10 Weeks 6 days post tummy tuck! Few new PHOTOS!!

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Hi everyone! My name is Krissy.. I am 37 years old...

Hi everyone! My name is Krissy.. I am 37 years old.. married mother of three wonderful children! Daughter is 20, and my boys are 15 and 13. I struggled with my weight ever since having my children and after reaching 235 pounds and developing diabetes.. my PCP recommended I look into the Lap Band... well after doing some research on that, I didn't like the idea of having a port..so I began my research for the Rou-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. After jumping through the MANY.. and I mean MANY loops of prerequisites the insurance company and I fought for a few months back and forth.. (I finally won) GO ME!! I had my Gastric Bypass surgery on December 1, 2009. I was all the way down to 130 pounds but my dr recommended that I gain 10 pounds because me at 130... did not look healthy... I am 5' 8" tall so my normal weight is 135 to 160 (or somewhere close to that) Anyhow.... I am currently at 145 and I am fine with that... I don't really look at the numbers to much anymore as they don't mean as much as how my clothes fit/feel/look on my body. I am currently a size 5, but that's with a HUGH muffin top.. which I absolutely hate! It's not even really about size, again, it all comes down to how we feel/fit/look in the clothes we're wearing.

Anyhoo.... I lost all that weight.. therefore leaving behind such a large amount of skin. I have had people in disbelief that I ever even had gastric bypass because they don't SEE the loose skin... because when I'm standing still... I look fine in a bikini..but when I walk.. I seriously turn into a big Jello Jiggler! I HATE my stomach... I hate how it looks when I am on my hands and knees (Therefore making intimate times a little uncomfortable. I have always been one to worry about how I look. Along with the extra skin issues.. Gastric Bypass had also played a major toll on my boobies.. they went from a 40D to a 34A...

I went to my PS last year and discussed BA along with TT but there would have been no way for me to heal in time for me to go back to work (I work for the school district so I am off all summer) but by the time I finally made the decision it was already August.. and school started the first week in Sept. Soooo, I chose to do the BA first.. At my 1 month post op appointment the areola scar had healed in a way that it caused the scar to actually indent a little... so in November my PS did a fat transfer to inject some of my belly fat under the scar to see if that would help with the indent.. well that worked for the most part then at my 3 month BA post op appointment my PS said my left breast had developed capsular contracture...(my body doesn't like the thought of the bigger boobies as much as my mind does!) so.. he is going to remove that implant and replace it with a new one and also recut the scar on the right boobie and remove that scar tissue and make it right as well the same day I go in for my TT and lipo on my back/flanks. Needless to say... it's going to be a little more inclusive than just a TT and lipo for me on Feb. 27th.. I'll be sore in a few other places as well... but nothing I can't handle.. I am so ready for this and time is passing so slowly for me.....

I'm finally adding some before pictures!! UGH!! I...

I'm finally adding some before pictures!! UGH!! I hate my flabby belly!! I usually only take photos of myself when I look my 'best' not my worst!! ahha!! anyhow... here you go ladies... I will be having my surgery in a little over 2 weeks!! :) So excited!

I cannot stop scoping the internet for pictures,...

I cannot stop scoping the internet for pictures, medical supplies, tummy tuck information, other women's stories, YouTube videos of the procedure...and making sure I have EVERYTHING I need!!! I think I am going drive myself completely insane in the next 2 weeks... I am totally obsessing.. practicing how I'm going to get in and out of my recliner, both assisted and unassisted.... how I'm going to sleep.. I was looking at leg wedges online but realized that it would be a waste of $$ because I placed two pillows under my knees and it seems to be pretty close to the medical wedges....
I have a CareCredit account and I recently paid it off in full.. and I'm still waiting for that amount to be available again for me to use it for the difference for the TT that I hadn't paid already.. hmmm... I hope that it's taken care of before too long because that will have me stressing BIG TIME because I am relying on that for the final payment.. due by Feb. 20th. (1 week before my surgery date) SO that means GE Capital Bank better get on the ball with that! The money shows cleared from my bank account and it shows a $0 balance owed on the carecredit account holders website. UGH! I'll be making a phone call EVERY day this week to make sure they are on top of that $#@! Otherwise, I'm going to be one unhappy person.... ok.. I think I've vented enough now... thanks for reading and sorry to bore anyone.. haha!

Not sure why... but I originally posted this...

Not sure why... but I originally posted this review like 4 days ago... and as far as I've seen, it's not been publicized... is it due to my photos?? If anyone sees this... send me a private message please and maybe a link to it because maybe I just am not finding it in the review section..... Thanks!

Only 10 days until my big day!! I am so excited.....

Only 10 days until my big day!! I am so excited.. I think I've got everything I need. I went the other day and got some ginger ale .. . and some bendy straws... :) I also got 2 hospital wash basins, one for scrubbing up during the week I'm not allowed to shower and one to put my necessities into so I can grab it and go when I go from place to place (room to room) during my recovery. I like the idea of grabbing the little 'bin' as opposed to having someone have to gather all my stuff and bring it to me constantly. It'll have my Vicocin, Tylenol, baggie of crackers, thermometer, gauze pads, paper tape, cell phone, home phone, hand lotion.. (well you get where I'm going with that) basically, anything and everything else I may need... T E N days!!! Whoooop Whooooop!!

Down to just 8 more wake ups until my surgery!! I...

Down to just 8 more wake ups until my surgery!! I have to run out today and get a couple of things, definitely getting extra coffee and stuff for my Keurig..I taught my son how to make my cappuccino's so when I'm laid up I won't go through withdraw!! haha!!

Here is my list of items I got to prepare for my...

Here is my list of items I got to prepare for my TT...
1. Antibiotics (script)
2. Percocet (script)
3. Tylenol (EZ Tabs) OTC
4. Sterile Gauze Pads
5. Paper Tape
6. Heating Pad
7. Washable Waterproof Pad (to keep from draining on my furniture)
8. Arnica Gel
9. Arnica Tablets
10. Grannie Panties (to keep from ruining my good ones)
11. Mens 'wife beater' muscle shirts (to wear under the binder to keep it from
irritating my skin)
12. 2 Wash Basins (1 to use to throw my stuff in to have near me at all times &
one to use for bathing while I'm not allowed to physically shower/bathe)
13. Jello, Pudding, Applesauce, Greek Yogurt, Carton of Egg Whites, Sodium
free Ketchup, Single serving cartons of Muscle Milk (20 grams of protein
each) Salt Free Crackers, Ginger Ale, Sugar Free Ice Cream.
14. Maxi Pads to cover incision and drains from draining onto clothing
15. Dial Antibacterial Soap (to start using starting the week before surgery)
16. Warm Comfy Socks
17. Hibistat Antibacterial Hand Wipes (to keep my hands clean before dressing
my scar)
18. Peroxide (to clean the drain bulbs after emptying them)
19. Safety Pins (to secure the drain bulbs to an article of clothing to keep them
out the way)
20. 5 Weeks off of Work (because I deserve it) ;o)

I think that's everything... if I forgot to post something I'll add it, and if there are any other suggestions from you girls... please feel free to add them onto my comments!! Thanks and I hope this helps those wondering what to have on hand. I will also add things that I didn't realize I needed until AFTER surgery to help anyone else out as well.

