Tummytuck - American Canyon, CA

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Im po day 1 month. And i have a whole looking...

im po day 1 month. And i have a whole looking wound opening.I also have a lot of opening. will I need a revision of the scar? I also have burning sensations in my right side of my amdomen. Will this go away? I still can't stand up straight. When will I? When I take showers I cover the whole. Is it ok to let water go in the whole. You can't see the whole in this picture because it happend 1week ago.

tummy tuck.

This is how it looks a week after the first picture. I posted up earlier. I feel so depressed. My ps said this wound will heal on its own. Is it really?

Opened wound tummytuck

I went to my ps and he wants me to change the dressing on my incision about 2/3 a day and clean with hydrogen peroxide 2/3 a day and shower 2x a day. I wanted to know. Will i need a scar revisiĆ³n?

open tummytuck wound. help!!!!!

will I need a scar revision. is this going to close looking decently?

help!! do I need a scar.revision? in how long.will my.wound close?

will I need a scar revision in how long will my wound close. ? I dont know how to upload a picture.on the question.and.answers. please.if.u can help.me with your.judgment that will bring ease.to my mind. my wound opened up when I was 2/3weeks p.o

open wound

how long till this closes???its still opend=(

open wound

tummytuck wound helpppp!

is my tummy tuck wound healing? how can it close quicker? do I have dead skin? when will my.swolleness go down im 9weeks po
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