52 Y.O. Asian-american, 5'2" and 120 Lbs - Anchorage, AK

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I'm moving forward with my desire for larger...

I'm moving forward with my desire for larger breasts! I've always been a 32/34 A/B. My breasts grew to C while pregnant and I was able to breastfeed my beautiful kids until they were 2 years old. But I've spent half of my life dealing with padded, air, or water bras and thinking about additional tailoring costs when I look at a strapless or low cut cocktail dress. I'm in a good place relationship and career wise so why not be in a good place with my breasts too?

The day after...

I went in for the surgery and came out about 1.5 hours later. I was in a little pain but mostly lightheaded from the anesthesia. The day after I'm experiencing more pain-primarily aches around the collar bones and the top of sternum. I've planted my self in the recliner. I'm not wearing the subglandular belt; just the surgery bra, dressings, and a huge ace bandage. I didn't need the drains. I think because the implants went in between the muscle and my breat tissue. Tomorrow is my first follow up appointment so I may be able to see what I look like! Fingers crossed!

Day after my first follow up visit

Seems as if I'm experiencing more pain as time passes. I've decided to alternate between my pain medication and extra strength Tylenol to see if I get better control over my pain. The doctor changed my bra and dressings. Plus I'm now wearing the subglandular band. Very uncomfortable but necessary for a good result.

2nd post op follow up

My recovery is going well. I have my ups and downs with my energy level. I hope that I can make it through the day at work next week. My nurse removed my sutures, which did hurt a little. My doctor said I can shower, yay! The implants are moving down with the help of the very uncomfortable band. I am hypersensitive in some areas and numb in others, if that make sense?

First day back to work and just for giggles.

I had enough energy to last through my first day back at work. Afternoon coffee (which I don't normally do) helped. I have a desk job which doesn't require lifting anything heavy, reaching, using your arms or hands over my head. With that said, I still felt twinges of pain and soreness when I reached for a book across my desk, carried couple of binders/notebooks down the hall, put more paper in the printe then stapled the frigging report! I came home and napped.

My skin is itchy and is peeling a bit. I normally put lotion after showering but the nurse said to keep the area dry after showering. So I've not put anything on them. I get little pinches/shocks which I think is from my nerves regenerating. My skin is numb-like when you feel your face after having dental work done. I haven't looked at my incisions too closely. I'm also slightly sleep deprived because I'm a side and stomach sleeper. Am I now consigned to sleeping on my back forever?!

Lastly, I am wearing on the black bra with my implants, not the rice baggies. And for giggles, I put on my everyday bra with the air inserts in them.

Better than the day before

I am one of those people that is taking her time to recover. I needed the 2 weeks off before I went back to work. While I wasn't in pain, it felt uncomfortable for me to wear a bra because my skin is so sensitive and the electric shocks sometimes take my breath away! Walking was fine but going at a fast pace leaves me very sore and achy. I've been going at a snail's pace and I hope to be getting back to my regular pre-BA physical routine of walk/jog and hot yoga. Tomorrow will be my 5 week follow up with my doctor. I'm really hoping she will say I'm healing well.

Now I understand what drop and fluff means

Everyday is better. More energy, taking more chances with moving my arms above head, more twisting my torso. Less soreness, numbness and shocks. My implants seem softer, move with me, act and look like real breasts. I've started to massage my breasts to prevent contracture and put scar cream. I've got class III type skin so my hopes that the scars will be invisible in a year is not realistic. However the scars are a small price to pay, I'm smiling in the mirror when I look at myself.

I first visited the doctor almost 9 years ago but didn't go through with surgery. I'm impressed she kept my information after all these years. Dr. Troxel is personable and straightforward, qualities I appreciate.

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