35 - Weight Loss Efforts As I Fight My Genetics - Alexandria, VA

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I'm excited and nervous. I have scheduled my...

I'm excited and nervous. I have scheduled my surgery for next Thursday & have my pre-op instructions.
I am fighting inherited genes. With a history of diabetes on my father's side and being overweight on my mother's side, it's hard for a girl to loose any weight. While I don't expect lipo to miraculously fix such problems (I still plan to exercise and make healthy eating choices most of the time - hey, life is short. I'm not going to say 'never' about anything I enjoy eating. I can eat less of it or less often), I am excited about getting rid of these fat cells so they won't be there for my body to fill again and again! I'm at 193lbs now, a gain of ten pounds from last autumn, during which I had added jazzercise to my life as well as making better eating choices. It was very discouraging! I signed up for a whole year of jazzercise to give it a good chance, and although I believe it helps me keep healthy overall, it hasn't done a thing for my waistline, so I will drop it when my year is up and stick with HIIT and strength training as I believe I may be a 'non-responder' to aerobic exercise.
More next week including pre-op photos! I've been encouraged by reading some of the other accounts on here - thanks ladies!

Tomorrow Is the Day

I'm having my procedure done tomorrow. I'm not sure why I"m so nervous - I went through gall bladder surgery last year so I expect the pain the be similar, though more widespread and with more swelling. Perhaps it is because I know what is coming that I am apprehensive. I really don't have a reason to worry though - I just got a check up with my regular GP and everything is good - cholesterol is down & all levels of whatever they measure during blood tests are good. I plan to hold in my room for the next few days with snacks, Netflix, and hydrocodone.
Here are my before pics. I always think I look worse in photos than in person. I put on an outfit and think, yeah, I'd like my waist to be smaller but I look ok. Then someone takes a photo and posts it on FB and all I can think is how big I look! : ( But this will all be mended soon . . . I hope!

Post-op Day 1

Well I can't say the procedure was pleasant. If I'd had a choice, I would choose general anesthetic. The doctor had to keep pumping the anesthetic fluid into different areas. I think my body fights anesthetic as much as possible - it also seems to wear off quickly at the dentist's office. But she definitely did everything she could to get as much out as possible and make it even, which was a little trickier on me because I have scoliosis so the fat accumulated a little differently on each side.
Also I seem to get nauseated with any anesthetic, though it happens hours afterward. But I had some meds on hand for that so got over it quickly. The compression garments are not fun but bearable and I can tell that they definitely help the healing process. I already feel better than last night, though I still feel like someone stabbed me and beat me with a stick in the abdomen. But I know all this shall pass! And it will all be worth it. I tried on a dress I had recently ordered online that didn't fit as well as I would have liked and it looked great! I know there may be more swelling to come in the following days, but even one day later I feel it was worth it.

Day 3 Post-op

The bruising has started to go down & I can definitely move around with less pain today. I have been using arnica gel, which I think has really helped, as well as the compression garments. I know the compression garments help because the one area it doesn't cover, the pubic area, is more swollen & bruised than the rest of my abdomen. The dr's office gave me a compression garment that had a latch hook crotch but they gave me a small for the most compression possible and it cut badly into the crease of my legs so that I had to change to a tank style compression garment. I know it will just take longer for the swelling and bruising in that area to go down but it will catch up in time. I also got a postpartum belt from amazon to use over the compression tank. I use the binder they gave me, too, but there is more adjustment & control with the postpartum belt and I can actually get it tighter. I use the binder when I sleep at night and the belt during the day since it has more lumpy bits that can dig into you if you were laying down.
I can tell my waist is significantly improved. I know many say the swelling really kicks in on day 3 or 4 but I'm hoping it will only get better from here. But if it does, I know it will still get better down the line. I am happy with the results and will continue with my eating better & high intensity interval training (after the two weeks recommended by the doctor - don't want to stress the body too much during healing - just walking for now.) Looking forward to wearing some of my vintage style dresses!

More photos

Week 1 - post op

Well this is a few days past the one week mark but this past week has been crazy busy for me. No huge changes since day 3. There has been some swelling, though it is better in the morning and worse at night. I have gotten the hard places other have talked about - it does make me feel lumpy which is another good use for the compression garments during this time - keeps things smoothed out during the healing process! The 'hard' places feel more like tensed up muscles under the skin, rather than knots. But even now on day 10 I can feel they are beginning to soften a bit. All reports are this is a normal part of the healing process.
There is not much sign of bruising externally though still feeling bruised internally. I have to say taking the compression garments on/off or just rolling them up to go to the bathroom is somewhat torturous as it digs into the bruised areas. I recommend doing these tasks away from sensitive ears so you can cuss like a sailor if necessary.
For anyone wondering what activities you can return to - I have only been walking as far as exercising for the first week but have been busier than usual at work (covering three jobs - my regular admin duties, mail duties, and reception due to people being out), interviewing new roommates, went on a date (nothing too exciting, unfortunately :/), and went to a Renaissance festival. I was a little more tired than I think I would usually be but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Week 3 Post Op

Sorry - no pics this week. I've been super busy working two jobs - my regular day job in an office and nights at a theater. The swelling comes a goes a bit - I was definitely smaller at the beginning of the week but was more lumpy & swollen by Friday. I would attribute this mainly to my go-go schedule at the moment. I went to jazzercise last week and it was ok but a little uncomfortable. I find that when I get hot & sweaty my abdomen feels tender and stingy, a little like a heat rash. Mainly I have been sticking to HIIT (high intensity interval training) at home - short burst of intense exercise. I lost 5 lbs before my procedure doing it. So far I have only lost a few pounds afterwards (though my silhouette is much improved) but there is swelling and therefore water weight.
Everything is continually improving. The initial bruising went away but some deeper bruising has surfaced, though getting the compression garment on and off is much less painful. Now the bruising has been replaced by a sunburn-like feeling over the whole abdomen. Fabric rubbing against it is nearly intolerable. But having a compression garment helps as the continual pressure is better than light rubbing from clothing. All part of the process! I will probably wait until the 6 week mark to post final result pics (though they say it can take 4-6 months for final final results.)
I went to jazzercise last week and it was ok but a little uncomfortable. I find that when I get hot & sweaty my abdomen feels tender and stingy, a little like a heat rash.
Dr. Segev

So far I've had the consultation. The staff is very nice. The doctor didn't spend much time with me but all it's for is to see if you're a good candidate. Since I haven't had any kids yet, my skin still has good elasticity and I have no major health problems other than high blood pressure so I was a shoo-in.

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