2 Small Tattoos.....We'll See How This Goes...

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I have 2 fairly small tattoos...a red bow on my...

I have 2 fairly small tattoos...a red bow on my ring finger (thankfully it wasn't his name!, I suppose i wasn't that stupid. I'v had it for about 7 years) and a VERY green three leaf clover...which I'v had for about 6 years. I'll be getting them done at the same time. I go in for my first treatment tomorrow...wish me luck!

1st Treatment

1st Treatment

Thought I posted this earlier but it didn't..
Went in for my first treatment on both tattoos today. My ringer finger was touched up once after I first got it..so I'm thinking that may be why it doesn't look as faded. But my inner wrist looks more faded and the lines are breaking apart. So fAr so good...

8 Days Later

Well... My ring finger looks the same, bummed out as that was the tattoo I needed removed the most. There is some line breakage but was hoping for more. My inner wrist developed the tiniest blister but popped a couple days later. This one semi hurts if something runs against it. It also has a weirdish dark brown tint in some areas, I'm thinking it might be scabs developing.
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