An "Iffy" Start, but Hoping for the Best. - Amherst, NY

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My initial appointment for my impressions was...

My initial appointment for my impressions was April 2nd, 2015. After the impressions I was given an appointment for April 30 to pick up my first starter tray. ( my dentist did inform me of the possibility they may have to move the appointment if they don't come in by then, as it could take up to 6 weeks for the first starter tray, but usually doesn't). I received a call from my dentist on April 20th that I had to come back in for new impressions, as Clear Correct told her that my first impressions were "distorted" (actually, it's my teeth that are distorted, hence the reason I need braces again, so even though I knew the new impressions would come out the same way, as my mouth just is what it is, I went back to my dentist the very next day. We did around ten more impressions, including one to make me a customized impression tray, so I then came back the next day again to do a couple more impressions with my custom tray. I gave it a couple weeks to see if my dentist had heard anything back from Clear Correct regarding the new impressions. She had not, so I decided to give them a call myself. I just wanted to know if the new impressions had been accepted and if I had a case open with them at this point. Even though it's says everywhere on most clear correct reviews that they respond to "give us a call, we'll be more than happy to help you", that is not the case. The only thing they would confirm is that I had a case with them, but could not discuss anything with me regarding my case, as they are only a lab, but they would contact my dentist with the info on the rest of my questions. My dentist finally called me on May 12th to tell me Clear Correct called and promised delivery of my starter trays by May 18th, so we made my appointment for May 19th. However, I received a call from my dentist on May 18th that the delivery had still not arrived and she would call me when they did. She called me on the May 22nd that they had finally arrived, and made my appointment for today, May 26th. So, quite a journey just to get to the starter tray. I'm really hoping things go more smoothly with the actual movement trays and I have consistency with my case. At least the starter trays put in today, fit perfect, snapped in nicely, and the edges are very sharp or cutting or hurting me. But I've had them in for 4 hours now and am definitely starting to feel some pressure pain. It's not awful yet, but definitely starting to notice it get a little stronger. I am armed with extra strength Tylenol, if it gets much worse. So far I can still deal though. I will update my entire case process on here as I go along. Wish me luck!


So trays 1A and 1B....some pressure and slight pain for the first 2 days with both, but not enough to have to take an Advil or anything. Most of the pressure was on my back teeth, I could feel slightpressure on my front teeth as well, but not enough to show any visual movement, so no point in pics for those 2 trays. I just started 1C yesterday. Worst pain yet! I broke down and took some Tylenol for this one. It's only been 36 hours, but this time I actually notice some movement on my bottom front teeth. They are starting to move up forward rather than slanting to the side. I will definitely take a pic in 3 weeks after this tray as I think this is where the visual changes may start.

16 months later!

So it's been a while since an update, but I truly was having very slow progress and didn't feel much had changed with my teeth throughout the year. I honestly didn't notice much change until the last 3 trays. I am on my second to last tray before I am supposed to be done. Although I have finally started to see (and feel some changes, since the last 3 sets of trays have definitely been the most agressive and painful), I still feel like I am going to need at least 2 maybe 3 more trays after this last one, as although they have gotten straighter, the movement has not quite evened out, and my teeth have not crossed over enough to allow me to bite down properly. They are still in mid cross, and the tips are tapping on each other and stopping a full bite down without me hinging my jaw to the left or right while chewing so my teeth tips don't tap down on each other and end up cracking them. They are almost's only one tooth really, my top left lateral incisor that needs to come forward just a little more to overlap my bottom canine for a proper bite that I can bite down all the way for a proper chew and natural relaxed full bite down. I just don't think one more tray is going to do it, may need at least 2 more. I will be contacting my dentist soon about this concern and hoping all goes well and am not given a hard time. I'm sure once these last 2 teeth cross properly, I will be completely satisfied with my journey and my decision for clear correct. Even though the process took much longer than my dentist predicted, and my teeth are not as perfect as other results I've seen on ppl whose teeth started out much worse than mine, it will still be enough of an improvement to satisfy me and make me regret free. Taking care of my underbite between that incisor and the canine below it has always taken precedence over the rest of my teeth, even though they all needed straightening, I can deal with less perfection with the rest as long as my main issue is addressed and fixed. Honestly, it really is almost there, so I definitely have faith this can turn out right! Looking forward for this to be over, and I am almost in a place where I can say it was totally worth it. Hoping my final update will be very soon and very successful. It shouldn't be too long for the fourth and final photo is added to the pic stitch, but adding the third recent pic right now (taken today) and seeing the difference from the first two (taken on day one, almost a year and a half ago) gives me hope. Last update should be coming soon! Wish me luck all goes smoothly!
Dr. Vasuki

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