I say 3 business days...because it's less...

I say 3 business days...because it's less numerically than saying 5 days!!! haha!! I'm officially off work until after surgery!! I took an extra day today! So now Monday is included in my time off! That equals a total of 37 days (if I need that many) to recoup!! I'm so excited!! So ready!!!

I just wanted to add a few things to my list of...

I just wanted to add a few things to my list of items bought...
I was actually able to find some flavored juice type protein drinks at Walmart.. they are only 3.8 ounces but they pack 42 grams of protein each!!!
I also got some Snickers Marathon protein bars.. I know after having gastric bypass I have a hard time getting my protein as it is, let alone after surgery when we all need even more protein to aid in the healing process......
Just 2 days left for me to get all things ready!! I am so excited!

I am also going to see if it's possible to post some YouTube videos on here as a link.. I plan on videoing the removal of my pain pump, and my drains... and whatever else I decide to video during my healing process..

Tomorrow is the day! I'm all ready except for my...

Tomorrow is the day! I'm all ready except for my little bag I'm going to pack to but my belongings into while I'm in surgery. In my bag, I'll pack, a baggie of the Saltine Minis.. to nibble on after I wake up to keep the nausea at bay... my glasses and their case...the compression bra that I'll be wearing after my PS does the exchange of my left implant... I am so excited.. I hope the Valium my PS prescribed to me to take tonight helps me sleep because God knows the past month or so I have not slept well at all with all the excitement of this surgery consuming my EVERY thought!! :)

I am officially on the flat side ladies!! I...

I am officially on the flat side ladies!!
I arrived at the surgery center at 6AM as instructed (hubby took me) My mom was supposed to take me but I felt bad about her having to get up so early because I was originally scheduled as case #2.. but because my surgery was the longest one of the day they did me first.
I was the ONLY patient in there at that hour so all focus was on me which I absolutely loved. (Who wouldn't) and the nurse got me my gown, socks.... and compression leggins.. (sexy huh) haha! and my hospital gown...she led me to the restroom where I'd get dressed and insert my phenergan suppository (again sexy huh) I did all that and pee'd.... then went back to my little area and sat down and she went over the paperwork... then started my IV. My PS and his nurses walked through the door, and then it was basically just more paperwork and Dr. Gonzalez marked me up.... then went to prep.. the Anesthesiologist came and talked to me and I told her I wanted VERY little pain meds in my IV while I was sleeping. I said, I'd rather wake up in pain and ask for them than to wake up puking my guts out from the nausea. She said ok...

I waited a few more minutes.. and at 7AM I was led to the OR... the Anesthesiologist had me lie on my stomach (PS was doing lipo on my flanks first) She then let me know that the medicine she was going to be inserting into my IV was enough to have me comfortable yet, not completely knock me out so I would probably feel/hear things at certain times throughout that procedure. I felt the local.... (which wasn't more than a pinch) and every now and then I felt something but she must have known somehow (maybe I said something or just jumped?) I don't know....but she'd put more meds into my IV.. I'd feel a slight burn at the IV site.. then off to la-la land once again I went...:) I don't remember them flipping me to my back.. and then next thing I know.. I was in recovery.... My Dr inserted 2 drains exiting my body via my pubic area... and also a pain pump that are inserted right about my sternum... (I will remove the pain pump myself on Saturday) I will have the drains for a week at least.. but that will only be determined by the amount of fluid they are collecting at my Post Op appointment on March 7th @ 11:45AM. When the recovery nurse was showing me the drains and how to empty them and what not.. the left one was NOT pulling any fluid at all.. so she kinda hung it down a bit to allow gravity to help out and that worked.
While still at the surgery center I had to pee really bad (My PS doesn't put a cath in so I really had to pee) while we were in the restroom she emptied the drain bulbs and got 50cc from the left bulb and 30cc from the right bulb.
My boob hurts (the one that my PS removed and replaced due to capsular contracture) My PS said he removed between 6 and 8 inches of flab.. and aprox. 1100 cc of fad via lipo of my abdomen, upper and lower flanks... I don't know if he lipo'd my sides or not.. I'm sure he did... I didn't get talk in depth with him because I am one of those patients that take FOREVER to wake up enough to hold a REAL conversation with after anesthesia/pain meds.

Well. I remembered to ask for some pictures of me before I was taped up and compressed.. but because that's not normal routine, my nurse forgot.. (that's ok) I went into the surgery center at 6AM.. was all prepped and ready for surgery and was in the OR until 1PM and came out feeling fine.. I didn't get nauseated at all while there.. left the recovery room at 1:45PM home by 2PM. took a quarter of my my Vicodin at 2:30PM, 2nd quarter @ 3:30PM (skipped 4:30PM because I fell sleep) woke up at 5:30PM and told hubby that if I don't wake up on the hour during the day that he is to wake me so I don't miss a quarter (sounds like I'm watching a football game) haha! Anyhoooooo... I got up off of the recliner at 5:30 and went pee, and drained my drains I emptied 30cc from the right bulb and 40 from the left bulb... I got a little lightheaded and nauseated when I walked to my bedroom to do all of this stuff.. thank God I didn't throw up or even dry heave I guarantee that would HURT like a mo-fo!! I'm not ready for that! My back is draining the blood and translucent fluids from the lipo.. which has my compression garment pretty wet.. I don't notice it until I am up off the chair.. THANK GOD I BOUGHT THAT WASHABLE PAD THING!! If there is something that you girls MUST HAVE... THIS IS IT!! I am also using the disposable under pads that the surgery center gave to me.. I put them over the washable one, otherwise... WOW I'd have to wash it every time I got up.... I have been nibbling on the Saltine Mini's... and I also ate a little container of Jello with oranges inside... YUM! I really want a cappuccino... lol! Might have hubby make me one. Not sure though... Well this is my update.....I hope it is helpful to anyone reading it.

P.S. My poor kitty wants to lay on me but she stepped on my boob, so hubby made her get off of me.. she just keeps standing on the arm of my recliner, I know she knows there's something 'wrong' she keeps smelling toward my belly area... isn't that crazy? Hopefully pretty soon she can become my snuggle bug again.. I miss her company, not to mention, her warmth!! :) ahhaha!!

UPDATE...... OK it is just about 10 hours since my...

