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Amazing Facial Scar Repair - Riverside, CA

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3 Nov 2016

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Amazing Facial Scar Repair - Riverside, CA

I went to Dr. Hardesty to repair a facial, vertical, indented scar. It extended up through my eyebrow and upward through my forehead. Not only did it curve vertically, but it was indented so much I was unable to cover it with makeup, and I had to wear bangs to try to cover it. Dr. Hardesty had to re-cut and re-stitch it. He did a fabulous job! The scar is flat now, and the results far exceeded my expectations! Having work done on your body is one thing, but he's the only doctor I would recommend with the skill to work on your face! His staff is always professiinal and friendly. The service his office offers is far SUPERIOR in every way!