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I have researched smartlipo for two years. I even...

I have researched smartlipo for two years. I even went and got a consultation 2 years ago but the price scared me away. I am 43 years old, I exercise moderately but I am very active with my two kids. I have always had a body image issue, mainly around my middle as that is where I carry almost all of my weight. Lately it has gotten to the point that I don't want to go out with my husband as I am self consious of the pooch that I have not been able to get rid off. With alot of consideration and discussion with my husband we have decided to go forward with the surgery. My biggest fear is the return of the pooch as the middle is where the majority of my family carry their weight. But I know with proper diet and continued exercise I CAN DO IT.

Tomorrow is my procedure and I am very scared. I...

Tomorrow is my procedure and I am very scared. I am not afraid of the pain or the bruising. I just learned I have to fly down to my corporate office for a sales meeting next week. I will only be 6 days post op. Am I even going to be able to wears jeans comfortably? I am so excited for the end result but so very scared about getting there.

Sitting in my chair hoping this was worth it. The...

Sitting in my chair hoping this was worth it. The pain at the beginning was pretty much non-existent. Although when she started removing the fat and liquid is when the pain was unbearable. I think the pain meds wore off. I am very sore and can't bend over at all. But this is day one. I will post more tomorrow.

DAY TWO: I woke up this morning a brand new...

DAY TWO: I woke up this morning a brand new person. I feel great. I did take the pain meds before bed and I think that helped me sleep. And this morning I took some ibuprofen. I did not have much drainage overnight. But I am getting ready to go change the bandanges and massage the areas so I hope some of the additional "liquid" comes out. One piece of advise that I read on realself was to drink a ton of water the day before and the day of the procedure. I drank over 60 oz yesterday and I think that has helped with the bruising and swelling. I am very bruised in my upper abs but I know she was focusing on that area for a long time so that may be why. My husband can already tell a difference in my body shape so as of now I am pleased. I will wait to make a final determination after about a week when I can see myself without the garmet and some of the bruising is gone. I am posting my pre-procedure pictures now. I will say I did not know that my "pooch" was that big, in fact when my daughter saw the pictures, she didn't say it was a pooch she said it was more like a "pouch". Got to love kids honesty.

DAY FOUR: The bleeding and draining has finally...

DAY FOUR: The bleeding and draining has finally receeded a bit. Although I think I would like to the drainage to continue as that is the residual fat that is coming out. I feel absolutly awesome. I still have not put on "normal" clothes. I am still sticking with the sweatpants and sports shorts. Truly I am afraid of putting on a pair of jean or shorts. If there is one piece of advise I would give that would be to take the arnica that other members have posted about. I just started taking it yesterday and already notice a huge difference in the bruising and the achiness. I will post an updated phone soon.

DAY 6: I still feel really good almost to a fault...

DAY 6: I still feel really good almost to a fault though as I have over done it the past fews days working in the yard and the garden. It is still hard to bend over all the way. So I need to start taking it easy. I am posting one week pictures a few days early as I have to travel tomorrow. But for my trip I went SHOPPING. It felt so good to put on a tighter shirt and not have to try to conceal the hideous "buldge". So far I am still very please with my results. Every day I notice a difference in the skin tighting around my lower abs. But without actually trying on clothes without the garmet I am still hesitant to start celebrating (of course in The one thing I found difficult is the massaging because I am still so sore all the way to the muscle. A friend suggested that I try one of those massage thingy's (obviously not the technical term). It is has a ball at the top and then 3 or 4 legs coming down from the ball with balls on the end of the legs. I believe you can get them at Bath and Body Works. I did find that it was easier to massage because it went over my skin smoother than my fingers did.
By the way, on the one week pictures, the black marks on my thigh that you see on the side view picture are from the tape, it is not bruising.

I am now heading into week 3 and still feel great....

