Butt Implants n fat grafting One Year 3 month post op. In LOVE with my body

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My surgery is in a month so wanted to share my...

My surgery is in a month so wanted to share my experience wit ya'll!

I really want a small waist and can't get that with working out and also I want projection from a butt implants.
My wish pics are pretty close to what my body is.

Courting down the days and been getting my supplies together!

Hope everyone has speedy recovery!

all my supplies

So I got my supplies together, and still want to get more things when I reach Miami. 9 days till this all goes down.

One week!!!! TeamJimmerson#####

One week. I am ready. I just want to get it done so I can start my healing.

PRE OP: 36-28-40
AFTER: ???????

I hired a nurse

Got a nurse for the first 24 hours! Thank god cause I am alone. I will also have her take first pics of me.

Some new wish pics

Love her projection

Leaving for Atlanta in morning!

yesssssss..... My time has come. I head over to ATL tomorrow to get into hotel and get myself mentally prepared. Imma go watch myself a movie and have some me time. Then my surgery is on Wednseday. I am bringing my computer so I will be updating lots, since I am alone. Its all or nuthin. Glad I have some friends on here for the ride :)

Go in for surgery tomorrow afternoon

So I'm just laying in hotel bed. The medication you have to take
Prior is so strong I wanna throw up even though I take with food. So be ready for that ladies. I brought motion sickness pills luckily they have helped. But I really don't feel like eating bit have been force feeding myself.

I don't know why my other postings gone

I'm having a lil trouble with my posts not showing up
But tmr is my big day!

Im back, made it so proud of myself for doing this ALL ALONE

I looked at several reveiws and most times ladies take their boyfriend or a friend with them, well I had to do alone as I dont know many people. I am so proud of myself and ladies you can do this alone. I can get in n out of bed by slidding down bed without bending my knees or back and then slither in without bending. The pain is about a 5/10. and im sure itll just get better I am only one day post op and my spirits are so high. I hope other ladies read this and stay positive and laugh even IF YOU ARE DOING IT ALL ALONE. I have to tubes in me that I drain at about 50, and its easy to do yourself. Im happy I only got a nurse for one day cause 300 bucks for 8 hours is expensive. But you will only need her for that long than you are MORE than fine to be alone. Bring some computer games, a book, nintendo, some crafts, movies, tv shows to keep me occupied for 2 weeks... SIMPLE and I am so happy I have this attitude. Hope all my other real self girls are healing up well. AND LAUGH CAUSE WE ALL BAD BITCHES NOW AMEN

Being on stomach constantly is hard :(

Laying In hotel bed, just drained my thing again but look at my plump booty
It's the best photo I could get so far cause I can barley move as it's only been 24 hours right now. I feel so constipated right now haven't pooped since surgery. Does anyone know what to do so I can pop cause I can't sit on toilet I just have to lean back without bending and that's really hard to go number two. One day at a time. We will all make it real self ladies!

Just wanna go home

So tired of being in hotel and not being able to eat when I want and not being able to shower . The hotel is hot and the air conditioning sucks. I have ten more days till my flight home to my daughter and puppy. I dream about all the food I am going to make and the walks I can take life here sucks but beauty is pain and we will all make it to the end.

Been gettin alot better

So I am one week post op. no pain anymore more just stiffness in legs and pain in back from not being able to sleep on back. It feels tight from the garment squishing everything. But i know it's all for the best results in the end. As soon as I get my tubes out in a week and take a shower after not being able to have one for 2 weeks and fly home I will take pics and post before and after to compare. But from what I can see my booty will fill out after I take off this right garment. It gives u bad bruising and hurts to remove so I haven't touched it for a week except for when I go to doctor to get my dressing changed, but I am laying on bed on stomach so I can't see anything. Just hoping that these 7 days go by fast so I can get home to my daughter who Is 2 years old and never been away from her for more than a day so it's hard. But I will make it and I am so proud of myself and any woman who can do this and leave her child for 2 weeks. Hope everyone is healing well and I will write more in a bit.

