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So, you just got Invisalign and the reality of the...

So, you just got Invisalign and the reality of the situation has dawned on you. You weren't told about things like attachments, or IPR, or just how difficult removing the things are when aforementioned attachments have been clued to so many of your teeth.

Well, suck it up fellow plastic fantastic user, because unless you're below the age of 15 and/or have a penchant to watch and enjoy twilight films, you have no reason to cry and whine about any of the above. Attachments... I have 13. Do I notice them? Sure I do. Do other people? Some, but usually only people who know I'm wearing Invisalign. Do I care? Hell no! I WANT people to notice! Correcting your teeth is cool. It shows your commitment to yourself and a willingness to make sacrifices for a better smile. This makes you a smart person, and your willingness to invest time and patience in fixing your teeth makes you hot, too. That's right, Invisalign is sexy, and you are sexy for doing it. There is no need to be an emo about this. Quite the opposite, actually!

Now for the really good news. I'm going to tell you about how a lot of the Invisalign 'rules' can be entirely broken or bent.

Drinking with Invisalign in...

There is no problem to drinking any kind of drink with Invisalign in (save for maybe soup). Want to go out and have a few beers tonight but don't want to leave your Invisalign out for 6 hours? Then don't leave them out! Go have your beer, wine, spirits, human blood, etc. and simply wash them out as soon as you get home (or during, too). No harm is caused to the aligner, no harm is caused to your teeth, and no harm befalls the treatment process. The only possible effect is stained aligners, which in itself is a red herring of an issue given that you change them every two weeks and surely wash them frequently. Drink what you like, wash them after! I tend to drink my coffee with them in, and then take them out for a quick brush after (as well as my teeth). So rather than wasting 15/20 mins + of wear time for the sake of a cup of cha, I spend maybe 2-3 mins to achieve the same results AND I get to drink my blessed coffee. Repeat this process through out the day if you're a prolific coffee drinker, but do try and limit the amount of times you take aligners out to 3-6 times per day.

Smoking with Invisalign in...

Same rules apply as above. Don't take them out for every cigarette, that gets old real quick. A quick brush afterwards is better. If you're a heavy smoker, I would suggest alternating your brush after time with rinsing your mouth (whilst trays in) with mouthwash.

Teeth Whitening with Invisalign...

You're probably thinking at this point 'wow, I bet that guy has really stained teeth because of his rebellious approach to Invisalign and his insistence on bending the rules'. Well, you'd be very wrong indeed. My teeth have never been whiter, and I'm talking glow in the dark white here.

How is this possible, you ask?

Invisalign trays are the perfect bleaching trays! Twice a week I go to sleep at night with whitening gel in my trays. Now I use a very strong and effective whitening formula (Watt's Power Gel), and it works absolutely brilliantly. I have gone up 10 + shades since using Invisalign. When dentists tell you they're the only ones in possession of proper, proven and effective whitening products/services, they are lying to you. Fact. Of course your dentist would rather you spent that money on him, but in truth you can buy products online now that achieve the same, and often better, results, than your dentist is able to achieve. What's more, you can do it at a fraction of the cost they will charge you. Example: In-house dental whitening -- 500 euro. Watt's power Gel - 30 euro for a supply that will last you over a year with 40+ applications!

So in summary, Invisalign is nowhere near as restrictive as you've been led to believe. Smokers, tokers, drinkers and socializes need not really change ANY of their habits to accommodate the demands of Invisalgn (22+ hr wear time per day).

About me:

On set 15 of 33. Male, 33 years of age. Very pleased with the results so far and am happy to wear the aligners.



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