UPDATE...... OK it is just about 10 hours since my surgery... I want to let you all know that from my lipo on my back, there was a lot of fluid and blood draining from the holes the PS inserted the cannula. It is A LOT at first so be prepared, I was not prepared for that, I don't know if I missed that part or if I just wasn't informed.. either way.. it's bad!! Nothing painful.. just make sure you have clothes on that you DON'T care if they get ruined.. my pants are all bloody, compression garment is bloody along with the shirt I wore. I don't know that it won't come clean.. so either way... just better to be safe than sorry in that aspect. I am feeling ok... still taking my quarter of the narcotics on the dot every hour. I have an APP on my phone that I use and I just enter the med and when I take it, the app says, "Did you just take this medication?" and I click yes and it automatically logs the med and the time.... I LOVE IT! Especially when I'm groggy and can't remember if I took my meds or not.. I also downloaded a note pad APP on my phone and I enter the cc's of fluid that I am getting when I drain each of my bulbs and the time. :)

Ok... The first night.... Not so fun...I woke up...

Ok... The first night.... Not so fun...I woke up every hour or two for my pain meds. Around 5AM I had to go pee, so I woke my husband to help me out of my recliner. He was a bit grumpy because I woke him and when he went to remove the pillow out from under my legs.. He kinda pulled it instead of lifting my legs up off of it instead. That hurt SO bad! I began to cry and OMG that hurt even worse! I could barely walk to the bathroom... I have to let you girls know that I have a VERY high threshold for pain. I gave birth to 3 children and had not a single source of pain medication... All natural.. Anyhow, I stopped crying and made my way to the bathroom where my husband was waiting for me so he could empty my drains and chart the amount of fluid (I am also charting it on a notebook APP I downloaded onto my phone) that way when I go to my 1st Post Op appointment I can just show the nurse/Dr my phone. This is an example of how I am charting that.

Left Drain
20cc @ 4:30PM

Right Drain
30cc @ 8:AM
Yes I have a slight case of OCD but having it actually makes me a very organized person. Haha!!

I am still quartering my narcotics and taking them on the hour. I don't set my alarm for those at night because my body has an internal clock, I swear... Every time I woke up last night it was time.. And the longest I went between wake ups was 2 hours.

I don't have much advise to give for Post Op day 1 yet.. I just know that as long as I am lying on my recliner the pain is bearable but when I get up.. Holy Mary mother of God, my back feels like I was beat with a baseball bat.... Lol!! Not really funny, but I am not one to sugar coat anything. This is my 12th surgery and my far.. The most painful yet. I know everyone is different and all... I guess we have to remember that I had full TT with muscle repair, liposuction on my upper abdomen and on my flanks and upper bra area, plus one breast implant was exchanged... And the other breast areola was re cut and scar tissue was released and then re stitched.

I almost forgot to mention.. My PS nurse called me...

I almost forgot to mention.. My PS nurse called me last evening to check in on me and gave me some details about my TT... The flab of skin that was removed was 12" wide (hip to hip) and it was roughly 8 inches up and down (belly button to pubic area) my ab muscles weren't in too bad of shape the and she said my lower abs really could have gone without repair but my PS said since he was right there already he was still stitching them tighter to reinforce them. She said my implant exchange went perfectly.. It softened and went right into the pocket that was already formed from the old other implant, which is awesome because I won't have to wait foe it do match my other implant. They removed 2 liters of fat from my flanks, upper back (bra area) and upper abdomen (just below my boobies) she said my scar is straight across with a little smile to it... Not the "W" type scars that I've seen on some TY patients. I did mention that I didn't want the W type scar, and my PS told me he doesn't do the W cuts. She said my belly button looks great as well. I can't wait to do the big revealing of the tummy.

I slept on the recliner last night and hubby slept...

I slept on the recliner last night and hubby slept on the couch next to me... I really wanted to try sleeping in my bed, but with all the draining from my back... I didn't want to risk ruining my bed in the even that the padding and stuff would have shifted...... it is mostly done draining now.. not sure if I'll try the bed tonight or not, because today I am in WAY more pain than yesterday, obviously because the numbness has all worn off, other than where my pain pump is.

I am in quite a bit of pain today.. all the numbness is gone...I actually called my Dr and asked if I could take a half a percocet every hour instead of just a quarter, she said that is fine, but to definitely take some kind of stool softener or else I'll be miserable from that. I am going to take some of the Cherry Milk of Magnesia. Probably twice a day.. I just worry that I won't make it to the bathroom if it hits me all the sudden, because after all I am totally walking at a snails pace... ok, maybe a turtle... but either way, I am super slow! Haha! I've been eating my Probiotic & Greek Yogurt... and for those of you who haven't tried them, the Snickers Marathon protein bars are AMAZING! They taste so good, they don't taste like some of the other protein bars I have tried before. Some actually leave a nasty taste in my mouth. These I have to say are really close to being even better than the original Snickers bars..(and those are usually my favorite candy bar)

Well, it's about bedtime for me and I just wanted...

Well, it's about bedtime for me and I just wanted to post a little bit of something for anyone following my review. I have been eating a lot of protein to help with my healing process. I took some Milk of Magnesia this afternoon (noon) and I still have yet to go #2. It sounds like a thunder storm inside my belly.. I'm not in any discomfort as far as my bowels go, so I'm not going to worry too much about that at this point. I will take another 4 Tbs. of MOM in the morning when I get awake to see if that helps me go. I empty my drains every time I go pee. I can tell it's getting less and less as time passes. I just took my meds and it's taking everyhing I have to stay awake to post this update.

I put up 2 photos of my belly, because when I felt like I was going to go #2, I actually pulled my compression garment down instead of trying not to go on it. I can pee with it on with no problem, but I'm not willing to risk it with a bowel movement. I have to wear the compression garment for a full month, so when I go to my 1st post op appointment on Thursday 2/7/13 I am going to purchase another one at their cost so I will have two. My husband and my boys have been a huge help to me. I will post another update in the morning. I am extremely tired and ready for bed. ;) Goodnight...

Well, here is is morning #2 after surgery...I woke...

