36 Yrs Old, 1 Child, 38H Breasts

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I've wanted a breast reduction since I was about...

I've wanted a breast reduction since I was about 25 years old. I've always had large breasts but once I had my daughter they never went back to size D beauties. I could live with size D considering 11 years later in an H.

I think I've started the process of getting approval through insurance a few different times but I never followed through. There was laziness involved and of course changing insurance companies a handful of times. Didn't want to keep going through the hassle of pre-approval. Well thenough last few months have been different...I stuck with it!

Two years ago I went and saw a doctor at a women's clinic and I complained about my back so I could get a referral. I didn't do anything with that appointment and that referral until last month. I called my insurance company (SelectMed) and told them I was seeking a reduction. My insurance called Dr. Mark Jensen and did a three way call where a consultation was set up. My appointment was scheduled 3 weeks out but it flew right by. At my consult October 18th, Dr. Jensen examined me and took pictures so he could submit them to my insurance. As I was leaving the scheduler put my surgery date down for February 13th and then told me the more referrals I get the better chance I have for approval.

I scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician the day after my consult and told him what I wanted to do. He sent his referral over that day! I called the doctor from my visit 2 years prior and she also sent over her recommendation.

Long story short, I waited 3 weeks and I was approved for surgery through my insurance!!! I do have to remove a minimum of 600 grams but that's nothing.

I'll update you all as I get closer to operation date.

Ugh....starting over!

So thanks to Obamacare insurance premiums are sky rocketing in 2017 so my work shopped around for a new carrier. Starting January 1st we are switching to Cigna from SelectMed. I was pre-approved for the surgery and it was scheduled for February 1st through SelectMed but now I have to wait until I get my new policy number from Cigna before I can go through the pre-approval process again. I knew it was to easy and to good to be true.

Talked to my PS's office and they postponed the surgery until the end of February now and I have to go to a different clinic for the actual surgery because the clinic I was going to get it done at isn't covered by my new insurance. So dumb. Obviously the surgery won't happen at all if I can't get approval. I can't afford $6500 out of pocket. It's been an upsetting day.
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