No Success with treating Melasma - Altamonte Springs, FL

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I have Melasma on my forehead and cheeks and after...

I have Melasma on my forehead and cheeks and after months of research and fear of having any chemical peel done, I decided to go for it. The aesthetician at a Plastic Surgeon's office applied the treatment. She was wonderful, informative and experienced. Don't be afraid to ask questions, including successful and failed procedures and whether unsuccessful treatments can be corrected. This is YOUR face and skin.

Okay so this is Day 1 - Peel applied at 12:30 pm. Had a very slight tan throughout the day, minimal tingling, no itching and I'm not looking or feeling much different at all, even after the first towelette application at 8:45 pm. Hopefully this is a sign success. I am taking pictures and promise to do updates throughout my progress.

Before I continue with the updates I should tell...

Before I continue with the updates I should tell you about me. I'm 41 y/o, European (mediterranian) but have light/medium skin tone. I have combination skin (oilier in t-zone). I suffer with melasma due to pregnancy for 3 years now and have hormonal (monthly) breakouts with generally congested skin. About my Peel: Most people receive a couple of passes over their face with the initial peel. I received about five, so I'm not sure how or if my results will differ from other reviewers.

Day 1 Evening Update (Friday): Since I didn’t feel bad at all after washing my face with Cetaphil and applying the first wipe, I decided I wasn’t going to moisturize unless absolutely necessary. A couple hours later I got crazy itchy, mostly along the hairline on my left side which spread sporadically all over my face and neck. I ended up putting on the VI Derm Post Peel Moisturizer which has 1% hydrocortisone about 4x and got all of 1 hour sleep. ALSO, feeling a cold sore tingle … Not Happy! :o(

Day 2 (Saturday): Feeling tired and ugly but the color of my skin is even a lighter tan color than Day 1. Not liking this cold sore whatsoever. I'm taking a steroid medicine Methylprednisolone, hopefully it will kill off this blister which is above my lip.

Around 9 p.m. I washed and applied the second wipe. I didn’t know if I should be using the wipe over the cold sore, but decided to go over it once hoping it wasn’t a mistake. My face looks really sunburned from the wipe but no pain or itching. Even though there was no discomfort, I decided to moisturize in case I woke up feeling itchy and to ease any tightness as I expected to begin peeling on Day 3. Luckily, I slept well, otherwise I was contemplating a backup plan … wine :o)

Day 3 (Sunday): Skin looks a little red and shiny but no peeling yet and not sure what to expect. I washed and moisturized in the morning and put on SPF 55 a couple of times and went about my day. I chose NOT to wear any makeup during this process. My cold sore is spreading across my upper lip and I'm still taking cold sore meds.

Around 2:30 p.m. I saw very slight fluffy peeling around the nasal folds and filtrim area where my cold sore is located. No pain or itch or discomfort at all. Neck area has that “sunburned” feeling and a slight tightness on my face, but overall feeling good.

That evening I washed and moisturized again without issues but I’m starting to wonder if I will have a “real peel”. Although I have a slight sunburn look to me, everything feels good … almost too good … or is this the calm before the storm? Either way, I’m really nervous now because I’m so desperate for positive results.

Day 4 (Monday): My skin looks just lightly tanned. Cold sore spread more with very small blisters in some places and I have the typical cold sore discomfort. It probably has to just run its course now. I have only light flaking around the mouth, chin, right brow . I wouldn't even call it a peel. I read that most people are red and itchy underneath the peeling skin but not me. My skin is normal flesh tone underneath the flaking skin and I can't tell how good/bad the skin underneath is. I don't know if I should be disappointed, happy, or hopeful to have a second round of peeling. Crossing my fingers for positive results. I was keeping my face pretty well moisturized, but I'm going to lighten up a little so the dry skin can peel off.

I will continue to follow up with my results.

Day 5 (Tuesday) through Day 9 (Saturday, July 7,...

Day 5 (Tuesday) through Day 9 (Saturday, July 7, 2012). I continued to experience only light flaking of the skin right up until Friday, Day 8, of the peel. I was extra cautious about being out of the sun and extra conscientious with heavy application of SPF 55 if I absolutely had to be outside.

I was trying so hard to see some lightening, texture improvement or line reduction but I don't. Even my husband, who is trying to be so supportive and worked extra hours to pay for this treatment doesn't see any improvement either. Unfortunately for me, this was completely unsuccessful for me and I don't have any idea why I didn't gain any results whatsoever? If there are any doctors out there who have any suggestions/advice, I would love to hear it.

I contacted Dr. Kalil's office and they suggested another peel 6wks later, then a third peel 6 wks after that. I simply don't have the money or time. I still have a raw looking coldsore and that's as good as my results got.

I have a wonderful aesthetician that I will continue to see for regular facials, but this has been a Super Downer and has got me quite depressed now.

I chose to do another chemical peel - Dermaceutic...

I chose to do another chemical peel - Dermaceutic Spot Peel. Love the results and would definitely recommend it.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

They completely put me at ease. They were wonderful in all aspects and most of all, they were so patient with me and my million questions and apprehensions. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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