Well, here is is morning #2 after surgery...I woke up to realize that I no longer feel as though I have been run over by a Mack truck. I am actually feeling pretty good. I slept well last night! I took half a Vicodin at 11:15PM and went right to sleep and didn't wake up at all until 3:30AM.. I had to pee so I woke hubby to help me up, went pee.. drained my fluid grenades, and came back to the recliner. So far I still haven't gone #2. I don't feel as though I need to go, but I am a little gassy, I'm thinking it is from the Milk of Magnesia?? I don't know. I fell back asleep right after I got situated on the recliner again, and slept until 5:30AM and I woke up kinda hot, but realized my cat was lying at my feet on my blanket.. took another half of a Vicodin.. went back asleep until 8:00AM, got up to pee again and empty my bulbs. I found it best to just empty them every time I use the restroom.
I am feeling pretty good today. My back is really the only thing that really bothers me and it's not even that unbearable, just achy. My incision hurts a little sometimes when I am walking.. but per my PS orders I am to walk hunched over for 1 week. No big deal. My boys call me the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and my husband says I look like a chicken the way I am walking.. I guess because I'm bent over, knees slightly bent and my head way forward.. lol! It's ok.. I don't mind being picked on... just don't make me laugh too much because that seriously hurts the abs... ;)

My daughter, Kayla, 20, stopped over after work last evening and brought me a little bouquet of flowers! How sweet of her!! She asked how I was feeling and stayed to visit for a little while. Oh, how I love my children. My youngest son, Jonny, 13, has been helping me so much too, I told him that he has 2nd shift since daddy is doing 1st and 3rd. Haha!! It's cute because he asks all the time if there is anything I need. There is no school today so both my boys are home for a 3 day weekend. My 15 year old son, Jake, probably won't come out of his bedroom all day, he is too busy playing XBox Live with all of his buddies. That's ok, I remember being 15. :) Anyhow.. that's my morning update, with a little bit of my personal life all rolled into one. I will update later on as the day goes by. Thanks for reading.. and have a great day!

I have already mentioned how I downloaded an APP on my phone for my meds... but I am telling you girls.. if you have smart phones.. this is a MUST HAVE app! It's called, Medication Log (the picture is of a solid white circle with a gray and white capsule pill and a white and red capsule pill on it) It is a free download and I went into my Play Store on my phone and typed in "Med Log" and it was one of the free apps that came up. I tried another one (can't remember what it was called) and it wasn't as nice as the one I am using. It is so nice because all you do is enter the meds you are taking.. then as you take the medication, you click on that particular name, it says, "Taking **** now?" and you click YES or NO. Then if you long press on a particular medication it gives you the option to see that medication history, and if you accidentaly forget to enter a dose, you just click it and then change the date and time of that so you still have it logged. This really helped me when I was up throughout the night taking my meds, because I would wake up and wonder when the last time I took the med, and all I had to do was go to the app, and there it was. (Yes, there were times I actually didn't remember logging it, but it was definitely on the med log)

Another MUST HAVE is an extendable back scratcher....

Another MUST HAVE is an extendable back scratcher... It helps so much! My lower back has been itchy for the past two days and without that I would have gone insane.. by back is still too sensitive to trust anyone to even attempt to scratch it for me, and also.. the Narcotics make me itchy... so in the middle of the night when my legs are itchy that thing came in SUPER handy!! I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. I think it was somewhere near $5.00? SO add that to your list of must haves for after TT/Lipo.... :) I was actually able to get up and out of my recliner from the reclined position myself today!! I feel awesome being a little more self sufficient. So now I know if I have to pee, I can get up myself and don't have to wait to call on someone. I am also going to try to cut back off of the Narocotics and go to regular 500mg Tylenol. I'll let you all know how that works for me.. I think I'm going to switch to Tylenol during the day, and Narcotics before bed. (I'll let you know how that works for me) ;)

Ok... I tried switching to just Tylenol for the...

Ok... I tried switching to just Tylenol for the pain throughout the day... It's NOT happening. I made it from 10AM until 3PM with just OTC Tylenol. I was miserable. So at 3:30PM I took a quarter of my Percocet. I feel much more relaxed now. I don't know why, but I've been peeing like crazy too!? It seems like I'm peeing more frequently than normal. It also might just seem that way because it's such a chore just to make it to the bathroom that I never noticed how much I go in a normal day... Who knows. Anyhow, I'm just relaxing watching TV with the hubs and our youngest son. I'll check in again later.

Well...good evening ladies. I tried to switch to...

Well...good evening ladies. I tried to switch to regular Tylenol during the day today and that only lasted about.. 5 hours.. I can't do it just yet. So I'm going to continue taking the quarter to half percocet every hour. That pain was just too unbearable. My back is what hurts the most (lipo areas) After two days of my belly grumbling as though a thunderstorm was brewing, I finally was able to go #2. I didn't have to push at all, thanks to the Milk of Magnesia!! Such a relief. It wasn't runny, or solid.. kinda in between which made it very easy and no pressure. I did feel as though I still had to go even though I knew I was done? Not sure if that was just me being afraid to pull my compression garment back up and have to take it all back down in the event that I really wasn't done. I feel a lot better!! I took a few more photos of me while I was sitting there without my compression garment on... I noticed that I am starting to bruise up on my sides, which is to be expected after lipo. Not a big deal to me. I think my boobs are going to look HUGE now that I had my TT. Oh well. I can live with that I think. ;)

I will post more detailed after photos once I get the pain pump removed tomorrow afternoon. Right now it's hard to hang onto the drain bulbs, pain pump, fanny back, and also make sure not to pull anything out. Have a great evening my friends. :)

Just a correction here.. in some of my updates, I...

Just a correction here.. in some of my updates, I noticed that I said I was taking Vicodin... omg! I wasn't given that, I have had Percocet... lol! So.. anytime you read that I took Vicodin.... it should actually have said Percocet. It's crazy how the narcotics make me think! haha! All crazy!!

Well, since starting the narcotics again after 5 hours of just tylenol... I feel alot more comfortable. I am in NO hurry to stop the pain meds until my body is ready, there is no sense in being that miserable just to be off the Percocets. I will be going to bed soon, and I will update with anything new in the morning. Sleep well everyone.

Well. . Post op day 3. I had a crazy wicked...

Well. . Post op day 3. I had a crazy wicked nightmare last night! OMG! I was at some house of people I didn't know.. the guy had a gun...and I was getting ready to leave the house and I KNEW that I was going to be shot and killed before making it out, but I kept walking away. I got to the door and opened it, looked outside and noticed a bunch of blood stains on their porch and throughout their yard and stuff.. I remember the fear inside me knowing that at any moment I was going to be shot and killed.. well...that's when I woke up from my nightmare. I woke up and was completely frozen, I couldn't move, I was scared to death, the crazy thing too is, I told hubby to go ahead and sleep in our bedroom last night because I am able to get in and out of my recliner by myself now and there was no reason for him to not get a comfy nights sleep in our bed. (He had been sleeping on the living room sofa since my surgery) and I've been on the recliner. Anyhow... that was my weird dream. Ugh! I hate dreams like that! I remember other bits and pieces of the dream but not enough to make any sense in trying to explain it.
I am still taking half a percocet every hour or 2... I removed my pain pump this morning. I will upload that video now. I am sorry to say that I had my husband stop the video before I actually PULLED the little catheters out of my skin because I was nervous. I regret it now, but it's too late. Sorry to anyone who wanted to see that. I did feel the catheter's coming out from inside along my ab muscles... kinda felt like a little worm in there (gross I know) but it didn't hurt at all. I just took a deep breath.. and as I exhaled I pulled and out they came, nice and smooth. I am falling asleep as I am typing this update, so I will get some rest now and update more later on. Have a great day everyone.

