28 Years Old, 125lbs, 5'4, 400 CC

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Well like many women in this community that want a...

Well like many women in this community that want a breast enlargement, we want our itty bitties to be no longer so small. I can't believe I am finally going to do this. I wish I had the money when I was younger. I feel like my breasts are a good shape but they are just little. I'm finally confident to undergo this surgery. Not only will this surgery give me a boost in confidence but I can't wait to look more womanly instead of a teenager.

My stats are 125lbs, 5'4. I was fitted for 425 ccs HP implants. I was stuck between 400 and 425, but I was told to pick the bigger of the two. I currently wear a 32c from Victoria secret but I definitely don't have c size boobies. Probably more like medium Bs. I enjoy having an active lifestyle so I hope 425cc isn't too big. I just want to look proportional, yet sexy in the bedroom.

2nd consultation

This afternoon I went in for a 2nd consultation. I just wanted to be super sure of which size I plan to settle with. The assistant showed me the sizers and let me play around with the 375, 400, and 425, since my ps sized me for that range. I love how nice and accommodating the staff is.

Anyways, once I tried the 375, I immediately eliminated that choice only bc I want more fullness and volume. Then I was stuck between the 400 and 425. Well, they say to go for the larger one if you're stuck between the two. So now I'm confident with going with the 425 to achieve my goal.

The assistant assured me I would look great and she also got 425s. She's petite like me and she looked amazing! She even let me see hers. Awesome.

Picking a size is harder than I thought

I feel like I've gotten obsessed looking at before and after photos of women that have the same or close to same stats as me. I still have 2 months until surgery. Now I'm thinking to go 400, which is right in middle of the range my ps gave me.

I hope I'm not the only one that feels like picking a size is a hard decision.

Paid my surgeon fees

Well I just paid my $4600 surgeon fees. I still have to pay for my anesthesia and surgery center fees, which will be at preop on the 22nd. I can't believe this is going to happen. 22 more days until boob day. I also confirmed I will be getting 400 ccs. The days are truly counting down.

One week out

Can't believe I'm going to have my new additions next week. My hubby and I cannot stop talking about it. Hard to tell who is more excited ;) Here is some boobinspiration.

PreOp, check

I just got done with my preOp appt. Met with my surgeon, she told me that my current breast have great shape and that this surgery will only enhance them. The assisstant told me they will look amazing. Feeling good but still nervous because of surgery. I got 2 vials of blood taken out of me to check for pregnancy and blood count. I also got my prescriptions filled. My doc gave me Valium, Percocet, Keflex, and Zofran. I paid all my fees except the surgery center fees which I will do at the surgery center. I can't believe it. Friday is going to come before I know it. My doc told me after surgery I'll be wrapped up and have to stay wrapped up until my follow up on Monday. I can't shower until then, which I'm used to showering everyday. Hopefully I'll just sleep all weekend waiting to see my new additions. I'm pretty much done prepping around, I just hope I can find that body rest pillow at bed bath and beyond or something. I'm going to go on a hike today to get my outdoor fix before I go under.

This is it

Tomorrow is the day. I have to check in no later than 7:30AM. I felt like this last week of waiting flew. I hope I've got everything prepared. My husband reassured me to stop worrying and it would be alright. He's going to be my care giver, for I haven't told anyone. Not even my closest friends.

I've been so anxious and my doc told me it's completely normal. Good bye itty bitties. It's bittersweet. I've been so used to this body and I'll be adjusting to my new, enhanced one.

Post op Day 1

I checked in at 7:30 AM. Got an IV for hydration and antibiotic. All the staff was so caring and generous. At 9:15 AM, my surgeon came in, marked me and then it was go time. We walked to the surgeon room. It was so bright in there. Things were happening to fast as they disrobed me. I layed on a skinny bed that was in a shape of a T. I layed in a cross position. They hooked my IV up to the anesthesia and the last thing I said was "I'm going to walk out of here a new woman" then I was out. I woke up in the recovery room at about 11:30AM. It was so nice to see my husband sitting next to my bed. I took it slow and gulped down lots of water. The most pain was my sternum and I was all wrapped up. I was so sleepy. They gave me Percocet and nausea pills to take. Got dressed and slowly got wheeled out of there into the car to get home.

My husband has been so great taking care of me. I slept pretty much all day and snacked on cherries, crackers, dried mango, and I had a few bites of steak. I've been burping loudly too, haha! At least the has is being released out of the attic and not the basement.

I slept pretty good last night but has to get up to pee 2x and went right back to bed. I'm feeling a little better. I can't wait to take off this double ace wrap so I can see my new me :)

Post op day 3

Since Friday the 24th, I've had to be double wrapped in an ace bandage. All weekend I slept and snacked. Today, Monday, I was able to go into my surgeons office and they took off my ace wrap. I couldn't believe I saw my new boobies. I was so happy. The nurses and my surgeon were pleased. Being right hand dominant, my right boob is already starting to settle slowly but it will take a few weeks until both drop and fluff. I'm allowed to buy a new sports bra or I can wear the surgical bra provided. I'm definitely going to be a D.

