38, So Excited and Nervous for Implant Removal and Lift! Anchorage, AK

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I am scheduled for implant removal and lift on May...

I am scheduled for implant removal and lift on May 8th! (I am 38, 2 teenage kids!)
I got my silicone implants over the muscle about six years ago. Looking back I wonder whatever possessed me to put these foreign objects inside my body in the first place?! Low self esteem, divorce..... Who knows. I actually cancelled my first surgery date when I put them in as I could not wrap my mind around putting something foreign into my body... But gave in to the idea a few months later!

I have had no "problems" with my implants. They are soft, scars are almost invisible.... And there is no obvious medical reason to explant .....Or is there? (Besides that they've bottomed out now)

Is it a coincidence that I have chronic fatigue, occasional shooting pains in my breasts, chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches, fight depression, thyroid and weight gain issues for no "reason", hormone issues-- low sex drive-- and all of this since I got these things put in? After doing a lot of research it is my personal belief that my body has actually been resisting these things since the day I got them put in!! Not to mention discomfort in general and not feeling "comfortable", like ever!

I wanted to share my story because I have been spending so much time on this site and reviews have been such a blessing. Hearing women remind me to accept myself how God made me is so important! My boobs do not define me or give me my sexual identity for that matter!! It is scary thinking maybe I am making a choice to remove them and will feel unattractive after! It is a real psychological battle in my head!!

Now let me tell you about my husband because I'm sure many of you, like me, are worried about the husband and his opinion. I got these in before I met my awesome hot husband.... And let me say he is a "boob man"!!! I am worried! (Although I do joke to him that they did the trick, got the man I wanted, now I have no use for them hahaha) His initial reaction when I told him I wanted to do this was "why if there's no problems would you want to mess with them?" And I don't think he was fully on board but he still said its my decision to make and supported it..... But after I sent him some research and was really thinking of all those little health issues I've had the last few years he started doing some research of his own and now he says, "get those toxic bags out of your chest as soon as you can"!!! He says it is not worth my health to have them and he is fully supportive of it now.... And I think its more genuine now that he is thinking of risks associated with Implants. I also didn't really put much thought when I got them into the fact that id be needing future surgeries to "upkeep" them. I do not like having something inside me that could "silently" rupture, that could prevent seeing breast cancer, or be causing me health issues. I've read too many reviews from other women who have had similar issues to my own that went away as soon as they removed their implants!

And overall, I want to be "free" of them. I just want to be myself. And looking at soooo many before and after pictures I also realize I personally think small boobs are pretty cute! I think 90% of the pics I've seen the women look better after they explant and are just themselves. Maybe that comes with age... Realizing imperfection is beautiful. ;)

I'm nervous about surgery, general anesthesia, the outcome... But I can really invision myself being happy to be free of them and on the other side! I will post pics at a later date of before and after... I will be doing explant and a lift.... Getting it all done so I can be completely done with boob surgeries as I'd just end up wishing I had the lift done later....

Thanks for all the stories and support.... This site was a total God send for me!!

Post op and VERY happy with decision!!

So on the 8th I had my implants taken out and aift at the same time. I am happy to say I had a lot of natural breast tissue and am VERY happy with my decision!!!! It feels so good to be free of the heavy implants weighing me down!! I will post pics to ought but I have quite a bit of bruising still. The weird part is I put on a "36D" bra out of my drawer and I wasn't falling out of it, but it wasn't loose either! I doubt I'll end up with more than a C cup which is ideal anyways but was surprised I hadn't gone down more. I was a 36DD before ex plant.

After surgery 9 days post op

By the way I had these for 9 years!!! I had put six in my original review, whoops! 9 years too long! Here are none day post op pics!! Still bruised and tape over all incisions but very optimistic that the boobs will be totally cute and satisfactory when healed up!!!!! So glad I made this decision for myself!!!!!!

3.5 weeks post op

Ok so maybe I'm a slow healer but it took about three weeks for me to stop hurting and feel a little better energy wise! I always walked around like a four on a one to ten pain scale and by evening or bedtime was worse... I went back to work at a week post op and maybe my job just hasn't helped the healing!
BUT I feel much better the last two days and have some new pics for you. First time I showered without tape was this morning... Have a post op appt today so figured I'd get off some of the stickiness best I could. I switched the tape out once but it peeled scabs off and I didn't think that could be good so I have basically left the tape alone until now. Definitely getting a little smaller now that swelling is going down, but pleased and can't wait until a couple months go by and they're fully healed! I'm super happy with my decision and wish I'd done it way before now! It feels great to be just me in my own skin.

Six Months No Regrets!!

So thrilled with my results and haven't regretted having the implants removed for one moment!! Husband loves the natural me... I love the natural me..... Wanted to just let all of you know that I'm six months post op and know I made the right decision and am happy with my results! No more weird pains in my boobs... I'm sure that was my body trying to reject the implants!!! I feel so much more comfortable too!!
Anchorage Plastic Surgeon

*** post op I am extremely happy with Dr Manuels work!! He is very attentive, very kind, listened to what I wanted, never tried to persuade me to keep the implants, and so far I'm happy with results and I have a lot of hearing left to do before I see final results! I've only heard good reviews about Dr Manuel. I was very happy with my consultation with him, he was very downto earth, and unlike so many plastic surgeons he didn't ever suggest I get different implants or leave them alone. He completely understood and actually told me he thinks the surgery will be life changing for me. When I told him I am close to forty and am just really uncomfortable and tired of them, he actually understood and he felt they were too big for me too..... When you get them in they convince you your great broad shoulders and frame need huge boobs.... I think they're ridiculous.... I went from a full B to a DD!! I want to be a B again! :0)

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