Lost 150 Pounds After Gastric Bypass - Amherst ,NY

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I originally went to see a surgeon about having...

I originally went to see a surgeon about having surgery on multiple hernias that I have on my stomach due to 2 C-sections and a myomectomy I had along the span of 3 years.
My surgeon over at Sisters Hospital asked if I had considered a tummy tuck because he felt that there was a lot of excess skin and my stomach would not look much different after he fixed the hernias that are rather large.
Doctor Dawli referred me to Doctor Shirley A Anain.
I saw Doctor Dawli for the Hernias in January then made an aptm with Dr Anain the plastic surgeon for February the 7th (I think) 2014.
During my consultation Dr Anain said that because I had a gastric bypass my insurance would cover half of the surgery. I got real excited but I didn't want to get my hopes up(I'm never that lucky) Anyways two weeks later I get a call from my insurance company "DENIED!!!"
I didn't fight it because I didn't want to prolong my hernia surgery any longer as they are the cause of a lot of pain.
Got my surgery date and I'm frustrated that I have wait that long only because these drag on hernias are kicking my butt but Dr Anain says its the earliest she has available :( Suxxx!!!
Paid surgeons fee $3,000 for tummy tuck.
Made another appointment to consult about a breast lift

Breast lift Consultations

Had my breast lift Consult and the surgeon was very specific , detailed, it was a great consult. She took her time and answered my questions......She did however recommend implants to go along with the lift but the tummy tuck, breast lift and implants would cost about $13,000 and that's too much for me, besides I don't have a good feeling about implants....She says I'll be a small B cup, that's good enough for me, its better than sporting these old lady boobs(worst I've seen!!)
Dr. Anain is performing both tummy tuck and breast lift at the same time and Dr Dawli will be performing my hernia repair(3 surgeries on July 3)....
Excited but getting extremely anxious and its triggering some of my old habits before the g- bypass. Im eating more than usual and craving everything to eat:(
But im working on trying to control it....


For some it will not allow me to upload my pics from my phone...
Will post pics as soon as I can..


-Had my gastric bypass in July of 2012
-starting weight was 329 pounds
- Height is 5'2
- Now weigh 181pounds
- gained 6 pounds since I found out my surgery date due to anxiety.
- old habits creeping up on me, craving carbs like its nobody's business lol
- I can no longer lift weights because it can cause complications with my hernias:( All I can do is walk. Wish the doctor had told me that sooner. I use the weight training to tone:(....Suxxx that I just have to let my body be for now. I was really working hard at attempting to tone my arms and my legs since I won't be able to have that done by a PS for a good 2-3 years...."Be patient, Be patient" I keep trying to tell myself.


So decided that tomorrow I will be paying for Dr Anains fee for the breast implants $2500(took out a loan to pay). Tummy tuck fee is already paid for $3000(payed with taxes)
I'm really making a huge sacrifice financially for this. My plan was to wait till I was 40 years old , I'm 34 now . I figured by 40 I would have all the money saved up since my credit sucks but I was able to barrow $5800 tru my job.
Needless to say I was thrilled , I'm still in disbelief that I'm finally doing this:D
My family is aware of my financials but the completely want me to do this...At on point I was talking myself out of it because of the $$ and they reminded me of all the reasons why I should do it..
My sister is staying with my kids as long as I need and also said she would help financially. (My daughter is 6 and my son will be 4 in May)...GREATFULL THAT MY FAMILY IS SO SUPPORTIVE!!!!




Eeeeepp Photos!!!

Its difficult posting them knowing that strangers will be looking at that but I feel its right....
Hope I appreciate them later when I look back!!??!?? :\

Surgeons fees


Next week will be paying for the Hospital fee and anesthesia, don't know the total of that yet....
Should be from $2500-$2700!



Appealed the decline by my Insurance of abdominal plasty and panniculectomy on the 23rd of April. Wish me luck!!!!!


Appeal denied!!!


Omg I barely sleep, anxious, I feel like a zombie but I'm also sooo excited!!! The wait is almost over:) Can't stop wondering and thinking what will I look like after!!???!!??

so sorry

I taught I posted but didn't.:...
So they denied my appeal due to I guess you can say insufficient evidence lol
Not enough pics or doctors notes. Completely my fault , I've been insanely busy and didn't give it a lot of importance. Lesson learned!!! I could have done soo much more:(
However I am at peace with it, I've let that go:) and All of the surgeries are paid in full. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!




Got my blood work done last week and was cleared by my primary doctor for surgery.
I was a lil nervous because when I got my blood drawn I passed out and since that never ever happened to me I taught maybe something was nit good also because I haven't been the best at keeping up with my bariatric vitamins.
But my doctor said blood work was ok :)

pre op Aptm

Gona see both of my surgeons on Wednesday the day before my surgery. A few more days to goooo


Got my tummy tuck, hernias repaired and breastlift done on Thursday July 3....
Spend 2 days in the hospital because I couldn't pee and that cause alote of pain, nauseousness, I was light headed, all the color left my body according to my . cousin who stayed in the hospital with me. I tried 4 times before they would put a cateder on and everytime I tried it was worst thn the last. I was very disappointed with the care of the nurses, they had no idea how to show me hoe to get up off the bed. They were clueless and did not want to do their job. They were acting bipolar. And that's the complete opposite of my previous experiences at Sisters hospital, I've had a baby there and my gastric bypass...
The only good thing was the. Physical therapiest that they brought in Friday evening, she was amasind. Showed Me how to get up and walk straight as I could with bareely any pain:):)

sorry ya'll still on pain meds.....



OMG This has not been easy!!!!

3 of the Worst weeks of my life....

I'm back and feeling amazing!!!

No belly button

I have No belly button lol

Depressed and anxious

Was feeling very depressed and anxious for 3 weeks...
Had allergic reaction to 3 different antibiotics....had severe dehidration and had anemia...Was feeling horrible. Had to fight my way out that..what a battle but now that I look back sooo worth it. Had you asked me that in the beginning or first 3 weeks it would have been a completely different answer but now I'm saving for my arm lift and after my tigh lift....
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

Proffesional, very nice, friendly. Made me feel comfortable. Gives a lot of information. So far so good.

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