My Amazing Tummy Tuck... No Lipo Required!

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I hear all these women getting tummy tucks with...

I hear all these women getting tummy tucks with liposuction. This was not my experience and, according to my surgeon, is not the best way to go about it. I had a tummy tuck last year. I opted for the full tummy tuck with muscle repair based on the amount of work I needed done. As my surgeon explained it to me, tummy tucks work best when you fix the underlying problem and for me that was the muscles not bouncing back after having kids. I asked about lipo too because I’m not at my ideal body shape and he advised me that this is bad for tummy tuck healing and instead he would cut some of the fat out during the procedure. Given time to think about it, this makes a lot of sense! I can definitely say I’m glad I had this done and I’m glad I didn’t have liposuction. It took until about last month to be able to wear a bathing suit confidently but I still got in two good months of tanning and am thrilled with the way I look now. My body looks great but my confidence has also soared as a result of this procedure. Best of all, most people don’t even notice the scar. It’s so small and is nearly the same color as the rest of my stomach. It doesn’t tan very well but I think I can touch it up with bronzer or makeup if I’m feeling that bad about it.
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