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I always carried around what I have refered to as...

I always carried around what I have refered to as a pooch. From the time I hit puberty my stomach was never flat and after having two kids the pooch got worse. I often thought about getting liposuction but knew that they would want to do the tummy tuck and I just did not want that big scar nor did I really want to be put under.

After reading many reviews here and looking at doctor's in my area I found one that I decided to get a consultation from. I was a little apprehensive because I have hypothyroidism and I had gained a few pounds from that and trying to get my meds right. But even before my thyroid problem I had not been able to loose the pooch, I used to run 5 miles three times a week and walk 2 - 3 five times a week plus did weight lifting and cycling before my thyroid acted up.

After my consultation I decided to go for it. I chose to get my upper and lower abs done and my sides. The nurse and doctor made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. The doctor showed me pictures of different surgeries he had done and I also researched him to see his experience.

I had my daughter come with me because I was not sure if I would be able to drive home. I was given medication to help me relax and I am glad for that because I was nervous. I knew there would be discomfort and a little pain but I don't think that I was prepared for the pain that I was in the first couple of days. Not that it was unbearable just that I had in my head that because I have a high tolerance for pain this couldn't be that bad.  I think that I was a little to cocky going in.

The initial numbing shots felt like little bee stings and that shocked me a little (again due to being over confident on my pain management!) This was probably the most painful part of the pocedure because I was unprepared for the feeling. Once the numbness kicked in the rest was not so bad. I could feel the heavyness of the solution the doctor put in but no pain at all. There was a short wait time while it took affect and then he did the laser. Not any pain there, a little tugging feeling. The suction was a little different . It didn't hurt but felt really weird and I tensed up a bit now and then. There is a spot above my belly button that hurt a little during the laser and then a bit during the suction. The doctor was great though and changed directions and listened to me which made me feel good.

When he was near to being done he had me stand up so he could look at the areas and make sure he had gotten all that needed to be done and to smooth out any rough looking spots. He had to go back in and fix one area. I wish I had taken some before pictures because even with the swelling I have now, I am still way smaller than I was and I am absolutely thrilled.

I had the procedure done on Dec 31 and took friday off so that I would have 4 days after the procedure before going back to work. One of the marketing concepts is that you can have the procedure done and go back to work the next day. I don't agree with that. Going back to work that day or the next day would have been impossible. I drained really bad the day after the procedure and was still draining the second day. But thanks to someone on this site for mentioning maxi pads because on the second day the drainage was mostly from the bottom two holes so I just put maxi's over them and was good to go.

The second day after the procedure was still a little painful. Like when you do way to many situps painful sore or being punched really hard in the stomach in many different places sore. Day three I did go to a friends house for a couple of hours and drove to my post op appointment.which is an hour a way. The doctor drained some fluid from my lower abs and I will probably have to go back at the end of the week and get it done again.

On Day 4 the pain was lesser and it was easier to get around but still sore. Forget bending over and I do still have a little pain when I tie my shoes. I am still taking the pain meds and last night was the first night I almost slept through the night.  Mostly its discomfort and sleeping on my back. It hurts a bit to sleep on my sides because it pulls a bit and there is a little bit of brusing.

All in all I must say that I am still so happy with the results. I have definition to my body now instead of having this huge pooch that my shirts would not cover. I can see the difference even being swollen. And my skin is not drooping or hanging down like I thought it would be. The doctor had told me that while the laser does tighten the skin, because my pooch was so pronounced I may have some hanging skin, which I had figured and was fine with but so far its not there. Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures because I did not think to take any myself. But my kids can totally see a difference and I am still amazed because I did not think that it would look so good!!!

Clement Banda, M.D.

He was professional, listened to me when I spoke and I feel he was honest.

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