37 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 135lbs, 400cc HP, Textured, Round, Using Dual Plane Technique. - Amarillo, Texas

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I've always been curious about getting breast...

I've always been curious about getting breast implants. In my late 20's after my first child I researched it a bit and decided that since I wasn't done having babies that I should wait. Then my second baby came, and she's now 5. I have always been very, very athletic, 3 sport athlete in high school, 2 sport athlete in college, did half marathons, lifted weights, you name it, if it's a sport and active I did it. So I have always been in shape and it's been a big part of my life. What I've learned over the years is the one thing I can't fix at the gym is my boobs! There's no weights or workout plan that can give you back the breasts you had before nursing 2 babies. I've never wanted "big" breasts per se, but "bigger and fuller". Anything would be better than the deflated chest I was left with.
So after going over things with my husband we decided it was time, and we were able to fund it at this time. So my research began again. I live in a smaller town in Texas, so finding a surgeon through word of mouth and referral was very easy. I scheduled a consultation and started the ball rolling.

First consultation

My first meeting with Dr. Proffer, he actually goes by Dr. Patrick because his practice is along side of his brother and sister in law, so they're all Dr. Proffer! Lol! He's very nice and professional. I got a TON of information. We went over my activity level and whether or not I might need a lift. I had gone to a consultation years ago and the PS had said I would need a lift along with implants and it would cost well over $10,000!!! Dr. Patrick said that we could skip the lift, since I was borderline, and he would use a dual plane technique that would give me the lift that I needed along with hiding the top of the implant under my chest muscle which would give me a more natural result. This would cut down on the animation deformity when I worked out and give me that slope that we all look for. He also said that he would like to use textured implants to assure that with my activity level the implants would not rotate or flip too much. He took his measurements and determined with a BWD of 12.4 that I could go anywhere from 300-400cc. He said because my chest was narrow that he would like to also go with HP implants. I got to try on sizers and take pictures and left very well informed, but with information overload!! I highly suggest to bring a spouse, friend, anyone with you to your consultation so you have an extra set of ears!!
Over the next couple days I went over everything that we talked about and was OBSESSED with this website and the internet. I googled EVERYTHING!!! Before and afters of 400cc HP implants, dual plane, implants on athletic frames, can you work out after implants... You name it, I googled it. Honestly the "High Profile" scared me more than anything! All I pictured were big, perfectly round, "porno boobs" lol!! Which was the exact opposite of what I was looking for.

Second appointment

I ended up calling and making another appointment to go over things in a little more detail. This time I met with Dr. Patricks assistant Karen. She is very nice and sat down with me and answered every question that I had. Looked at all my pictures of examples that I wanted and what I didn't want. She was completely understanding and didn't seem annoyed or put out that she was answering my questions. My main thing was that I did not want the round, bolt on look. I wanted natural looking. I think my comment was that come swimsuit season I wanted people that didn't know me to wonder whether my breasts were real or not. Or that something was different but they couldn't pin point what. So something modest. But I think that's a fine line. I didn't want to go too big so that it would hinder any of my athletic activities, but I also wanted it to be worth my while since I was spending the money and doing the surgery! I honestly don't think that I am one that would get boob greed. When thinking if I'd be more upset if I was too big of too small I think it would be if I was too big. Karen and I went over sizes again and I was torn between 375cc and 400cc which technically there is very minimal difference. However, they stack the sizers that they use in their office...so the 400cc looked freakishly big on me. So I had my head telling me that realistically if I liked the 375cc that going 400cc would be ok because it's such a small step. However I knew that the 400cc sizers looked CRAZY!! I left there still up in the air, but leaning more towards the 400cc.

Pre-Op and blood work

Decided on 400cc HP!!! All blood work done and good! Surgery in a week November 10th at 2:00... Have to be there at 12, it's going to be a long day with no eating or drinking!!!