Four days till my tubes Are out

Well I'm almost done being in hotel and ready to get home. Than I have four more weeks to go till I will be fully healed. Not rushing to get back to work as I took off A Full 6 weeks! The tissue around implant needs to form and that takes a full six weeks. I have heard of girls going back to normal life after two weeks and then they end up gettin infections and bad results! Sooo make sure if you are gettin butt implants that you can take off a full 6 weeks else you will not be fully healed and ruin your new butt. This is a long process but I am sure I will be more than happy at the end of it! I have almost no pain anymore only when getting In and out of bed on stomach. Excited to see my results In four weeks. But will be takin weekly photo updates.

My body is amazing slowly its getting better...

So I just reached home and I am happy. At first I was really sad and was wondering why I did this but its only been 15 days so I really need to give it the full 6 weeks to see the final results. I took my measurments today and they are nice 36-27-42!!! and Im sure itll only get better as my muscle stretches and the implant can fill out. Its going to be another long four weeks but at least now I am at home with my family. I still have bandages and stiches in for another week, so at 3 weeks I will post some pictures. But I am liking it more with each passing day. Thanks Jimmerson U are a god.

6 weeks post op

So I haven't been on here for a while I've basically been healing and no joke u will need at least 6 weeks off work and still I am not comfortable or ready to go back to work. So most likely u will need 2 months off work else u could go back but u will feel like shit. I still pee and poo and standing up. Still sleep on my stomach and dont sit really. But everyday my booty looks better its now 42 inches ands my waist 27 so I am a true hour glass figure. Here is a pic from behind!

Before photos

Here are some before pics


Before pre op

6 weeks post op### love my results!!!

Love taking all this time off work but I'm broke lol

I love taking all this time off work but I'm broke lol! I am a dancer so I need to be able to move and I can't even bend down without it hurting in my legs cause they haven't been used for so long. Most time u spend is on stomach, but I try now since I'm 6 weeks to lay on my back and slowly I will do more. I have also started to stretch today just small stretches with my legs and getting on the ground and getting back up which is very hard to do and I still need support a couch or stool. But I walk more normal now and no one states at me anymore unless the are double looking at my booty which I seen a lot do!!!
I will be taking off at least 2-3 more weeks. Then I hope I will be ready to go back to work cause even though I love the sun but I love money more and need to work lol. Happy healing ill be updating soon.

Summer time fine!

So ladies yes my body looks on point and I'm happy just will have to hide scar with coverup cause I know it'll fade in a year. I am going to try goin to gym next week. All slow but don't wanna rush I will be 7 weeks post op on Wednesday!

Butt implant pricing

A lot of girls ask me how much butt implants are, ill give u a little breakdown. The butt implants are 9000 and the fat grafting is 4500. The meds, supplies, hotel, flight, transpiration, food, nurse is around 5,000. So all together around 18,000. Plus all the money I am losing by not being at work for 7, but probably 9 weeks off. Long journey but we will all make it to the end real self friends!

7 weeks post op

Feeling beautiful cutie

Almost four months post op

Hello ladies!
So my implant is filling out so Nice. Looks better and feels better. You can kind of see the line of implant if I bend over really far so when I bend I use my knees. I got a pretty big implant so I knew it was going to be hard to hide but I'm happy. I love how I fill out everything no more wearing butt pads! Glad I didn't just get fat grafting cause that would of been waste of money. But be careful ladies with what implant size u choose. Don't go so big else yes u can see it. All the best and ask me any questions u have my real self friends!

Perfect body

I really figured out how all these video girls do it now! We got the secret ha lol! #teamjimmerson #phatbootysquad

Feeling right

One and a half year update

Love my body more every month!! So happy I didn't get fake injections and decided to save up for my surgery as several of my friend have died recently from illegal injections done in hotel rooms by fake nurses ! Don't do it ladies ! Save up and be smart save ur life cause it's not worth ur life just for a cheap alternative! I paid a lot but my life is worth a millions times that price! God bless all of you! God bless!

i dont know why location says American Canyon but that is where I live and I came over to ATL to get this done. Well worth it. All together with hotel, medications, nurse, and food worked out to be $17,567. So happy cause I had 20 grand put aside. DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON THIS SURGERY and go to a different Country it is not worth the cheap rate, but remember ladies you pay for what you get. Jimmerson is attentive and gave me the small waist and booty I wanted and I am very skinny with almost no fat to use. So far I love it.

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