Here it is Post op day 3 for me 5PM...Although I'm...

Here it is Post op day 3 for me 5PM...Although I'm restricted from showering until after my 1st post op appointment on Thursday 3/7, I had my hubby help me take my compression garment down all the way, and run me some nice hot soapy water into the basin the surgery center gave me, and I got a sponge bath... felt so nice. OMG my armpits were beginning to look like gorilla pits!! I said, 'now why the hell can't the hair on my head grow that fast?' Needless to say, I definitely shaved my pits, and scrubbed my nether regions as well....it felt really nice to finally feel a little cleaner. The sponge bath took a lot out of me, but getting back into the compression garment is completely DRAINING of all of my energy. Holy cow!! So we decided we're going to wash my hair in the morning tomorrow. Don't want to overdo it. I am back on the recliner and just relaxing. The pain is pretty much still here and there, now I have been getting a major headache causing me to feel nauseous. I haven't actually gotten sick.. but I feel very blah. I don't know what to do to fix this. I hate that feeling.

Oh and something that happened to me today.. my husband brews his own beer from scratch... he asked if I would mind if he did that today while I slept. I let him know i didn't mind as long as he opened the kitchen window and had the stove fan on HIGH because that smell is horrible. Well.. in the middle of his brewing.. I started getting nauseated.. so I kinda covered my head with my blanket and laid on the recliner and fell asleep... the next thing I know there's my husband standing next to me.. he says something to me, completely scaring the shit out of me I was in a sound sleep! So, he made me JUMP and holy shit did that hurt! So, then what happens.. I start crying because it hurt so bad, then it hurt even worse from crying.. so he apologized and I said no worries, covered my head back up and went back to sleep. LOL! Oh... the joys of being laid up at the Isett household. haha!! Well, I'm going to lie down again and hopefully when I wake up this headache will be GONE.. ughh!! Oh, and P.S. My drains are barely collecting any fluids at this point, not sure if that's a good thing this early, or normal, not normal.. we shall see I guess. Talk to you all later on.

OK, I took a tylenol... took a nap.. woke up .. no...

OK, I took a tylenol... took a nap.. woke up .. no headache and no longer feeling nauseated. I was just checking the time and realized it was time for a pill and I reached over to the stand beside my recliner to get my glass of ginger ale and when I reached I knocked it over and my immediate response was to grab it from falling, and O M EFFFFFIN G!!!! That hurt! I didn't cry, but holy shit!!! Hubby got up and cleaned up the mess and just as fast as the pain started it had gone away so that was NICE!! It's crazy how bad it hurts, but then kinda just stops.

I am not sure why, but my drain hoses (mostly my left one) is a little chalky on the outside... I don't know if I got some antibacterial hand soap on it or maybe when I was wiping my area with a wet wipe it got on the drain hose and caused this reaction... I hope they're ok. The fluid is almost at a complete stop at this point.. I haven't emptied the drains since 11:30 this morning and my left had just 15cc and my right had just 7cc. Not too much more to report other than that. I can feel the nerves reconnecting under my skin both on my abdomen and my back/sides... it's kinda a weird feeling.. like little creepy crawlers under my skin.. I just can't wait until I can actually scratch it to relieve the itchy feelings. When I had my CG off to take a sponge bath today, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my lower back is SUPER swollen, it looks like a hunchback down that low.. very odd looking... haha! When I removed the pain pump, I noticed my tummy is a little swollen too, but as I've said before, it's to be expected and I have prepared myself to handle that and not get discouraged about it because I have looked at enough before, during, and after photos of others' TT and I know we will go through a 'frankenstein' stage before we hit our end result of a beautifully contoured flat belly. I mean, even if ended up still having half of what I had before the TT I would still feel it was an accomplishment...and I would be happy.

I am going to lie down for a bit.. I feel the headache coming back.. Ugh...

Hey girlies... I haven't been on enough to update...

Hey girlies... I haven't been on enough to update my review today so I will do that now. I slept all night last night for the first time since surgery. I went to bed at 1AM and I felt SOOO good at 7AM when I woke up. My back was in a little more pain than yesterday, that could be because I hadn't had a pain pill since 1AM before I went to sleep for the night, or it could also be because the numbness is wearing off little by little each day and therefore, makes my lower back hurt. I emptied my drain bulbs at 10AM this morning and there was only 12cc in the left and 7cc in my right... and that was after a 24 hour period. I hadn't emptied them since yesterday morning, they weren't at all full enough, so what I would do, is every so often when I would be going pee, I would just unplug the bulbs and milk them just to make sure no clots or anything was holding them up. I am still keeping the 3X3 sterile gauze wrapped around the tubes at my pubic area because there is still some leaking of fluid there, not much, but enough that would probably irritate my skin if left alone. I change the gauze a few times each day. I am having NO problem going #2!! I think the milk of magnesia did it's job!! haha!! So glad, because the last thing I wanted to be was constipated during this! It is a pain in the butt to remove my compression garment to go #2, but for some reason my body won't relax enough with it on to go to the bathroom, pee, yes, but BM, not happening. I did do it one time with the CG on, but after that my behind wasn't cooperating and was acting all shy and stuff! haha!! Anyhow.. as far as the pain goes today... um.. my back hurts. My abs don't unless I make too sudden of a move, I am actually quite impressed with the pain level in my abdomen/muscle area. I'm very happy! I wouldn't change a thing at this point. I just cannot wait to 1. SHOWER... 2. SEE MY SCAR.. 3. SEE MY BELLY BUTTON and 4. HAVE THE DRAINS REMOVED (they don't bother me) I just don't like having the ballsacks hanging on me all the time! hahaha!! I'm going to go lie down for a little while. You all have a wonderful day and thanks for all the compliments and kind words you are all saying about my results and my review.
Happy Sunday!

Well, last night I had a SEVERE case of heart burn...