Surgery day -- November 14, 2014

I took my Celebrex and lunesta last night as prescribed before bed and I actually slept and slept good!! Woke up and got my kiddos off to school and tried to go about my morning without being nervous!! Yeah right!!! I was nervous! And hungry and thirsty!!! I think I was more hungry and thirsty just because it wasn't allowed to have anything!! Lol!!
I showed up to the surgery center at noon and was taken right back. When I got there I let them know about my fear of getting sick after surgery. I have emetophobia which is the fear of throwing up, yep it's a real thing!, and it gives me HUGE anxiety. Anyway!! I let them know about that and they gave me a patch for behind my ear. Then they started my IV. My husband and I waited for a little while and my PS came in to mark me up. After drawing a few lines and a few encouraging words it was almost time to go!!! My anesthesiologist came in and went over all the details. I told him about my fear and he said he would take care of it and I'd be ok, that made me feel a lot better. Funny how out of everything THATS what had me so nervous! He said that one of the nurses would be in to give me the "cocktail" and then we'd get started. My husband kissed me and wished me luck and they put the cocktail into my IV. As she's was pushing it in she said, this will work pretty quick and will feel like you've had a few drinks...she wasn't kidding!!! I remember being rolled down a short hallway and around a corner, there was a desk full of nurses and I remember looking at them and saying, "wow that stuff does work fast". And that's the last thing I remember ...

.... I woke up in recovery kind of groggy, and I don't think in a lot of pain. I'm writing this a week after the fact and I don't remember pain or pressure being at the forefront of my mind?? I just asked my husband if I was in pain or anything when I woke up and he said not at all, and no pressure. Best of all, NO nausea!!!! Honestly, I don't really remember a lot about recovery. This is all from my husband, it's like a gap in time for me!! I came home and slept in the recliner for about 2 hours, woke up and had some food and then went back to sleep. I hadn't had any pain meds yet. Pain meds usually knock me out and give me CRAZY dreams so I try not to take many if I don't have to. My husband woke me up to shower, which I could from the waist down, and do my arm stretches. Then slept for the night in my recliner. The next week is a blur with lots of sleep and lots of pain. I underestimated how much pain I was going to be in!!!! And the amount of swelling that I would have. You can look at hundreds of after pictures from BA's but nothing prepares you for when it's YOUR body staring back at you in the mirror!!! Between the after surgery bloat and the hugely swollen breasts... It's not a good look! Lol!!! My husband told me when the PS came in to talk with him he said that I would be a little more sore than usual because my muscle was a lot thicker than the average woman... Yay being in shape :/ .... I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think more than once last week "what did I do????" "These are WAY too big" "this was a bad idea" .... Every negative thought that I thought I prepared myself for with all my research crept into my head. I was not happy with what I looked like, I was in pain, I was sleeping in a recliner... It was bad, I can't lie.

Day 2

Still very sore and very swollen...and bloated... Ick

1 week... Things are getting better...

Well it's been a week!! Pain is pretty much gone. I have only taken Celebrex since about Friday. It's more of a pressure feeling than pain. Sleeping is still very uncomfortable. My PS didn't have a preference on how I slept and said I could sleep anyway I wanted. Sleeping on my side is uncomfortable and so is on my back. I usually end up propping myself up a little and that makes it tolerable at least. Last night was the first night I slept on my side and didn't have to prop myself. It wasn't completely pain free, but I was able to sleep, so I'm not going to complain!!! Honestly today was the first day I looked in the mirror and saw myself!! I recognized me!! Granted it was a me with bigger boobs, but it was me. So I think I'm getting a little more comfortable with them.

I had my one week post op and he said everything looked good. He gave me a strap to wear just at night and then told me to double up on my Celebrex. I go back next week to get my tape off and sutures trimmed. They're inside sutures so the ends will get trimmed. And I was also cleared to face the water when I shower. I had been having to keep my back turned and not let the water directly hit my breasts... Now I can! It's the little things! Lol!!


