IPL Photofacial. Is This Normal Results or Burn? - Anchorage, AK

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I've had IPL photofacials done in the past and...

I've had IPL photofacials done in the past and never had this type of reaction. I saw this esthetician last year for an IPL and micoderm and results were good. I had an appointment with this individual on Tuesday and was shocked at the results! My face felt like it was on fire after IPL was over. She gave me 2 ice packs and samples of hydrocortisone to apply on my face. My husband and kids thought I had burns all over my face. My face was red with brown scabs all over. The next day my friend saw my face and was/is convinced I was burned and this isn't normal reaction. I'll admit esthetician was to aggressive for my liking. I ended up calling her with my concerns and text her pictures of my face. Of course she reassured me my face wasn't burned and this was a normal reaction to my skin tone. Day 4 the scabs are slowly starting to flake (not much) I'm keeping face clean, not scrubbing or picking and using ointment. Would like an outside opinion if this is normal reaction or was I burned? No blistering at all. A little itchy now but that's it for discomfort. Any input is appreciated!
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