34 Year Old Mother of 3, All C Sections and Hysterectomy - Amherst, NY

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3 years after my 3rd c section and hysterectomy,...

3 years after my 3rd c section and hysterectomy, it was finally time to do something for me! I had lots of hanging skin and an ugly scar, and I was ready to move forward an get the body to match my active lifestyle and be the best me! I'm so thankful to Dr Anain for helping achieve my goals! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

2 weeks post op

Dr appt went well, drains are out! Some people say it doesn't hurt, that it's just a weird sensation but mine HURT. I think I had a lot of hardened fluid around the tubes since I wasn't draining much so it was like tearing off a scab from the inside! It's was over quick tho and now I can get to healing and moving more :) wants to see me in 10 days and that will be my first week back to wrk as well, as long as everything continues to progress as it has been.

I feel puffy like I just ate a thanksgiving dinner, but with continued compression (she said I can wear spanx) and lots of moving around it should eventually go down. I haven't been watching my diet much either since my MIL has been here cooking for me (she's Mexican and carbs and fat are her best friends!) so once she's gone and we settle back into our routine I will go back to watching my sugar and flour intake to keep inflammation down. Curious to see if losing a little more weight will change the shape of this new tummy or my hips. Time will tell :) These are pics I took last night so I could see what I look like compared to my before pix. So far so good! They are uploading sideways for some reason but u get the gist.

New weird pains and some belly button issues but side sleeping again is amazzzzzing!

I am a side and/or tummy sleeper. I could never get a good nights sleep on my back, totally opposite of my hubby. I recently made it out of the recliner and back into my bed, but was still propped up with pillows behind my head and under my knees. This weekend I finally decided to try side sleeping again (it was tough bc my incision goes all the way mast my hip bones) but by Saturday afternoon (nap!) I was sleeping so soundly! I had forgotten what good sleep was!!!

The last 2 showers I have taken (Saturday night and last night), while drying my belly button area with a q tip I've noticed some of the skin and scabbing lifting and I have a little oozing. I asked her about the irritated belly button last appt and she said it was nothing to worry about. But now it's looking kinda gnarly. I will have her take another look at my appt next Monday. I think in the big scheme of things it is minor and will probably fix itself but I just wanna be sure.

Also last night (after a 4 hour car ride home from my moms) I noticed some pain to the left of my belly button. I assumed it was from the bb irritation but after pushing around a bit, I realized it's coming from a small lump in the incision...the way the nerves are, I feel it much higher than where it actually is but if I push lightly on it that's definitely where it's coming from. I'm thinking it could be a small seroma or cyst, feels like when u get an ingrown hair that gets inflamed and sore, it's no bigger than a pea so I'm gonna try warm compress and see if I can get it to go away on its own, if not I will ask her about that as well on Monday. Could even be from the seatbelt in the car or just overdoing it this weekend.

Other than those 2 little funkies I'm doing really well! Hoping to return to work part time starting next week and get back to normal life soon :) Wore an old tankini top to the pool this weekend (just to tan in, no swimming yet!) and I haven't looked that good in it EVER. No belly hanging out!!! Now I gotta work on slimming the arms and thighs a bit to match :)

2 years post op

It's time for an update! I've been kinda down on myself lately, I've gained some weight over the past 2 years with a cross country move, new job, and just stress in general. So today I decided to look at my old pics and I'm so glad I did!

I still look and feel SO much better than I did before the surgery. A lot of people ask why I did it if I still have weight (about 50lbs) to lose. It's honestly not about weight at ALL. It was about being the best version of myself and feeling comfortable in my own skin. If I had waited till I lost the weight I could have never done it. Bc here I am 2 years later and still the chubby me! But a fabulous, curvy, confident chubby! I am almost 200 lbs and I rock bikinis and my hubby loves it!!

So to those who are waiting to lose all the weight, in my experience it was better to just do it! I am fully healed, able to exercise, and still working towards my goals but with a nice flat (non flapping) tummy!

Updated pics!

Pics wouldn't upload, let's try again...
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

I had done a ton of research for 3 years leading up to this decision, so I didn't have many questions for Dr Shirley Anain as far as what a TT consisted of. When I went to see her for a consultation, it was simply to get an idea of the cost and what all was involved in the process leading up to surgery. She was the only name I had, after referrals from 2 friends, and I expected to shop around a bit after meeting with her. That all changed the minute I stepped into her office. I showed her my belly and she did the rest, told me exactly what she would do and why, asked what my expectations were and explained how we could get the best result, was realistic and honest, and gave me a sense of her pride and devotion to her craft. I decided that day that I was done looking, done waiting, I had met my match :) surgery went off without a hitch, I'm a week post op and feeling and looking amazing already! Excited for the months ahead as I recover completely! Wish I had done this sooner!

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