So I guess my nipples have finally caught up and started to get sensitive. Not to water so much, but definitely to being up against my bra. I haven't had this problem up until about yesterday. Not too bad though, I'm not covering them with anything so it's tolerable. My breasts are still pretty high. I took more pictures but I'm pretty sure they're like the ones the other day. I have the strap that I'm wearing at night. Actually it's a big ace bandage that I wrap tightly around the top of my chest about the nipple line. To encourage them down I guess. Then I'm also suppose to squeeze them together, count to 5, 5x and repeat this 5 times a day, as well as put pressure on the top like I'm pushing down my chest muscle, or the area that's still swollen count to 5, release and do that 5 times, 5x a day. My husband tends to "accidentally" walk in the bathroom when it's time for these. Lol!
My right breast is pretty much pain free. My left breast seems to have almost like a sore spot on the left side. If I stretch too far with that arm or too high I get pain. My PS had to do a little more to that breast to fix some a symmetry so that may be why.
Other than that things are good! I LOVE them so far and I'm only 9 days out. I was telling my husband today how much better I feel, not only physically but overall, just more confident, and I'm a confident person to begin with. It's like fuller breasts was that last puzzle piece and now everything is in place! :)

Typos.... :/

That's suppose to say "ABOVE the nipple line"


Of course I had to go ahead and try on some old bathing suits!! I'll definitely need to bump up to probably medium or I'll have some excessive under boob. For 10 days post op I'm pretty thrilled with where I'm at. I know there's a lot of changing that still needs to take place, but considering where I started from its a hell of a big difference!!!!

2 weeks!!

Well I've reached the two week mark!! Went to the PS today for my checkup and saw his assistant Karen. She trimmed up the edges of my sutures and put new tape on. Gave me a couple of new massages to encourage my right breast to drop a little faster, and I was out of there!! I'm cleared to get my heart rate up, but she said with the workouts that I'm use to doing that I should probably wait until the 6 week mark and then ease back in. I totally agree with her, I don't want to mess anything up!! She told me I could walk on the treadmill and just put the incline way up. For someone like me that is use to high impact workouts that's almost more torturous than not doing anything!!!! Lol!!!! She said that the risk of doing things too soon is bleeding and not displacing the implants or anything. Which the crazy part is is that made me feel better!!! I'm more worried about a boob ending up on my back then bleeding out lol!!! Not really, but you know what I mean. I still haven't bought a sports bra. I'm wanting to wait to buy a good one for when everything settles and it will fit like its suppose to. I went to target today and tried on a couple. I'm having a hard time with the amount of material that is involved in bigger sports bras!!! Anyone have problems with this?? It just feels like they are SO big!!!! The straps are wicked wide, it goes higher up on my sternum and fits lower, I don't know the ones I tried today were just bad. With smaller breasts I could pretty much pick based on color and throw it on and go. Now it's low support, medium support, high support, adjustable straps, removable padding... Good lord I never knew so much went into buying sports bras!!! So I guess I just have to keep looking and trying on and find one that fits good AND looks good... That shouldn't take long :/
Other than that I'm beyond thrilled with my progress. Considering where I started from and my small, deflated breasts and now, I can't complain. I took these pictures and looked at them and the look small in the pictures for some reason?? In "real life" the fit my body perfectly. I had asked her at my appointment what I'd be looking at as far as changes and if they might get smaller because of losing swelling. She said that they were not going to get smaller and that the bottom was just going to fill out. I'm excited to see the changes that happen over the next couple weeks!!!

19 days

Well I'm 18 days post op!! Except for sensitivity in and around my nipples I'm pretty much pain free. I did notice that I have Mondors cord under both breasts. Just one under my left breast and a bunch under my right. They don't hurt so I would have noticed but I was looking at my incisions. I'm still having to wrap at night and have to for the next 3 weeks until I go back the 22nd!! My right breast is still kind of high and that muscle is pretty tight still. I'm very happy with my results so far, I hope they stay the size they're at and I don't lose any size or volume in the coming months as everything settles. I have 2 daytime bras that I can wear that I picked up at target. They're nothing special and I think were like $8. I just needed something besides the front clasp I case I need to wear regular clothes. I'm still waiting to get "normal" bras until I'm a little more certain what size I'll be. Does anyone know if this takes the full 3 months?? Longer?? Less??

