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I'm just posting some photos of what my breasts...

I'm just posting some photos of what my breasts look like currently. I am still on the fence about the surgery. I weighed the pros and cons and the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I like the areola being reduced. But I still worry that I won't like the result, that it won't be worth going under the knife to correct. My physical therapist recommended it and my insurance approved it, so I know that I qualify for it being a medical necessity. But the same way I feel about tattoos: I just don't want to regret it.
My breasts - I believe - inflict shoulder, upper back and neck pain. It really gets in the way of physical activity, not to mention finding clothes/bras/SWIMSUITS.My nickname was "big titties" in high school. I did and still do get a lot of (mostly) unwanted attention. Pretty much every new workplace or school I go to, I'm known as "the girl with the big boobs." Even though they aren't super huge, they are SO heavy! The doctor said there was no fat, just breast tissue. It's in my genes.
I know that a lot of men and women consider it a gift, and I don't want to get rid of a gift for the wrong reasons. My mom and boyfriend are very encouraging about it, and of course everyone on here is. My brother and some friends have expressed disapproval/worry about my reduction. Any encouragement would be appreciated!

1 Day post op

Breast reduction was completed yesterday. My breasts feel sore, nipples sting, and my skin itches EVERYWHERE. The pain meds don't seem to be helping, but it's ok because the pain reminds me to take it easy. Which I haven't been doing by going to the grocery store and watering plants outside - seemingly harmless tasks that actually cause to much movement and soreness. Aside from that, I'm really nervous but excited to take the ace bandage off. It makes it really difficult to breathe in all the way because its so constricting. I'm nervous to see what it looks like - I don't even want to look at it until its all healed!

1 Week Post-Op - 34F to 34D

I haven't been updating this as much as I thought partly because of the drugs and partly because of my mixed emotions. This might get a little deep, but I want to give you my honest experience.

It all happened so quick, from the consultation to the operation. As I got closer to the date, I had a little voice in my head telling me - after I made a $500 deposit - that I wasn't ready. So I constantly consulted my family and friends about the doubt and fear I was experiencing. My mother was the main encourager, and so was my boyfriend and best friend. I will tell you right now that I am a God-fearing woman, and I didn't feel like I had enough time to pray about it. I am not one to do permanent things that I might regret. So since the surgery, I have been feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety, worry and regret about the permanent choice I made.

I knew that I wanted my areola to be significantly smaller, but didn't know what cup size I wanted to be. So I told the surgeon I trusted her to do what was most proportionate. She did a great job at that, but let me tell you. It's like a hairdresser; they may be good at what they do, but YOU know best what you want. So tell them what you're thinking, otherwise THEY WON'T KNOW. I wish I had asked her to stay on the larger side, but I didn't know that's what I wanted until after seeing them now. She said they would be a full C to a D, which sounded good to me. They still look pretty large in pictures, but when I look in the mirror they appear incredibly small. The nurse said that it's normal to feel that way and that once the swelling around my breasts goes away they will appear larger. A friend took me to Gap and found the type of bra the nurse requested: wireless with cups. My size at this point is a 34D.

Now we're past the heavy stuff: they've been hurting way more the past couple of days than any other time since the surgery. I called the nurse and she said that I was overdoing it by walking around with my mom while she shops. I think part of the reason I've been so emotional is because I haven't been able to do anything besides read and watch TV and go on the computer - not to mention all the drugs in my body. The doc let me off of the antibiotics - I guess that was the cause of the itchiness.

Take-aways at this point are 1. Make sure you are ready for the surgery. You can always put it off to a later date if you need more time to pray/prepare/think about it. 2. The anesthesia stays in your body for a long time (more than a week), so your body can become easily fatigued. So walking around the house might be fine, but walking around with someone for several hours is probably too much!

I hope this helps and wasn't too long. Best wishes :)

2.5 months since surgery

Sorry the photos upload sideways.

Scars look great, love my new bra from Nordstrom. They measured me at a 32DD. Very pleased with size. I will admit though, sometimes I feel negative emotions, like regret and guilt. I still can't feel my left nipple. It puckers when it gets cold, but I can't feel it at all. I think I can feel the areola though. The doctor says to keep waiting, it isn't normal for only one to lose sensation as the same thing was performed on both sides, but that it can take up to a year to regain the nerves. I know there's nothing I can do about it now, but I hope this will warn women who are considering having this procedure done is that you need to bee 99% certain you want/need it.

Another thing I wish I would have done before the operation is taken more photos, clothes on and off, at all different angles. You want to compare photos in the same lighting and the same clothes.

Will update next time I get the chance.

4.5 months since surgery

They feel too small to me. Wondering if I should've asked to stay larger. When I take photos they look great, but in person they just seem too small for my body.
My pain was completely gone until I tried a diet and exercise program (21 day fix) and started getting searing, shooting pains. Needless to say I stopped!
Anyway, I am constantly shocked when I look at myself in the mirror. And I'm constantly comparing my size to other women's - on the internet and in person.

Doctors photos

Just received before and after photos from doctors office

Before photos

Healing emotionally

Still have no sensation in my left nipple. Shooting pains around once a day. Every check up, the surgeon & assistant just rave about how great they look and how well they're healing. Very little regard to how I feel or what I think. I guess they just try to keep it positive, but how can I trust them then?
So my mom suggested I see our family practitioner to see if I could get more support. We talked about pain management, scarring, breast feeding, loss of sensation, and she reassured me that all of these would be fine in a year. I tried to express how I was feeling and all she said was "you're still healing emotionally." What I don't understand is why it seems like other women on this site are having such great experiences with their BR, but I don't feel that way. Just having a hard time letting the old girls go.
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