32 Y/o Mother of 6 and Sooooooooo Ready to Get Rid of This Tire. Amherst, NY

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Had my consult with Dr Shirley anain and she was...

Had my consult with Dr Shirley anain and she was great , very welcoming and so was her staff, informative and answered all my questions and concerns and most of all cost efficient. I have to drop 30 lbs in 3 months and she is so motivational and I'm soooo ready ..... Today starts day one of my journey I'll be dropping them 30lbs in no time

8 lbs down

It been a month and definitely a challenge since I last weighted myself and I'm 8 lbs down and excited .... Staying focused and positive 22 more to go yessssss

10 lbs down

One month in 10lbs down feeling so ready.... I guess I'll dance/another 10 lbs off turning up for my birthday yeaaaaahhhhhh

16 lbs down

Pounds been dropping off me like water 16 down 14 more to go. next appointment with Dr anain in just over 2 weeks. Thinking I might want to add to my booty well see....

22lbs down and date set

Today I had my second appt. with Dr anain and it was great she was so proud of me losing 22 lbs and thrilled with my motivation. She wants me to get under 200 lbs and I will . she also set up my surgery date for June 7 , I paid $1000 toward my surgery today and can't wait to get it over with once she gave me a date I was like this really happening and instantly got the jetters. In less then 3 months illon the flat side... Can't wait

29 days until I enter the flat side

Surgery paid for and June 9 is the big day... I'm nervous and excited at the same time . I've been wanting this for so long it seems unreal but there's no turning back now.... Can't wait

Nervous and excited

Is there anyone out there that having there tummy tuck within the next month??? What's your feelings???

i did it and with no regrets

4 days post op... And boy o boy its been a tryin time but i must said my husband have been amazin between him,My mom,my sisters and my amazing friends im gettin by.... Im a swollen mess... sore as if ive been hit by a 18 wheeler and still havent moved my bowels ... But on the up and up im pretty flat hoping my handlies go down more after the swilling is gon.... Ill put up some pics soon as i can stand for more then 1 min without losing wind.....

That's all for now chaos
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