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New York Plastic Surgeon

I have been to several consultations with different plastic surgeons around NYC to have either noninvasive or smartlipo done, at least 6 or 7 other surgeons/consultant's (not every place you speak to the actual Dr.). I didn't like any of the other Doctor's until I met him at our consultation. He has been the best throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. My procedure was two days under local anesthesia because I didn't want to be put under general anesthesia again. I had regular old fashioned liposuction in Peru back in 2008 age 18 and I wasn't happy with the results. I was in so much pain back then and I couldn't even get out of bed by myself. However with smartlipo the same day of the first procedure I was walking around doing small stuff at home. The day of my first procedure I was nervous but the Dr and the nurse made me feel so comfortable, he made sure I was in no pain during the whole procedure. I'm so glad and thankful I found this dr. So far the results are looking great. I'm still swollen, but it has only been one week since the first procedure. He made small conversation with me during the procedure and they put music in the back which is nice because it helped relax me more. My nurse Seena was amazing as well, she was making sure I was comfortable as well. Once they were done he put stitched me up and then Seena covered them. I was told to pick up medication from my pharmacy for antibiotics, pain, and a muscle relaxer. Awesome thing was I could shower the next morning. Seena also gave me extra bandage and tape in case I needed to change any due to leakage. And she helped me get dressed with the garments you have to wear after the procedure. The following day the most painful thing for me was trying to take off the tape from my skin so I could shower. I told Seena this and she was so sweet about it and after the second procedure she put less tape. The second day just like the first was virtually painfree. Dr. Chia was so thorough with his work, I felt like he was an artist and I was his canvas. The second day he did have to put a tube in me that was connected to a small bottle to drain the fluid from me. That part was annoying and only hurt a few times to sit but it was fine, two days later they took it out. Honestly I think the only actual painful thing for me was taking the medical tape off my skin and the tube in me. I am 100% so glad I found him. Their price was maybe the second highest we found but they have awesome financing available and this whole process has been worth every dollar. Even my mom wants to get her procedure in the future done with him. I still can't stress how happy I am with everything so far. Big thank you to everyone there in the office, everyone has been amazing including front desk staff.

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