Perry doll surgery Aug 2013...its been a year

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So I am just starting, but I am really excited and...

So I am just starting, but I am really excited and wanted to start a blog of my own. I have always had a flattish booty but my waist-hip ratio was good so I could fool most. LOL. Plus I had my boobies done when I was 18 so alot of the male attention was up not down. My arms and legs have always been/are skinny. I am 33/5'8/148lbs.

ENTER my three kiddos! Now its like my booty has literally travelled to my waist. I have no booty but belly for days. Plus my implants have slowly seeped out over 10years...I was prewarned this could happen. So I look alot more like Sponge Bob than my Sasha Fierce alter ego.
My husband wasn't on board...he was all "you look good for having 3 kids....just work out..have you tried crunches?" Then earlier today I showed him my wish pic of what I wanted and explained the fat transfer process. Note that I didn't say "BBL" due to stigma. So that pretty much shut him up. Men are so visual ; )
So what I am looking for is a fat trasfer from my never ending belly and chin to my breasts and booty. I want a little heart shape booty, nothing crazy, VERY NATURAL. I am a nurse and work in scrubs so I hoping to keep this from my new coworkers. I really like Dr Perry. But my biggest prob is that I don’t know where we are going. Hubby is military and we are overseas. Once I find out where next duty station, then I plan to start some serious skype consults. Starting with Salama-most of my wish pics are his.

I have been debating if I should even get boobies although I want them. I am not good at sleeping in awkward positions. For example the foam mattress with the butt out. I want to do that but…not sure I can pull off actually sleeping that way for 30days. I probably wont be able to sleep normally on my front if my boobs are healing. Can’t sleep normally on my back because my new booty will be back there healing. This makes me nervous. Can someone tell me what they did if they had both done?

Hello BBL ladies-thanks for all the wonderful...

Hello BBL ladies-thanks for all the wonderful info-for the good reviews AND the bad ones.

Here I am on this website again. Its all I think about. LOL. Any hoo-I sent my pix into the famous Dr Salama. Nancy promptly emailed me back and says that I am a good candidate and I clearly have the necessary fat deposits (yup knew that) BUT he won't transfer fat to my boobies as he is "not a fan of that procedure" :( This is a little depressing cuz I barely got my hubby to agree to the BBL--Hubby's not a fan of having to watch our three kids alone while mama recovers. Once I get done with the surgery-there is no way I will ever get him to agree to this again. Plus 8700 is my quote with chin lipo.THAT's alot of money....I am thinking of researching a little more because that's alot. I know I know you can't put a price on it...but I think I would like my non-price a little closer to 7K then I could spend a little more money on hotels and nurse and what not. So happy healing and happy researching to all.

Picked Dr Perry after much research +booty scoping

Hi ladies. Thanks for all your info/tips. I wanted only lipo-- until I came across this website and now I am really excited for my own Perry-booty with a little waist to go with it.
Some things the worry me: Dr Perry seems to have all his patients wear these spanx like garments. They don't seem sturdy enough. He depends on massages to get the swelling down. I am sure this will get expensive.
Next the scars. I am scared of scars. No body really seems to have any good tips on how to get rid of them. Can anyone tell me if they used something that seemed to work on preventing or getting rid of scars?
I do notice that most of Perry's pts seems to have lots of hips. I know that everyone has their own dream booty & I need waist/booty in mine. But I mentioned this and he seems fine. Thanks for listening to me..super excited!!!

less than two months away! feel a little guilty though.

Ok-so its starting to feel real. Paid the downpayment;). My boss ok'd my vacation time. I have booked my hotel. I reserved a flight to miami! OMG its going to happen. I do feel guilty though ladies.
We aren't exactly rolling in money & our car just broke down and we are going to have to buy a new car. The BBLmoney that I am using could go towards the car. ...but I know that if I back out of my surgery now, I may never do it. So I am going to stay on track ladies..
My husband is starting to really come on board. He pointed to a cute girl with big booty (a nice one) and said that's how I'll look soon. Good thing he doesn't really like to worry about money;) Sending prayers and positive thoughts to those in recover...

soo expensive all in all massage+nurse+hotel+airplane tix=$3000YIKES. I paid the down payment, but the rest of the stuff..feels so hard to pay..its like I wanna just pay for the BBL but all the hotel etc costs are expensive too..but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do rt?
I just ordered my arnica gell, bromlein, vedette garment,arnica pills. Wento the thrift store & got some long long skirts for post op. I have even been practicing sleeping on my belly. I am getting good too! Ladies just put a pillow under you core/hips then rest your face on a U-shaped neck pillow. BAAM you got your own portable massage table.
I also got this girdle-its velcro so I can adjust it as I get smaller or bigger.
I will let yall know hot it goes! Thanks for listening all.

Getting super close!