Well, last night I had a SEVERE case of heart burn. I seriously was scared that I was having a heart attack it hurt that bad and all the way through my back. I haven't had heart burn like that since my Gastric Bypass. I can only make sense that it may be because all of my insides are now tight not only by the TT and MR, but also the compression garment. I ended up having to take 4 tums to get it to go away enough that I could fall alseep. Oh, and I made my 1st attempt to sleep in my own bed instead of the recliner last night. I got in bed and got comfortable, but you know how it goes, half way through the night I'm slouching down.. and I don't want to wake my hubby to help me scoot back up so I just wiggled around until I got comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I slept until 7AM, woke up, took a quarter of a pain pill, waited a few minutes for that to kick in then I woke hubby up to help me out of bed to go pee. That worked fine. I went back to bed and fell asleep until around 9:30. Got up, had to go #2 (AGAIN) I am not complaining at all but wow! I am going MORE now than I did on a regular before my TT?? MOM must really do the trick!!! After I went to the bathroom, while I had my CG down, I asked hubby to run me some hot soapy water into my wash basin so I could wash up a little to feel refreshed (well as refreshed as one can with just water, washcloth, and bar of Dial soap) I am in DIRE want and need of a NICE shower! OMG!! My leg hairs are getting caught and pulling in the compression garment...not to mention I feel as though my 'area' is just BLAH and UGGH to say the least... anyhow... I patted a little shower to shower down there on the inner part of my thigh area where I feel like I'm getting a little sore (probably from the drain tubes, I don't know) I got dressed in nice clean clothes and everything felt as fresh as it can under the circumstances.. :)

Then I was brushing my teeth... and for some reason when I brushed my tongue it kinda hurt.. so I finished brushing, then looked in the mirror and my tongue is pure white.. and some spots of red that are extremely sore. My first thought was OH GREAT, I have thrush from the Antibiotics!! UGH! Just great!! I came out to the living room... got on the computer and Google'd thrush and low and behold.. that's exactly what my tongue looks like.. I called my PS office and spoke with Denise, the nurse (whom I absolutely adore by the way!) Dr must have been sitting next to her because she asked him right then and there if she could send a prescription in for me. He said absolutely. So she's calling in some type of rinse, and I think she also said Difulcan (which is just great because that'll help prevent the womanly area from developing a yeast infection as well) I have never had thrush in my mouth before and now some things that were happening yesterday make perfect sense. Here area some things that I had going on but didn't realize it was the beginnings of thrush...
1. My mouth felt VERY dry all the time, like dry mouth..even after drinking/eating
2. My throat felt a little tight to swallow (almost like a sore throat without the pain)
3. It felt like there was something stuck on the back of my tongue (kinda like a hair but not as annoying) obviously not annoying enough to get up and check it out.
Those were my symptoms.. and then of course this morning when I actually looked at it it was U to the G to the L double E!!!! UGLEE ..not to mention painful. It actually hurts? NO wonder babies are so fussy when they have it. Poor lil things. At least I'll begin treatment here soon.
OH... hubby JUST brought me my scrambled egg whites..I honestly have not a SINGLE taste bud.. my egg has melted cheese, pepper, and ketchup on it and I taste absolutely NOTHING... Ugh!! I hope the medicine works fast! This is annoying!
As far as my TT update. I feel fine today, I am walking a little straighter. Not as painful in my lower back. I will say that my knees are KILLING me though, I think it was because while I was sleeping in the recliner I had my knees bent constantly. That played a major toll on them. That was another reason I wanted to try my own bed last night. It did help because I was able to use a full body pillow. I laid it longways from my butt to my feet and kinda bent it up like a wedge and it supported my entire legs. VERY comfy. Ok, I'm going to go finish eating this tasteless scrambled egg.

I am adding new photos of me from yesterday POD4. ...

I am adding new photos of me from yesterday POD4. I didn't take any today because not much has changed from yesterday till today. I can't wait until I am able to stand up straighter and see a little contour to my belly. I am usually wore out by the time I get finished, peeing, cleaning off, adjusting my drains, and what not to have the energy to actually stand in front of the mirror.

I have a FUNNY story to tell you all about last night....(CAUTION MAY CAUSE LAUGHTER which in turn WILL CAUSE NEWBIE TT'ers MUCH PAIN) READ AT YOUR OWN RISK... (I had to disclose this information per CJ's MOMMY)
When I went to my bed, my husband helped me and then walked around to his side and crawled under the blankets.. now mind you, this is the first we've been in the same bed since the night before my surgery. I laid there feeling literally like a board..not able to move.. and he slithered in.. and I immediately said, "No matter how tempted you are, don't even think of reaching over here and fondling my ball sacks!" (referring to my drain bulbs) He said, 'OH... you have no worries there, they're not that attractive honey!" I said, "Now, I know you're laying there fantasizing about them, aren't you!?" OMG we laughed so hard! I had to share that.... :)

5DPO is coming to an end and nothing different. I...

5DPO is coming to an end and nothing different. I did slow WAY down on the narcotics. I only had a quarter pill at 7AM another quarter at 2PM and I haven't taken another one yet. I am going to try to wait until right before bedtime. I am totally content while I'm sitting in my recliner. But when I get up to walk, my back hurts pretty bad, I don't know if it's from being hunched over or the liposuction. My incision doesn't hurt at all, my abs don't hurt at all unless laugh, cough, sneeze, or cry. (which I try very HARD not to do) haha! Especially the SNEEZING! I have YET to sneeze since my TT but I remember sneezing after my gastric bypass and I seriously thought I was going to die. I will do ANYTHING to keep from sneezing. I got my prescriptions for the thrush I developed in my mouth from the antibiotic, I guess in my mouth in this situation is better than dealing with it "down there" so as painful as it is, I'll take it over a vaginal yeast infection. My dr called in a script for 2 Diflucan tablets, and a bottle of Nystatin liquid. I took the one Difulcan IMMEDIATELY and then the liquid I just prayed that I didn't gag from it because I have to put it in my mouth, swish, and swallow. It actually wasn't all that bad. Kinda sweet actually. Anyhow. That is my update as of this evening. Oh, and one more thing, I am still getting those little creepy crawler nerve ending twinges around my belly/hip area.. as crazy as it sounds I like the feeling of them.. They sometimes give me cold chills like something is tickling me. I know, I'm weird. I'll update tomorrow morning. Not sure if I'll be in my bed, or in my recliner tonight. Probably bed. (-_-) zzzzzz....... night everyone!

Ok....I haven't posted an update to my review...

Ok....I haven't posted an update to my review since Monday. I apologize!! But Monday and Tuesday were my worst two days (Post op 5 and 6) I had a major headache that just wouldn't quit, any light in my eyes made my head want to explode. Then yesterday (Wednesday) My boys were home for a snow day we got 6 to 8 inches of snow, and it took my 13 year old son to say to me, "Mom, you haven't had any caffeine for DAYS!" He made me a pot of coffee, I had my cappuccino and what do ya know HEADACHE GONE! I haven't taken a Percocet since Post op day 7 at 5AM (and even then it was only a quarter of a pill) I've been taking two 500mg Tylenol every 6 hours.

Today 3/7/13 ~ Was my 1st post op appointment. My PS's nurse came in the room and she tape removed from my bellybutton, and my TT scar. I also had my drains REMOVED! YAY!! When she pulled the tape from my bellybutton and my incision and wow did that feel good, it kinda hurt around the 'hair growth' area. I've never had a bikini wax, but I'm thinking after that today, I'm not about to start either! haha!!
When she got to the removal of my drain tubes.. she started with the left one and snipped the stitches.. then began to pull.. O~M~G~! The strangest feeling ever! I could actually feel it literally 'crawling' out of my skin!! Talk about gross!! UGH! That one was fine.. didn't hurt.. just felt tugging and a strange 'wiggle' inside. Out came about 8 inches of tubing that was inside me along the left side of my incision.
Ok.. THEN came the right drain tube.... um lets just say... I actually said out loud during the removal of this drain, HOLY MUTHER @#$%!! YES! I felt it... It HURT... I thought she was dragging my intestines out through the little hole in my pubic mound!!!! I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to have any drains inserted into my body again!! NO MATTER WHAT!! I do not want to scare anyone, but just be prepared!! I almost passed out from the freaking weirdness.. and pain... ughh! The good thing is, when it was removed, the pain was gone, so I just took some nice deep breaths and laid back and waited for my PS to come in.