I stopped taking my pain meds this morning.
I'm just going to stick to IBProfen and my antibiotics.

Hello, from the other side :)

Before and afters

I finally showered!! Felt so good. Hubby helped me lather my body and hair. I can't stop looking in the mirror thinking "wow those are mine" Well they are still swollen but attached are before surgery and after the ace wrapping came off. What a great change. Now it's a waiting game of dropping and fluffy. The assistant said my right is already starting to drop since it's my dominant arm. Happy boobies!! Good luck girls.

Bowel movemenfs

I forgot to mention that I had bowel movements 3 days after surgery. Yay for pooping. Basically, when I stopped taking the pain meds, my bowels started working. It was a relief, literally. Anyways, today (4 days after surgery) the bloating started to go down. My boobs are still swollen but I feel a little more energy as the days go by.

Enjoying my additions

Well it's been 6 days post op. Yesterday, I got out of the house and drove around town to run errands for the first time since surgery. I was driving like a T. rex with the steering wheel close to my arms. I decided to take Valium before bed and I slept like a rock. Today, I woke up little slow but not in pain. However, I feel side boob pain today. It's always somewhere different as the days go by where the body will heal it self. I got these Hanes Seamless bras at Walmart yesterday, only about $6-7 each, and they are super comfortable. I can put them on from the legs up no problem since they are stretchy. Thanks to a buddy, these bras rock. I'm not usually a back sleeper but my back has been getting used to being laid on. I plan on getting a massage pad that can be placed on my recliner to ease my back muscles. Anyways, loving my boobies and the size!

1 week post op down

Yesterday, I had my 1 week follow up. I had my tape that was covering my dissolvable sutures removed and they gave me this healing tape that I will put over my incisions for the next month. They said the tape is what will reduce the scarring. No oils, gels, or creams needed. They call it magic tape, haha. When I saw my incision, you couldn't even tell anything was there. I was impressed.

With these new mentor hp silicone implants, they told me I didn't have to do any massages. The new material makes it unnecessary and the implants will fall into their place in time. Low maintenance :)

My next follow up is on July 27. In the mean time, I just keep following the post op instructions. No lifting, keeps arms close to body (T Rex status), no strenuous activities but walking is good, sleep on my back, and always wear a sports bra.

Over did it

Okay, last night, I had my 2 girlfriends come over and hang out. I finally told them about my new additions and they were so so happy for me. It was so fun talking about them and I loved how supportive they were. I haven't told anyone except my husband. The feedback was amazing and they promised to keep it private.

Anyways, we just got so excited we decided later in the night we have girls night out and celebrate. We danced the night away and while I was dancing my boobies weren't hurting. Sometimes I would just hold onto them, as part of a dance move, but really I just wanted to support them more.

Well, as much fun as it was, today I am really feeling it. My boobs are so sore. I hope I didn't over do it. My side and bottom parts of my boobs are mainly sore. I'll be taking it real easy like I'm supposed to for now on. Thank you IBProfen.


Here is a photo of my incision. Dr. Cole did a flawless job! I have to keep the incisions tapped up with this tape called micropore for the next month. It will reduce the scarring.

My left nipple is now lower than my right. They said it is normal that the nipple movement will switch back and forth until the implants settle, which then the nipples will be in balance. Boobies have went down in swelling and they will probably swell at different rates as you see in the photo.

Nipple sensitivity

Well it's 12 days post op and I feel like my nipples are so sensitive. Anyone have a recommendation to tone this down?

2 weeks post op

Wow it's been half a month already. This week has been pretty good overall. I haven't been taking IBProfen as much, only if needed. I went for a nice 3 mile walk yesterday and it felt great. My energy has been pretty normal, however, I know I need to remind myself to take it easy still. I've had different sensations everyday from all the healing. One day it is tightness behind my implants, and then another day it is nipple sensitivity, or another day will be soreness under my breasts.

I did take Valium twice this week before bed to alleviate the tightness/relax the muscles. Plus it helps me sleep. The beginning of the week I had a little bit of morning boob, but it's been residing as the days go by. I can't wait to just jump out of bed no problem.

Hubby felt my boobies yesterday and said how they are getting softer. He totally loves them. He's been so great around the home if I need him to lift anything heavy.

My left is still more swollen than my right. I do feel like my chest muscles are getting stronger and stronger everyday, which means my arms are able to get more range of motion. Still gotta T. rex it tho.

Aside from the physical part, mentally, I have missed my normal summer activities of fishing, hiking up mountains, and lifting. But I live vicariously through my loved ones that can do all these fun activities. I can still enjoy the outdoors on nice walks :)

This has been so worth it and I hope things keep going smoothly as I heal. My confidence has boosted so much. Happy healing ladies!

3 weeks post op

Most days are good boob days. There are days when I feel different sensations in my chest. Time is the key.

My boobs have softened through time. I have been loving my size and I am so glad I chose this size. I love how I don't even need padding right now, but if I add some padding, like with the sports bra, my boobs look significantly bigger.

