27 Year Old Mommy of 2, in Need of Getting Her Sexy Back - Amarillo, TX

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I have wanted a TT as soon as I had my first child...

I have wanted a TT as soon as I had my first child. I knew I would get one once I was done having children. I got a tubal when I delivered my second child, almost a year ago (June 8th). I've had two umbilical hernia repair surgeries after my first child. I have been working out since January, and trying to loose some weight before my procedure. I'm not trying to become "skinny" with a TT I just want the excess skin gone and removed so that I am more comfortable in clothing, and doing core exercises. I also suffer from back pain, and am hopeful getting the skin removed will help the strain my back has been in. I love my PS, and am very excited to be on the way to the flat side! I will be having an arm lift done in September where she will also perform any lipo I need on my flanks and bra line.

TT/MR complete!!

The first day, June 2nd I thought I made this biggest mistake in my life. I couldn't believe I had voluntarily chosen to do this. I highly suggest pee pads. I dry heaved so bad that I peed everywhere I was sitting! Talk about embarrassing on top of being emotional enough as it is!! I love looking at my new body and can't even imagine how much more improvement it will continue to take on!! My surgery was only supposed to take 45-1 hour and it ended up taking 3!!! There was so much more damage done that she was not expecting. I have been out of it and super groggy. I'm weening myself off the pain pills and alternating ib profin and Tylenol. I have some wheezing and an annoying cough that I wish would go away!!! Other than that I can complain!!!!

3 weeks!

3 weeks have come and leaving! Definitely swollen today, this is my first week back at work (I'm a hair stylist). I've had some ups and downs emotionally, and physically. An incision site opened up and I noticed it look very angry..called my PS and sent photos and they recommended I get a script for silvadene cream to put on it. Worked like a charm!!!

6 weeks PO

Feeling great, have been working the past 3 weeks and started working out this past week!! I'm still healing from the openings I had, and my bellybutton is still looking angry. I'm starting my second week of bactrim antibiotics. Other than that everything is going smoothly!

8 weeks PO

Loving my results!! Bellybutton is finally healing and so is my open wound!!

10 weeks PO

Sometimes I don't realize how far I've come in this journey I'm on, until I look back on pictures. Which I'm completely thankful for. When I think I'm not making any changes or I'm feeling extra swollen I take a deep breathe and tell myself that I'm ONLY 10 weeks out. Progress will continue to happen over the next year, especially with working out and eating healthy. I more than likely will have to have a scar revision done, and my BB is still funky but I know everything will be just fine.

13 weeks PO


I've gained 9lbs, so I'm now 218. It's a little discouraging BUT my clothes are literally falling off of me. My shirts (XL) are BIG, and so are my size 16 pants. So I'm really, truly happy about that. I'm over what the scale says, because the fit of my clothes is what matters to me now. I still have a small area where I've been trying to heal where I spit some stitches and my BB still isn't 100% healed and it's TEEEEENY TINY now. The weather has been cooler, and rainy and I have been more sore and uncomfortable along my TT scar. Other than that I'm doing GREAT!!! So glad I got this surgery, and I'm looking forward to wearing cute fall clothes!!!

Recap of my stats: 5'0/128lbs/38-40DDD or a 36G-H/Some 20's mostly 18's jeans. Had nearly 7lbs removed from me.

Happy 1 Year!!!

Im officially 1 year post op. I had a hard time healing a few areas, but I'm 100% closed up and healed. My left side has a perfect smooth thin scar, and my right is slightly raised and higher than the other. I also have some small dog ears. I had a revision done on my bellybutton. She cut the bb from the stock and removed it. So I no longer have a BB. Frustrating to say the least, however I will probably get it worked on again from my new PS. I am currently 5 weeks post op a bilateral brachioplasty with lipo to my bra line and flanks.
Amarillo Plastic Surgeon

My husband and I were thoroughly impressed by my surgeon. Her bedside manner was impeccable, she was full of information, honest and open about realistic expectations and a rundown of how she performs this procedure. She was knowledgable and could speak for herself giving insight on what to expect from her own experience. There was an instant connection and trust when we met, and I know I won't regret my decision choosing her as my surgeon.

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