I asked the nurse if I could see the picture of the 'slab' of skin/fat removed from my belly, and they opened the computer and brought it over and showed me. I was completely AMAZED at the SIZE of that!!!!!!! All I can say is ... WOW I really hid that crap well!! It was measured at 12inches wide X 10 inches high!!! That is completely ridiculous!!! I am super happy and I know I'm swollen right now and things will only improve, I'm trying not to look too much into the results at this point. I am officially on the flat side.. the frankentummy flat side at this point. My belly button looks nice but when I took a close up of it, it kinda freaked me out. I didn't research bellybuttons after TT.. so I don't really have anything this early on to compare it to, so I bet you guys can guess what my next obsession is going to be! Yup.. you got it.. googling "bellybuttons 1 week after TT" to compare! Oh the things we obsess over! Well, at least me anyhow!!

I finally got a shower after 7 days after my appointment once hubby got home from work.. I didn't want to fall in the shower so I waited for him. :) Then once he got home, I was scared to shower in fear of 'ruining' anything... Well, I got my shower, I also purchased a new compression garment at my PS's office today, one that only goes to my thigh instead of ankle. It doesn't have the zippers up the sides so I literally had to SQUEEEEEZE into it. haha!! That kinda hurt my back, but once it was on it felt much better. I am washing the long one now so I'll have them to switch back and forth to during my month of having to be in them (except while showering of course)

I think that about covers mostly everything about my post op day 7 update. Oh... I almost forgot, I drove myself to my post op today! I was going to have hubby come home to take me but I thought, it's not that far and I was allowed to drive at 1 week post op.. so... this is an extra day... and I haven't had a pain pill for 32 hours prior to me driving. I did a good job. I turned on my heated seat.. started my car early so it was all warm.... and off I went. :) The bumps hurt a little on my lower back but I did fine! :)

Ok here it is.... 9 Days Post surgery and for some...

Ok here it is.... 9 Days Post surgery and for some reason I cannot sleep a full night. I only had the blessing of doing that once since surgery. I go to bed and fund myself waking up literallt choking as if I swallowed spit down the wrong woke up literally trying hard not to cough.... This is crazy. I do it sometimes throughout the day too. I don't know if it's a sign of a cold coming in or what the deal is. All I know is I absolutely hate it. I may have got a total of 3 hours of sleep last night and that's not like me at all. I am normally a super sleeper. I'm going to try to get this figured out, I'm not a fan of medications to help sleep, but it's getting to the point that I NEED my sleep.

As far as an update on today.. Everything TT is good. I feel great... Still some pain and numbness in my lower back from the Lipo, but other than that, and being overly tired... I am super happy with my results. My boys are off school today, it's in service. So I may take them and go visit my mom foe a little while to get out of the house.

11 Days Post Op Ok, it's been a few days since...

11 Days Post Op
Ok, it's been a few days since I've posted an update, but really not too much different between the days I missed. I stopped the Percocets completely at post op day 7, at that point I just took two 500mg Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours (as needed) and I even stopped those completely as of post op day 10 (yesterday) morning at 10am. From post op day 8 to 11.. there has been a HUGE change. I feel better, I like getting up and moving.. I am able to do most anything myself, except reach for high up things, because I still can't stand straight up. My PS's rule is not to try to at least the 2nd week post op. I finally was able to sleep on my side at 9 days post op.. but still didn't sleep through the night until LAST NIGHT!! Finally!! I felt sooo good when I woke up at 6am to get my son up and ready for school.. I did make the mistake of going back to bed at 7 when he left on the bus, and slept until 11:30am, so now I feel tired. That's ok, I'll take it!! :) I can officially laugh, and semi-cough, now without it hurting as bad as it did. I still do my sneeze stopping technique because I'm not willing to find out if that's gonna hurt at this point. I'd rather just be safe than sorry.

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my compression garments.. I have the SUPER tight spanx kind my PS uses... here is why I love them... they are SUPER tight which in turn holds everything in place, therefore giving me assurance that I will have a nice contour after I heal completely and they're actually pretty comfortable to have on, and the pee hole is just great ;) Ok... now the hate side of this relationship....now the CG that goes all the way to my ankles I should make clear, has the zippers up both sides so I guess in all honestly this hate doesn't pertain to that one. But the one I bought extra from my PS office..is pretty much the same except it's only thigh length, but it DOES NOT have the zippers up the sides, as a matter of fact.. has NO OPENING... other than stepping into it and squeezing my body into it.. and trust me, if you don't feel fat before putting it on.. you will feel like the good year blimp while trying to pack all of your body into it, not to mention the PAIN! Holy shit! (I know that will get better as the sensitive areas lessen) I will give a little piece of advice on how it eases me to get it off.. instead of trying to hold out on the top and pulling out and down to get it off.. I found that taking it on the sides and kinda folding it down (kinda like they do at the deli with a new package of meat or cheese) if you've ever watched.. let it peel down you.. that's the least painful way in my opinion to remove it.

Ok now onto a funny situation that happened to me... CAUTION LAUGHTER MAY OCCUR... Have pillow in hand please if you're a new TT'er... this will hurt!
Ok... well, I think I mentioned in a previous review update that I bought grannie panties to wear during my post op.. I originally bought them to wear for the drains to be stored inside if I needed.. Well I never tucked the bulbs inside them but I did kinda coil up the drain hoses in between the panties and the CG to keep the hose from dangling and causing a kink... anyhow.. I found that because of my CG having an opening in the crotch area, I don't like not wearing underware at all, so I just thought, ok, I bought these grannies, I'm gonna wear them. So I put the grannie panties on OVER TOP the CG to give me coverage between my crotch and the pants I'm wearing.
Well, when I go to bed at night (in my own bed) I remove the comfy pants I have on, only sleeping in my CG, grannie panties and a T-Shirt......I went to bed Friday night and woke up around 2am.. got up to go pee... sat down, started to pee.. and literally said out loud.. OH SHIT!!! I forgot to pull down my grannie panties.. there I was... pissing right in my grannies.. and I have had three children so anyone knows.. there ain't no stopping the flow once it starts... so I finished peeing my panties... and took them off.. rinsed them out.. and made sure my CG wasn't wet.. (which it wasn't) thank god! Put a new pair of grannies on and went about my day! LOL!! I'm just waiting for the morning I get up and forget to put my comfy pants on and I come walking out to the living room with my 13 and 15 year old sons, and traumatizing the crap out of them when they see their mother in a full CG with a pair of grannie panties on over top.. can you all say, "Richard Simmons, sweat into the oldies?" Holy crap would that be embarrassing!! (more for them I'm sure) haha! Oh, and for your entertainment.... PICTURES are on here of me in my grannies!! (No offense to anyone who wears them on a regular.. so I apologize ahead of time. I just refer to them as grannies)
Just thought I'd share.. have a great day everyone!!