Seems like the past 19 days has gone by SO slow!!! Good news is that I get to start working out some on Monday! I'm a little nervous about that because I didn't really tell anyone what I was having done, and I'm at the gym pretty much everyday, and now I haven't been for 3 weeks. So I know when I go back that I'll get the, "where have you been" questions. Not sure what I'll say??? Any ideas?? I mean I think it's pretty obvious that my chest will look different so I don't know if people will put two and two together?? I guess I'll see Monday!!
I hope everyone else is healing well out there!!! For all you ladies who are still waiting for your surgeries and stressing, hang in there it's 100% worth it!!!

3 weeks today!!

Well 3 weeks ago today I got my new boobs!! Couldn't be happier!! I was going to start and workout today, but decided against it. I'm cleared to do cardio, like the elliptical without the arms, brisk walking and they said I could TRY and jog. Honestly I HATE cardio and barely ever do it, so the thought of going to the gym, not touching any weights and doing all cardio is just awful to me. I think tomorrow I'm going to have to force myself to go, I have to get moving at least a little bit.
I started getting a pain in my left breast today. At the time I thought it was one of those "zingers" that everyone talks about, because that's exactly what it felt like, but it stuck around, like ALL DAY. It was this annoying stabbing pain. I ended up calling Karen at dr proffers office to ask if I should be concerned...btw Karen is fantastic, she has answered every single tiny question that I've had and hasn't made me feel like I'm a complete idiot for asking. She definitely makes me feel better about calling if I need to because I don't feel like she sees me as a nuisance. Anyway, she said that it was probably nerves coming back and sometimes those sharp pains don't come and go really fast, but linger depending on how big the nerve was. She said to take some Advil and just keep an eye out for if my breast got red and swollen and hard, then there's a problem.
When I took my 3 week pictures tonight I was stunned to see the size difference in my breasts!!! My right one definitely is taking its time dropping!! Thing is, looking in the mirror, they don't look that different, but in the picture it is definitely noticeable!! Even my husband said he wouldn't have noticed it if he didn't see the pictures. So I'm still doing my squeezing and pushing exercises and wrapping at night to try to move things along. I really thought it was going to take me a while to get use to having larger breasts and honestly I hardly even notice them! Granted I haven't started my usual activities so I guess I can't really 100% say that yet. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to the gym, if anything lunges and some step ups and a little cardio, so we'll see if I still don't notice them! :)

1st day back at the gym....only legs, only body weight :/

First day back at the gym yesterday in 3 weeks. I'm not allowed to do core or chest (obviously) so I did all lower body and actually jogged!! When I set my workouts up I usually do circuits and I figured I'd just set it up the same way so I could kind of feel normal...I did lunges for about 25yds, then back lunges 10 each side, box step ups on 36in 10 each leg, air squats, then used a band and did side steps down 25yds and back and then did my jog which is about a half mile. I did that three times and figured that would be a good starting point to ease back in. My legs are sore today and it feels great!!! It is SO hard to go in the gym and only do lower body and remember not to pick up any weights! Especially because I feel good!!!
I was a little self conscious at first. I had on a sports bra and tank top, and wore a sweatshirt into the gym. It took me a little while to get confident enough to take off the sweatshirt. Which is kind of ironic because I got the boobs to feel a little more confident lol!! Now I need confidence to show the boobs I wanted for confidence...women are so fickle aren't we?? Or at least I am!! Haha!! Anyway once I got into it I felt good. I did my jog pretty slow and didn't feel any pain...some weird feelings here and there, but no pain. I wore a nike sports bra, the medium support and that seemed to be fine, but again I went easy. I'm gonna try out my under armour one tomorrow. I feel like that one makes my boobs look HUGE, so I'm nervous about that one!! I did feel like I noticed my boobs more than I usually would. I mean obviously it's different, but I had gotten use to the everyday movements, putting hair up, laundry, dishes, vacuuming...all the daily household stuff. Going to the gym and athletic things are very different and I think will take a little bit of getting use to, especially since I was so small before, my boobs were NEVER even a thought as I worked out!!! It's just a strange change.
It's gonna be a long 3 more weeks before I'm cleared, but at least I'm on the way of getting back to normal life!!! Anyone else started their workouts back yet??? Any other ideas for legs that don't Include core or upper body?? I have to remember to post some pictures in clothes too and different tops, just for comparison. I'll definitely take a picture of the under armour bra to see if you guys think it makes me look ginormous!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!!! :)