I am now heading into week 3 and still feel great. I have been religiously wearing my garmet except for a few nights when it wasn't "convenient". I have posted week 2 pictures and as you can see the bruising is almost gone. I swear by those arnica pills now. I am heading back to the gym today but I plan on going back into it slowly as I don't want to over due it. In looking at my results I think the only thing that I am slightly displeased about is my hips, I feell that the Doctor could have done more in that area but gave up because the pain meds and local Anesthesia were wearing off. I could sense her frustration near the end of the procedure. I will be having my 6 week check up in June so I plan on mentioning that to her then.

I am now heading into week 4 and as I look back at...

I am now heading into week 4 and as I look back at each picture I think that week 1 is when I looked my best (thinnest). Is it my imagination? I am not sure I am totally satisfied with the hip area. I guess I will have to mention it at my 6 week follow up, although I am not sure what can be done. I am getting a little frustrated and discouraged.

Well I have ended week 4. I will tell you wearing...

Well I have ended week 4. I will tell you wearing this garment is starting to bother me. There are days that it rides up my butt so much that I try not to bend over but then other days it is fine. So weird. I did buy a new garment that was a "boy short" cut thinking that it wouldn't give me the undeserved "creepers". I bought Leonisa Body short compresion body shaper for $66.00 on the Leonisa website. It also allows me to wear my own bra, where the two that I got from the doctors office is from contour md and does not allow me to wear my own bra (and really doesn't have any support in that area. The Leonisa is very comfortable and actually was tighter, which I understand is good for the tightening of the skin. Although because my thighs are still their original size I got a rash from the boy short cut. So basically I solved one problem but gained another. All in all I do like the Leonisa and will wear it but just for shorter periods of time.
I have posted the week 4 pictures. I know one comment was made the possibility of my partial dissatisfaction was the placement of my underwear on my belly. So I took an extra shot with the underwear below my belly button and across my belly button, which is where the underwear naturally sits. I will say that in the pre procedure picture where my underwear is below my belly button that the underwear would be forced to ROLL down due to the size of my belly. I look at that picture and laugh and remember having to constantly adjust my underwear because it ROLLED.
I have come to realize that my slight dissatisaction is with my hips. I have always been a hippy (not the one from the 60' kind of person. And the pictures do show a redution in that area. I truely was expecting a bigger reduction of fat and to be more proportionate to my back side. I still have to wear my pants with a big gap in the back and if I try to puch them down on my hips they just ride back up to sit on my hips and reside around my waist. Which is what was happening before my procedure. I look at the week 1 side pic and the week 4 side pic and I think my hips look smaller at week 1. Anyone else think that?
My stomache area seems a little lopsided now. It isn't something that you can tell in these pictures. Hopefully with more time and wearing of these darn garments it will improve.
I have gone back to the gym, just doing the treadmill at this point per the doctor. But if feels good to be back at the gym no matter what I am doing.

Well I have completed week 5 and I will tell you I...

Well I have completed week 5 and I will tell you I am ready to throw the garment in the garbage. UGH. I have attached week 5 pictures, but I dread taking the week 6 pictures. I have been traveling this week and have ate terribly with no exercise. I know I will get back on track next week. Although prior to me leaving for my business trip I took a pair of black dress pants that prior I was unable to wear. I put them on to see if I should pack them. I was very pleased with how they fit and felt. It really boosted my confidence. Since I have been traveling this week I don't have alot to write about. It was a hectic week and a test on my will power towards eating out, which I failed. So now I need to go home and dig deep into why I did not succeed during the travel period.
Karen Mihalik

I gave this a 4 star only because I was in so much pain at the end and I feel more pain meds would have helped that. The staff was fantastic. Sara was my nurse and I felt like she was an old friend. She made me feel very at ease. During the last half hour when I was experiencing so much pain I know Dr. Mahlik and Sara were making conversation to try and get my mind focused somewhere else. Never once did I sense that they were becoming frustrated with my "ouchy noises". I would recommend Dr. Mahlik.

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