13 days post op update (3/12/13) Hi ladies!! I...

13 days post op update (3/12/13)
Hi ladies!! I finally slept all night without having to get out of bed for the past 2 nights!!! Woke up by 6 both mornings completely refreshed. However yesterday morning I decided to go back to bed after the boys got onto the bus at 7am and I slept until 11:30am *big mistake* it made me feel super tired the rest of the day. So today, I didn't do that. I got up at 6 and have been up all day with no napping or anything in between that way it'll help me sleep more sound tonight! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks already and I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! It sure didn't go by this fast when I was waiting to have my surgery!! Anyhow.. I am not taking anything at all for pain, not even Tylenol.. I cut out the Percocets at 7 days post op, and I stopped taking tylenol at 11 days post op. Not too bad in my opinion.
I woke up this morning with my period which completely makes me feel fat!! I am swollen, my belly is hard.. I'm crampy.. and I just feel UGLEEE!! haha!! It'll pass.. I don't mind my period, I just don't like the first 2 days.. cramps are yuck!
I wanted to let you all know that for some reason... I stand straighter when there is nothing touching my skin from my waist to my hips. My compression garment does NOT bother me in those areas.. it's like the waistbands of my pants.. (and my pants are NOT tight at all) They're actually loose. So when I find myself feeling a little restrained from standing completely.... I adjust my pants (usually pulling them down) and it's crazy.. but it makes a difference. I haven't read anyone else mentioning this as a problem or a discomfort so please if you get what I'm saying, post a comment and let me know your thoughts or solutions when it happens. It's very odd. I am going to try to take some pictures tomorrow because it'll be 2 weeks since surgery. I actually posted a question to the Dr's about my belly button and their thoughts/opinions. I am worried that the little bubble looking things will stay like that.. but the one response I got already gave me a little reassurance.. I'm anxious to get more answers from other PS. Well, it's time for the pizza!! Talk to you ladies tomorrow!

2 Weeks Post Op 3/13/2013 Today is an awesome...

2 Weeks Post Op 3/13/2013
Today is an awesome day! Other than the major swelling... I am feeling great, each day is seriously getting better and better, I am able to stand straight for the most part. . . although I find myself hunching over out of habit... and also a little bit of fear that I may pull a stitch or something... I go to my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow! So excited! I want to ask a few questions at this appointment...
1. What to do as far as scar therapy
2. I want to see some photos of his belly buttons after surgery because to me mine seems to be HUGE..not to mention in the newest pictures (bra and panties) I feel my BB looks a little off set..
3. I want to make sure I remember to ask for a copy of the photo of the piece of belly they actually cut off of me during my surgery. (I know.. some think that's morbid.. but I want to scan it and put it into my surgery photo file on my laptop... I will also post it on my review photos for anyone who would like to see it. If not, just scroll fast.. lol! :) Anyhow.. have a great day everyone and I'll post another review in a few days unless something new comes up that I think one of you may want to know...

18DPO 3/17/2013 Hi girls!! It's been a little...

Hi girls!! It's been a little while since I've updated.. I am putting new 17 day post op pictures up!I My belly button is NO LONGER offset and it's looking pretty sweeeeet!! I am also beginning to see a little bit of a 'figure' even through all the swelling... I'm still not able to get into my old jeans yet so still wearing comfy pants but that's ok. I think I am going to go back to work next Monday 3/25...just 2 days shy of a month post op. I am also posting a picture of my breast implant (revision) YES they look lopsided, but it's only because only one of my implants was actually exchanged with a whole new implant. (that is the droopier side) and it's simply because the capsule hasn't formed around the implant yet, but after it does they'll be perfectly even. :) The breast that my PS was fixing due to the scar tissue attaching inside causing the scar to 'indent' a little, is a little better however not completely fixed, but I am to the point that it's ok. It's just when I lift my right arm high that it actually pulls in.. and no one sees my nipples anyhow.. so I think I can live with that. I am going to do some massaging to that scar area to keep scar tissue from forming as bad as it did before. Well... we have company coming in an hour so I have to say... have a great day! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

March 20, 2013 (3 weeks post op) Wow, what a...

March 20, 2013 (3 weeks post op)

Wow, what a difference a week makes... I am feeling really awesome right now. Other than just a little bit of pain in my back from the lipo, I am having no pain at all. I am able to cough, sneeze, laugh.. and whatever else without having it hurt my abs so much! My back is still numb in areas but that's perfectly normal after lipo so I'm ok, with that. The swelling is still hanging around, but I'm still ok with that at this point. I know it can take a few more weeks until the swelling finally starts to subside. I tried a pair of jeans on yesterday, they were a little big on me pre-surgery... and with the swelling they actually fit nice (not to mention they buttoned around my hips (instead of me having to pull them up higher just to tuck in all that extra skin I had before my TT) I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm saying! haha!! I have to admit! For the first time, I was actually wanting to put a shorter tight shirt on with them instead of having something bulky/baggy around my belly.. and enough to hang down over my pouch in the front of my pants... what a great feeling!! Well.... have a wonderful day ladies!! I'll update next week!!

Hi there everyone!! I am 5 weeks and 2 days post...

Hi there everyone!! I am 5 weeks and 2 days post op now and I haven't posted much in the past few weeks because after having the TT and the left breast implant exchanged due to Capsular Contracture.. I have now developed Capsular Contracture in my right breast. :( I am a little bummed out but I am trying/doing EVERYTHING possible to not have to have another surgery anytime soon. I am taking the Accolate 3 times a day, 400IU of Vitamin E 3 times a day, and I am going through Physical Therapy 2 days a week to have them do deep tissue massage to help try and break up the scar tissue/capsule.... I am being as patient as I can be at this time. I'm going to give it 6 months to see if this helps.. if not, then another surgery may be my only option. Anyhow! I took a new photo of my tummy today and I am really liking my results of the TT. I am still a little swollen, because I still cannot fit my pre surgery jeans. :( That's ok because, I'm willing to wear comfy clothes for the next few weeks longer because I don't want to ruin my results of my TT. I have seen other girls wear jeans too soon only to realize that the jeans actually caused an indent where they were a little too tight on their belly. I DO NOT want that! So comfy pants for me it is until I am get the results I want. :) Have a great day!!
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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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