 3.5lbs so far and still a little swollen so I might those that also. My stomach and boobs keep getting tingles and I know it's them healing which makes me so excited :)

Flat stomach

Working on healing :)


Today I will have my 1 week post op appointment. I hope I can get these drains out. Pretty sure I get my staples out today. The other day when I looked under my binder I had a golf ball size spot swelled up by my drain called the doctors and was told put a wash cloth on it and tighten my binder and see if it goes down which it did made me so happy. It was fluid not coming out of my drain which I haven been getting much out of them anyways. Yesterday was my first full day with no pain meds just ibuprofen and I feel pretty good for 1 week post. My husband and kids are taking such good care of me I'm so thankful for them also all my friends and family that has been helping with this and personal things going on in my life. My husband is going to wash my hair today before my appointment which I'm so excited about because my hair is nasty!!! Dry shampoo only does so much. Well I'll update more after my appointment. :)

Stitches out

Got all my stitches removed some hurt but wasn't bad. Still got the drains but they will come out Monday :) Got a new binder that is smaller and I like it a lot better. Time to relax and enjoy family time with my boys and wonderful husband :) I get new photos sometime when I'm ready.

New photos

Haven't posted any photos in a while. Still have my drains but I still think I look amazing and my boobs are huge :) Fingers crossed my drain get out Monday I'm so so ready. Nothing much has changed from yesterday but must say it was so nice to have my husband wash my hair made me feel amazing :)

Stir Crazy

Anyone else getting stir crazy ugh I just want out of the house and tired of sitting around. But then again when I went out Thursday to my post op I was so excited to go out then I was just ready to go home lol. I swear having these drains out will help, atleast after they are out I can go get a compression garment and have a break from the binder. Another note with the binder is my ribs have always really stuck out and the binder sometimes makes them hurt I wonder if it will help bring them in to stay haha would be worth all this pain. I'm also feeling so bad having my husband and kids doing so much I miss cooking and preping my husbands meals and going to the store while he is at work, I know it will all come back but it stinks being helpless :( I would be more willing to do stuff but was told if I really want my drains out Monday I must be basically on bed rest.

So update on me I'm off my antibiotic and pain meds. I just take ibuprofen we I have a headache or a little pain which usually is just my right drain it drives me crazy. Also I get heartburn all the time I guess it's from being binded up maybe?

Woot Drains Out!!!

Omg I feel amazing to have those drains out!! So good news my doctor says that my scars are not going to be noticeable some already are!! I can now shower. I need to find a good compression garment to wear for the next 6 weeks my doctor thinks a tank type if I can find a good tight 1 that should be good. Also uploading some photos without drains but still in the binder.

Another Photo

I feel so amazing with those drains out :)

Before and After

So here are some before and after....my stomach 1 isn't that great standing up without my binder makes me so sick so it was a quick photo and I guess I wasn't standing straight but it gives you the idea. My before and after boobs are awesome though :)

2 week post op

Yesterday was 2 week post op and I got my new waist clincher so I could finally get this binder off omg some days it would just drive me crazy always wanted to have a little break to just want it back on lol. But it was a great day went out shopping and to dinner. I have to say I really do feel almost myself, yeah my stomach is numb in places and my boobs hurt here and there but I feel so much better everyday :)


So now a days I don't take anything but my normal vitamins. I may take a ibuprofen for a headache or pain in my shoulder. So for the last few days my left shoulder blade has been hurting but everyday it seems to get better so that's a plus. Today is my first day without my tape on but I was told to go 1 day a week without tape and it's been a week and that's about how long I should keep the tape on. Might take photos tonight of my scars. I love waking up everyday I feel better each and everyday :) Went on a walk on Fathers Day which I thought was going to exhaust me more then it did, which was nice. So my boobs seem to be softening up and dropping a little, I'm also very happy with them huge just like I wanted :) I love my cg I got the waist clincher is awesome and when I feel I need it I just put my binder on over it. I still can't shower alone yet but it's getting better. I can stand up pretty straight which is very nice. My next appointment is Wednesday which is just a day short of 3 weeks post op. Time seems to be going so fast. So day of surgery I weight 106lbs and the last few days I have been weighting 106lbs so I'm pretty happy with that being my implants are 2.3 or 2.5lbs I can't remember and being I'm a little swollen still and on my period which I usually gain weight I'm very excited to be at 106lbs already.

3 week post op tomorrow

Had my appointment today and everyone thinks I look great!! Other then having fresh scars they say I look 3 months post op already. I got oked to incline walk and also oked to workout when I hit the 6 week mark but be carefully no chest or crunches. So loading some photos of my scars that I took on Monday. I also got told my clincher and sports bra are prefect for me :) I have to say I feel great and so ready to start walking hehe it's a start to working out. Also was oked for sex...as long as I'm careful :D

3 weeks post

My boobs are dropping and look great also already walked over 2 miles today inclined on my treadmill. I'm sure I'll do more today it's awesome to be able to do some kind of working out.

6 weeks post

Haven't updated in a while..I'm doing great feel great healing great. I love love love my results!! Everytime I see myself in the mirror it's like damn that me, still in shock. I can now sleep without a cg and bra, sleep on my side, and lift weights. Also found out I can go get a spray tan I'm so so white but I can't jump in a tanning bed or I'll darken my scars. I'm so happy I did this. Next appointment is July 29th and I get to get the stupid skin tag/nipple things removed from my armpits I can't wait so excited!

Another photo

Figured I would add a standing up photo without a bra on but this is from maybe 5 weeks post maybe less I can't remember.


I think my scars are looking good and healing well. Excited for my appointment on the 29th getting rid if those stupid skin tag things in my armpits for free :) Only thing I'm not to happy with is my belly button, I think I might get a revision on it, my doctor did bring it up at an earlier appointment and said it would be an easy in office appointment so I might talk more about that with her.


Almost 8 weeks post...got a awesome swim suit from target. Scar still healing great and just waiting to go in for my appointment on Wednesday. Pulled something in my stomach it hurts below my belly button and to the right, hope it feels better soon.


Forgot to add this photo

Post Op Appointment

Went in today got those nipples things cut off and got a few stitches in both. I didn't think it was going to hurt and it didn't but now that I drove home they burn...maybe the deoterant got in it I don't know. Scars are still great. Asked about my pain and I ended up pulling/tearing a muscle and have to take ibuprofen and relax for 6 weeks. So be careful and don't take a miss step and hurt yourself on accident :( Ask about my belly button I can get it fixed at 4 months post op to 6 months. But I need to keep a marble in it, it's not looking good sticks out a lot. I go back next week to get the stitches out then September 15 for my next post op. That's about it I'll take a photo of my stitches later and load it.

Had another surgery on Monday

Can't remember what it was called but I was having problems with my right boob it hurt often got to the point I couldn't sleep without a bra. I waited months to go in and the second I laid down she was like yes we are having surgery. So my problem was my implant going into my armpit. Got my wrap off yesterday and found out that I didn't have muscle covering the bottom of my implant. But I now have an internal fold like and underwire inside to hold my boob where it should be. Excited to get the staples out on Tuesday and see my boob settle down and look good again. Might post photos later.
Dr. Jana Cole

Dr.Cole is so kind and caring and so is all of her staff :)

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