No big update today but just awaiting this healing process. Haven't needed any IBProfen what so ever. I rode my bicycle in the neighborhood and loved it.

As for sensitivity, still a little. I just can't wait until my boobies soften up and I can just squeeze them without being cautious.

The comparison photo I attached is comparing day 3 and day 21. The others are where I am at at 3 weeks :)


Here is a collage from preop to 3 days PO to 2 weeks PO to 3 weeks PO

1 month post up

Wow, I'm loving them. Can't wait to see what another month will bring.

1 month follow up

It's been 1 month and 2 days since surgery. Doc said just to keep doing what I'm doing.
She was very happy to see my progress. I'm clear to get back to working out but listen to my body..not hard chest workouts yet. In 2 weeks, I can get fitted for a bra and wear underwire. I'm anxious to know my bra size.

She said it will probably take 2-3 months until they don't feel so foreign, can't wait! I'm happy to hear the good feedback.

Laying down

Tomorrow will be my 5 week mark. Still need to wear the tape over the incisions for another 2 weeks. Here is a photo of myself laying down.

What I did to prep for surgery and recovery

Before surgery, I read many women's posts on what they did to prepare for surgery and recovery. Some lists of supplies seemed so overwhelming. It is essential you get everything you need before surgery so you don't have to worry about it during recovery. It is also important to have someone caring for you when you get home after surgery for at least 2-3 days. The pain killers will most likely make you sleep all day for 2 days, which happened to me, so having someone care for you to help you lift things, make sure you're on top of your medication, and make sure you eat is essential.

Before surgery make sure you have picked up all your prescribed medication. My surgeon gave me valium (for the muscle spasms and anxiety), Percocet(for pain), Zofran(for nausea from the pain med), and Keflex (antibiotic). After surgery, it is important you stay on top of your medication. I set an alarm clock to remind me. The Valium, Percocet, and Zofran were always taken together, so all I had to do was set two alarms.

You want to stay hydrated after surgery, so to make it easy to drink, I bought one of those close lid tumblers that have a flexible straw. Scored it at my local Fred Meyer. The flexible straw is so nice, so you don't have to raise your arms and you can bring the cup/straw right to your mouth.

For the first few days of being drugged up, have some snacks on hand. I usually got out of my naps and snacked, took my meds, then went back to sleep. The meds made me so sleepy. I liked to have Ritz crackers, fruit, and yogurt to snack on.

Have some zip ups, flannels, or button up loose tops in hand. Your arms will thank you a few days after surgery. Once you have a little more arm range motion, loose shirts or tank tops are the next best thing to easily put on.

As for sleeping, I did well with two pillows. One of my pillows was a thicker pillow and the other was my down pillow. Sleeping on my back was fine with these two. It also helps to have a third pillow to put under your knees to keep the pressure off your back. If you aren't a back sleeper normally, like me, your back muscles will definitely get sore from being on your back all night. The pillow under the knees helped alleviate that pain.

Once you get the clear to wear your own support bra (not the post op bra provided by your surgeon), I would suggest getting some cheap sports bras while the swelling goes down. I went to Wal-Mart and got some comfy stretchy sports bras from Hanes ($7 a pop) and a zip up bra. Since, I didn't know what size I would be, I went to the store after I was able to be off pain meds (day 4 PO). However, since I went 400cc, which they say every 200cc = 1 cup size, I fitted into size Large for these sports bras. I was easily a size small pre-op. So, if you want to shop for some sports bras before surgery, you could predict what size you need and just have these at home ready to go.

My list seems pretty basic. I didn't buy anything more, like arnica, ice packs, scar gels, or silicone sheets, etc. Through time, you will gain energy and more movement. Listen to your body. I think that is all I have for preparing for surgery and recovery.

Sized for a bra

My surgeon gave me the okay to get sized since pretty much all the swelling is gone. She said it was okay to start wearing wired bras as long as it wasn't uncomfortable on the incisions. I've been waiting for this moment! Went to VS and got sized for a 32DD. Wow, I started with a 32C. Either way, I am very pleased. Got this uplift wireless bra for $25 since it was a promo and two other bras. Love it and it's super comfy.

On another note, I've been able to lay on my side with no hassle. I am a side sleeper, so this is quite a feat! This means they are definitely getting more soft.

Shy of a year

Wow, what a journey it's been. I have been loving my "girls". The best part is when I told my best friends and their response was that they were so happy for me. I was relieved not to be judged, but who cares what people think, right? What matters is your own happiness.

My confidence has boosted. I feel like I look amazing. I feel so womanly. My husband cannot keep his hands off me, which he gave me attention before, now the attention is sevenfold! It's very exciting... especially in the bedroom ;)

Was it worth it? Absolutely.
Anchorage Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cole is a passionate surgeon. Her and her team are positive, encouraging, and are always open to any questions you have. She was knowledgable and made such an uncomfortable subject easy to talk about. Dr. Cole seemed excited to work with me and only said nice things about my breasts. She is definitely the go to doctor at Plastic Surgeons of Alaska. They do a great job of taking care of you.

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