Good afternoon lovely BBL Divas!
I have been watching--for perry dolls. They are beautiful. I can't wait to join the gang. I finally forced myself to buy the plane tickets to miami & hotel( I am really cheap). So ready to stop wearing my old grandma clothes. I want to put on a beautiful slinky dress and wow myself! been taking the iron and the bromlein. I have percocet from broke arm surgery, so I wont have to buy that. My husband and me are in a really good place with the surgery too. When we talk about it, its not's nasty-mean anymore. Although, at first he would say that wasting money or that I was "leaving my kids" . Ladies--dont let them bulldoze you. You go after that booty! Just stay strong.

I can't figure out how to update my surgery date or my title!

oh my date is 08Aug2013 not october

getting closer

Hello all- Super happy I was approved for the financing with Medical financing! YAY. I chose Nana's recovery for caretakers and they will charge me 475 but they want me to wire them the money, I mean why can't we just do credit card? But lately I have been thinking about renting a car. and sitting on my thighs on a rolled yoga mat for short rides (not my butt never my lovely booty). I just wish I could see into the future and know if I would recover well enough to enjoy miami while recovering. I am probably too optimistic, right? I am really hoping that the recovery isn't too bad. I was hoping to run a half marathon in june. Anyways super close, I have bags packed and everything:). Feel free to offer any advice...comments.

I want this but..

OK so my medical financing fell through! sadddddly they wouldn't finance me because I live overseas. Stupid. Any whoo we have to use our savings. Its wierd being this close. I mean, I am suddenly looking at other women with the no ass problem...Im like, they do it, why can't I? I don't feel very excited anymore, now its nerves and second thoughts. I don't feel like arranging anything anymore, like I have to force myself to make calls and set stuff up. I really want to have a beautiful figure for the rest of my life, but now I have to remind myself of that all the time. This period of my journey, is really wierd. I dont like the idea of post pics of my flat naked booty--sortof shy but building my courage--but trust me, its flat. If anyone is even reading this, feel free to comment.

healing-trying to get up apetite

hey yall. SO I finally did it. love my waist. Butt huge rt now but will go down. Dr perry did my abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, & chin he advised arms and inner knees, so I went a head and got that done too at the last min. I have heard a lot of vets say arms don't hurt too bad. For me that's where most of my pain is. Pineapple juice really does make ya pee. Dr Perry told me like 10x to eat, but I just don't have apetite real food. But I have been eating like 5 Gogurt (tube yogurts), that will have to do it. So for those researching, its worth it. I have been draining like crazy. Nadege is awesome. Arnica pills are also helping. this website gave me soooo much good info! happy /researchin Lovely ladies.

day after surgery-still happy

ok so starting day after surgery. I feel fine, a little rmuscle pain in arms and belly is burning fire. but mostly fine. Way better than yesterday and way better than I thought. I put ice packs on my arms. Results seem good. I don't see any difference in arms and I think he left some bra rolls, but it soon. Waist look beautiful-so am happy Sorry for the dark pic-I didn't realize how dark it is in here. Whenever I can I drink lots of water, and pineapple juice. probably had like 5 liters yesterday. That really helps. Cant wait to shower! Tomorrow I think. Ciao loves.

2nd day after surgery-holed up all alone in room

starting my 2nd day after surgery. I was in sooo much pain when I woke up. Its my stupid arms. I immediately took a Percocet. I feel a little better now. As far as pain goes, I thought I would feel less pain by now. Not so at all, the same as yesterday, mabe worse.. However, all the places that I put arnica gel-the bruising is almost gone, so arnica gel does work.
My butt is so huge,its starting to scare me. I told Dr P many times, that I wanted conservative. The butt I have is huge! not conservative. It needs to go down, like now. I know its swollen. I just don't want to go home and face friends and fam like this. Also, I need to have the BM soon. I will have to buy something from walmart to make myself go. Anyone have any suggestions let me know . I added a few pix. No matter what the booty looks like, the waist is to die for. He told me took out a total of 3200 cc's. That makes me so happy. OK I think I have gotten most of my complaining etc off my chest for rt now. I know I sound petty, just venting.

adding picss

need to bm

So its been 3 days since surgery. Last night, after the massage, I felt so much better. My arms are so painful, but when they are massaged, they are practically pain free. Love Gladys. But when I woke up, I was back in pain. I took dulcolax last night so that I can finally have bm. It hasn't worked sadly. My belly has air in it, when you press on it- it makes all kinds of crackling noise. Gladys is going work onit again today. I try during the day to press on it, but doesn't seem to work as well. Overall, I am in the same amount of pain since the 1st day. Keep waiting for it to go down.