4 Weeks post op....A trip to VS....And lopsided :/

Well today is 4 weeks post op. Pain is gone. Not taking any sort of Tylenol or pain meds. I've been to the gym a few times, I'm not cleared for any core or upper body so I've been doing body weight lunges, squats, jogging... Pretty much anything I can think of. I have another two weeks before I'm cleared for upper body, I'm hoping they go fast because doing legs every time at the gym gets kind of boring!!
Running hasn't been too bad. I've worn a Nike sports bra, the medium support and that fit and felt great, no movement. I also have worn an under armour one that is also medium support...that one I had to crank the straps pretty tight to feel secure. Mainly it's just paranoia on my part I think, I'm SO afraid of ruining anything!!
The thing I noticed with running was being very out of breath?! I can't figure out if the 3 weeks I took off hurt me that bad of if the extra weight on my chest is affecting me?? Anyone else notice this???
My left breast has completely dropped and is great. My right one is still high and kind of tight. I've been doing my exercises they want me to do where I push down on my right breast and hold for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times...trying to stretch that skin out I guess and push that implant into place. I can't notice it in clothes at all, but when I took these pictures today I can't believe that I can't notice!!!! It's a pretty considerable difference!! I think so anyway!!
My trip to VS was pretty good! I didn't get sized and just took some bras in with me, 34C's, 34D's, 36C's... From what I've found the 34D fits great. I didn't pick up any today though because I really don't need them yet, 2 more weeks. Also I've never, EVER had a bra that cost $40!!! I've just never thought I had enough boob that would warrant a bra that cost that much!!! Lol!!! So I have to get,out of that mindset and realize that now I have some to put in it!!! I was also smart enough to take my husband and he got to see how they look, and now he knows my size so if I won't buy them I know he will!!! :) I was very happy with how they looked, and really can't get over the fact that I have a freaking rack now hahahaha!!!! Every time I think I'm use to them, I'll put on a shirt or try on a bra and that's a quick reminder that they're very different than what I'm use to!!!! I'm DEFINITELY not complaining, I wouldn't change a thing!!! Except for I wish I did it YEARS ago!!!
I hope everyone is doing well! And those that have had surgery are healing well. Those that haven't, hang in there it's worth the wait!!!!

31 days

Bought two bras today from VS. Honestly couldn't tell you which two they are because I pretty much tried on every bra they had in there. Bra overload!! I got sized at a 34D, and some of the DD fit too I guess it depends on the style of bra. So I got one DD that I took pictures in today, and then a D that I haven't worn yet. Oh and $98 for 2 bras...crazy!! But I figured I first big boogie bras I should splurge, can't see that happening often though!! But now my family has no excuses not knowing what to get me for birthdays and xmas!! Lol!!
I'm still pretty lopsided, although you can't really tell when I have a bra or clothes on, I don't think anyway. I just have to keep "aggressively" massaging. Anyway, I hope everyone is healing well!! :)
Oh and ignore the pile of laundry behind me I should have been doing rather than taking pictures of my boobs lol...priorities you know!!

5 weeks

So yesterday was my 5 week mark. Not a lot of changes, right is still high. I've been trying to to wrap at night just the one side, but usually wake up with it hurting me because it's under the incision on the left side, so I pull it off. Been working out and just doing legs, no upper body at all, hopefully I'll get cleared at my 6 week appointment on Monday!! From the front I think they look pretty small!! And wicked uneven!! I'm trying to be patient and wait for things to even out and the dropping and fluffing to happen, but I'm NOT a patient person!!!! Anyway, anything is better than what I started with!!! Hope everyone is doing well and healing well!!!

