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Hello ladies! My mommy makeover is just a week...

Hello ladies! My mommy makeover is just a week away! I have 3 girls, twins age 9 & 2yr old!
We are happy with the kids we have so since we aren't planning anymore I get to FINALLY have this done!! My surgeries will be a full TT with Breast aug. The doc suggested I go with high profile saline, 375cc. I have some sagging and he said I was borderline for needing a lift but I really didn't want to have one, so here's hopin' that they look good w/o one!!:) Every since having my twins at 18, my stomach was a big insecurity. I would hide it and be really embarrassed if someone saw it, even my hubby. He's always loved me for who I am and thinks Im pretty the way I am but I will never be happy with my stomach. So after months of obsessive research I'm DOING IT!!!!hehehehee! I WILL be posting photos b/c so many of you ladies helped to convince me to "get it done" after looking at your before and after photos and seeing your amazing transformations! I will post the before pics soon! And so the count down begins......
7 days:)

Here are my stats: 5'5 155lbs 28yrs old and 3...

Here are my stats:
5'5 155lbs 28yrs old and 3 breast fed babies later!!:P
I know it looks like I need a lift but we shall see what I look like after my bs! If they look really bad i might not post after pics!! lol

A few more details you might like to know about my...

A few more details you might like to know about my surg. With the breast Aug. my PS will use the Dual plane placement which helps those who are sagging and makes the out come look more natural!It's where the implant is half under your muscle and half sub-glandular! Ask your PS about it and if he does it! for some women its the way to go! He's going through the armpit as well. I am going to have a pain pump for the first 72 hrs with my TT! everyone who has had it raves about it so I'm relieved I'm getting one! I'm 10 lbs from my goal weight (I've always been muscular) so after I get rid of the loose skin, I plan to just tone up and maintain! One thing for sure this makeover can do for a person, is motivate you to maintain you weight and to stay healthy and active!! Just 6 days left......:)

I went shopping this morning for everything I...

I went shopping this morning for everything I might need after surgery! I'll be staying in a hotel close to the Doc's office for the first few days b/c we live 3 hrs away from where I'm doing this! I will be eating only store bought fresh food to avoid constipation and bloating!(If thats possible!) If not I have some gas medicine I picked up. Does anyone have suggestions on what NOT to eat the first 2 weeks or so!?! Or what you COULD eat? Thanks for your help!! Only 3 days till my makeover!!:)

OK tomorrow morning at 6am I will be at the...

OK tomorrow morning at 6am I will be at the hospital getting ready for surgery!!!!! I had my pre op on monday and my ps will do an extended tt to pull down the loose skin on my sides as well, which is awesome!!! I'm not having lipo on anything. I felt really good and confident about everything until this morning. My stomach is in knots! lol I'm all packed for the hotel and think Ive remembered everything! I almost started crying when I said goodbye to my older girls before school. I'm feeling so emotional! I'll post my after pics as soon as I'm able. Thank you everyone for your support and advice! By this time tommorrow I'll be in surgery!!!!!

SOOOO happy my surgery is over! YAY!! They have my...

SOOOO happy my surgery is over! YAY!! They have my tummy wrapped up so I havent seen it yet. I really can't wait to see it all together! I didnt have any complications and im hoping to stay that way! This is day 2 post op and I feel a bit better than yesterday. I go on Monday for my post op. if you have any guestion just ask! Ill be putting up pics when I can show you everything lol

Day 4 post OP! I gotta say, what a difference a...

Day 4 post OP! I gotta say, what a difference a day makes!! I woke up feeling more like myself today. The most pain I've had was my left breast. He even put my pain pump in my breasts instead of my tummy because he had to work it over some!(whatever that means)Im still all wrapped up so no pics yet. My boobs look funny right now b/c they haven't dropped into place so one looks like a snoopy nose!! Lord I hope it drops soon! I just hope my PS went big enough! he tends to be conservative on the sizing. Still haven't been able to shower yet and I'm draining well! The Pain pump tube is bothering me b/c its in my breast crease and bleeds b/c the tummy binder rubs it. My PS strapped my boobs down so I hope that will help them drop faster! I think my right one has already moved down some. I can't WAIT to see my tummy! I can tell the scar will be nice and low too. Doing normal things is exhausting. like eating,talking or typing! Tomorrow morning I will see the unveiling! YAY!

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Day 6 post op! Everyday I feel better and better!...

Day 6 post op! Everyday I feel better and better! By breast implants haven't "dropped yet so I'm waiting til they do to take my "after" pics of those. I'm a bit disappointed b/c my ps and I had decided on 375cc and after surgery he told me he put in 350cc in each, instead of more cc's in my smaller left breast to fix the asymmetry!?! I was pretty upset about it yesterday, they told me to go w/o a bra for the next 2 wks till they drop and they put a strap on me to help push them into position. I needed to be reassured though so I went and put on a tight tank top just to see and they looked large and firm!! So I think I will be happy with the outcome. I just wanted firm and proportioned for my body and I think thats exactly what i got! I'm thrilled with my tummy and can hardly believe it's MY own stomach!! lol I guess all of us go through the worry and anxiety of our boobs or whatever not coming out just like we wanted them to!! How many of you had second thoughts before you decided you liked your new body!?!!? And how many of you had to WAIT, what seemed like forever, before your implants settled into place?!? Thank you everyone for all the positive support! You ladies are amazing!!!

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