BM check/ shower done

Finally having BM made me feel so much better. I felt so good I was able to walk around the doral mall and even bought this foam roller to sit on. My thighs hurt from the lipo, but laying on my belly all day was driving me loco. Taking off the garment is really hard. like I gotta work that stuff over the bruised thighs -the rock hard booty and slide over my crackling belly. I heard that Perry's garment is kinda of flimsy and I think that's true. So I put my squeem on top, but guess what, after perry took my gut, the squeem doesn't squeeze any more. . This is what makes me so happy that its all worth it. Plus walking around the mall, I didn't have booty envy no more.

getting ready to fly+ plus a couple tips

Ok peoples my day started out bad-felt so emotional & groggy--after my massage I almost passed out. Plus my new beautiful belly kept fillin up with fluid--& I was bummed out about my black bruised arms/thighs. SO here's what I learned. I had ran out of pineapple juice yesterday. After I started-back with pineapple juice-plus extra water I was able to kick the groggy-boggy.

Second the arnica gel was not working on my bruises like I thought. I switched to arnica ointment and my bruises are looking a little less black and a little more yellow, nothing tremendous, but I will take it.

Finally I had boughta kindermat to sit my thighs on the plane. so I put in way above my butt and put some pillows up there for my head and shoulders. I put some more pillows under my thighs and was able to support my wt with my back and feet ( like a supported crab walk) This really helped my blues. all day on belly is not good. Now I couldn't sleep this way but its nice to relax this way for while & watch Jack Frost. So there ya have it.

2nd stage..still recovering

After 19 days, I am still in pain. Not alot, but way more than I thought at 19 days . Ladies who are considering this,recovery is very painful. I have a high tolerance and am very active, but I have to say this is serious. My stomach is very lumpy as you can see in the pic. But it was 34 inch and is now 31-and its getting smaller every day. Yesterday I changed from Dr Perry's flimsy garment to vedette size large. Its far more sturdy. I had to cut some butt holes but it gives lots of support. My butt has gone way down! But I am pretty happy because I never wanted a super donk and that's what it looked like when I get out of surgery. I have noticed that many of Perry's Pts say they lose volume, but many - from other surgeons-pts say that it gets bigger as it heals.
My chin is beautiful but very lumpy if you feel it. For those who get chin lipo, massage it rt away just like your belly etc. I never told Gladys about my chin and I never touched it until I got home-and now its all lumpy.
Overall I think that my BBL experience was worth it, My belly is so gorgeous I could stare at it all day. My butt is conservatively bigger and I like it. I still dont see any difference in my arms/legs, but owell.
IVF mama posted a pic of foam balls to massage belly with, I saw a dryer ball that resembles it so I used it. Seemed to work, since Im on a budget I'll go with it. OK well check out my pix ladies!

19 days

Hi there.quick update

Now 3 weeks later! finally feeling pretty darn good. I like the new booty more each day. The flat belly is soooo nice although still lumpy. I wear a vedette garment with spanx shorts over it for extra compression on lower belly. I can't find a good massage-person. I had this lady do a lymphatic drain massage, I just told her about the lipo, I didn't even tell her about the bbl. She just kept going on and on about people just need to be happy with what they have, how in the old days women were happy to be plump. How she decided that she didn't need lipo even though she had rolls too. It was so annoying and unprofessional. I miss Gladys from Miami. Plus she did a crap job on the massage! but I just do my own massages. I bought a foam roller and it really helps. happy researching divas/happy healing to my fellow vets:)

5weeks+ tummy still swollen.

Belly is still swollen! I try to massage it myself, but I think I need a real professional. My booty jiggles and is almost completely soft. I went to the mall today for some new clothes, but the garment kills the joy of shopping for clothes. The garment is staying on until the swelling is gone. But overall I love to look at my new belly and shape. Its so curvy and womanly. I was never going for perfection-just a nice natural womanly shape a small waist. Which I got now! LOVE! When I was trying on clothes, I found that I can now fit a size 8. I have been wearing size 10-12 forever because my waist was so big. Then the pants are so big they made my butt look even flatter. Now a size 8 is really perfect on my new booty/waist. Now that I am almost 6 weeks I decided to go ahead and review my surgeon. Happy healing/researching!

5weeks post BBL

one year and some change later post BBL.

hi yall-- lovely ladies. So I am waaaay on the other side. Everything was great ...mostly. My rear is what I wanted. BUT I have these scars. I count about 6 visible ones. I tried the silicone sheets. I have used the bio- oil, mederma, cocoa butter ,bicorneum to name a few. I am getting desperate and will go to a surgeon soon. I am going on a cruise soon but, will not be wearing a teeny bikini...all because of scars. Any help? I am shy so I decided against pix. Sorry, ladies I remember living for the pix.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perry was a very caring and detailed surgeon. He was explained all about the procedure to me including complications. He answered all my questions and was also listened to everything I said. He personalized my care realizing my situation with traveling far distances. His staff was able to get me an appointment based around my flights. After the procedure --he continued to be just as caring and detailed. I would recommend him as a surgeon for any procedure. I would also go to him if I need another procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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