HALO LASER - Absolutely Regrettable. Ancaster, ON

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I recently underwent the halo laser to treat some...

I recently underwent the halo laser to treat some dark spots and hyperpigmentation on my chin. I started to have second thoughts on the appointment and called to ask some more questions. It had been a month since my initial consult.
Over the phone I was told that there was no downtime and that I could wear makeup and go out the same day ( it was our anniversary and meant to be our anniversary dinner that evening) The technician assured me that this was totally fine and not to worry.
I drove myself to the appointment and was given literature to read to pass the time as the freezing cream went to work on my face. After one hour had passed I was given cleanser to remove the cream and sat to wait.
I went into the laser room and was made to lay down. The Halo machine (I can confirm the machine said HALO) took measurements of my face . I was starting to relax and wait for it to begin.
LET ME TELL YOU THIS PAIN WAS ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I am not exaggerating . I should have prefaced this review by saying I am no wimp. I underwent a mommy makeover ( 5 procedures in total simultaneously) I regularly go for fillers and peels and the like. I am no stranger to the pain one endures for beauty.
It lasted what felt like 15 minutes.
It left my face absolutely burning and in so much pain I kid you not I was slightly delirious from it.
The pain was so much that I drove grimacing in pain and so uncomfortable I feared for my safety while driving my vehicle home. Some passerbys even did double takes in their cars. I was a mess.
I get home to my husband who was concerned with my state he made me lay down. I thought it would settle down after a few hours. We waited 5 . The symptoms only worsened.

THERE IS NO WAY , I REPEAT NO WAY you can wear makeup and go in public after this procedure . Those claims are a TOTAL sham. I was furious at being betrayed and needless to say we stayed home for our anniversary .
In fact I stayed home for 5 days after that . 5 Days being unable to go outside as the next phase after the red hot burning phase is the crusting over phase. You will literally look like you are healing from burns in a fire. You will scare people.
I could not go to work with my face looking like My face had been exposed to a roaring fire and this lasted for an entire work week. Note that is an entire week of work gone. No, I am not exaggerating. No you will not be passable. No you can not wear makeup. Imagine putting foundation on a badly scraped knee that has start to crust over. Would it look nice? Would you be fooling anyone ? NO. Trust me. Your eyes and around your mouth will be white further emphasizing your new "victim of a serious fire " look.

It gets better. The crusting phase lasts a little over a week. In that time you will develop small white pimples . You can not touch them . You will think there is no end to your new hell trapped in your house and unable to go into the sun. Then one day, you will be in the shower and your skin will glide off (the crusted skin) revealing new skin. You will be excited because some areas will look fresh and new. This doesn't last.
The final phase consist of a massive breakout coupled with stubborn scraped skin that isnt ready to come off and you will have a scaly reptilian look that is further emphasized with foundation on (as I tried ).

In the end of it all you will end up where you started. The breakout only worsens as the creams they give you are so thick and clog your pores. Remember your skin is trying to shed itself (as it does in a burn) yet you are piling on the thick accelerator cream and sunscreen as they are mandatory for your recovery.

I am now almost three weeks post procedure with a face full of scars yet again . My husband is even sad for me knowing the pain and everything I went through led me right back to where I began. In fact he thinks its worse. I agree with him as it seems I have burns in some areas and raised irritation in others. Not to forget all the NEW acne dark spots left from the massive breakout from the creams . The old ones are faint, but still there.

In closing, PLEASE do not get this procedure done. At least not on your face. It was an absolute waste of money at $1,000 and a week of work and three weeks of your LIFE. The pain is insane and the recovery very dramatic, taxing and isolating.

If you must do it to satisfy your own curiosity, PLEASE take some pain killers PRIOR to procedure. Also have them for after and the next couple of days. Book yourself off from life at the very minimum of 5 days. Prepare not to go outside without a hat and umbrella and massive amounts of gunk on your face. You will need it. Have someone drive you home to be safe. Ask them to bring you a sun hat.
This review is the absolute truth and I only wish someone had been honest with me about the outcome.
The "improvement" you can expect to your skin is virtually non existent ( My upper cheekbones are rosier) and NOT worth your time, money, health and frame of mind.

The practitioner was very pleasant and nice. She seemed to be well trained. My issue is not with the practitioner or facility , rather it is with the misrepresentation of this procedure and the false claims it provide by both its agents, corporate literature and website.

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