Side by side comparisons

Messed around with an app and did preop and then 5 weeks... The difference is just crazy!! :)

6 weeks!!!

I had my 6 week check up today. Got my tape on my incisions off and no longer have to wrap at night. I do have to wear an underwire bra day and night for the next 6 weeks until I see him again. I was cleared to workout finally!!! He said I can do anything, but to start slow. Went to the gym and did a full workout, just lowered my weight. Did clean and presses, over head lunges, core and jogged and felt fine!! No little twinges, pulls, weird feelings or anything! I did try and hang from the pull up bar to see if I might be able to do those and those may take a while more...lots of pulling on the muscles underneath and it just didn't feel right so I didn't do it. I'll work some more stuff in tomorrow and just go from there!! Everything else is pretty much the same. I'm still uneven and it looks wicked bad in pictures, makes me really self conscious!! When I look in the mirror I don't see it as bad?! It s weird. He didn't really seem concerned about it and didn't even mention it, said my chest muscles were more developed over there since it's my dominant arm and it will be a slower process. Considering it's only been six weeks I can't be too impatient. Again the difference in where I started from and where I am now is so huge that I can't complain about anything!!!

Hitting a lull...

I know there are ups and downs through this journey, and I guess I've experienced a little of it, but this last lull has been a little rough. I'm 8 weeks post op as of Monday. I have no pain and everything looks good. My breasts are changing shape and getting fuller. The sports bras that I wore last week and the week before are now becoming snug!! Now for the lull...I feel like they are making me look fat!!! I was a pretty lean person pre op. I tried on a size large triangle bathing suit top from Old Navy today (I had a large because it was on clearance and I liked the color lol) I tried it on and it didn't fit!! It kept riding up and showing under boob!!! So I'll need an XL top?! That's just crazy to me!!! I'm just not sure how having an XL top with a medium bottom is balanced out. I haven't taken any recent pictures because I'm kind of discouraged. I've been working out regularly and getting back into the swing of things. Still can't do pull ups they still hurt, and can't do handstand push-ups, but everything else I'm ok with.
Has anyone else gone through this?? I'm really hoping I didn't make a mistake!! Especially with spring and summer coming! I'm in Texas so it's shorts and tank tops a LOT!! I don't want to be the freak with the huge boobs!!!!
Ugh sorry for the vent, but I figured if anyone would understand it would be the ladies on here!!

9 week update

Hey there! Well Monday was 9 weeks!! Took a few pictures. Right side has fallen into place and I think they look pretty similar!! Back at the gym full force, no pain with anything even dips and pull ups!! Couldn't be happier!! Now just to get a tan and back into shape for summer!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

13 weeks post op

So I'm at 13 weeks! At this point they feel like a part of me and I can't think of before I had them! I love them and think they fit my body perfectly! Everything in my life is normal and there's not anything I can't do because of bigger breasts!!! Hope everyone is doing well and loving their results as well!!

4 month update!

I cannot believe it's been 4 months!! I'm still as happy as ever with my decision to get implants. They feel like they've always been a part of me. I was nervous about them always feeling like I had foreign objects in me, but I don't feel like that at all! I can push them up and make them stand out, or I can make them look "normal" lol. Working out has gone back to normal, I do everything I did before. I do keep pulling my armpit muscle, on both sides, so I just cool it on my pull-ups and dips because I'm guessing those muscles still need more healing time.
I hope everyone is doing well and healing well. Those of you on the fence about getting an augmentation and looking on here for input, DO IT! Do your research and trust your PS. You won't regret it.!!
Amarillo Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with Proffer Surgical Associates!! From the minute you walk in the door everyone is friendly and welcoming. The office is very modern and neat and clean. Dr. Patrick did my procedure and I couldn't have asked for a better PS. He listened to all of my questions, and was very detailed in his explanation of the procedure and what he felt the results were that could be achieved. I felt very comfortable every time I was in the office. After only a week I am completely satisfied with my results and everything Dr. Patrick said he could achieve, he did. I would recommend Proffer Surgical Associates and Dr. Patrick hands down every time!!!

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