Tummy Tuck/MP/Eye Lift

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So I am having surgery on the 31st (HALLOWEEN) and...

So I am having surgery on the 31st (HALLOWEEN) and after careful research I have chosen Dr. Fialla in Altamonte Springs. I had several outside sources that recommended him and read good reviews on this website as well.

I went in asking for a tummy tuck and breast reduction plus knowing that in the future I wanted an eye lift and gobbler disappearance. After consulting with Dr. Fiala and hearing his advice; it was decided that the TT and BR together would be too much. I will save my BR until later in 2017.

Therefore I am combining the TT and eye lift with a mods pubis lift and lipo.

So some background, I am 58 years old and have recently lost 55 pounds. I have done this twice in my life and know that my skin will not recover therefore I am treating myself to this surgery.

My tummy is gigantic and I have 2 'aprons' (I hate that term) so this will be a full on TT with lipo, etc.

I will post some before pictures tonight. I will not post pictures of my eye lift but will post how it goes.

I know there will be pain but as long as I have a nice tummy I can handle it.

2 more days

I took before pictures and am now more convinced that this is a good decision. I am so excited and feel the post operative pain will be worth it.

Day 3

The entire experience of the surgery was very low stress. First Megan smiling and pleasant, Christina reassuring (and it was nice that I had already met her) and then my night nurse Karen so very kind and warm. And then of course the docs, Dr. Terrell was nice and explained the anesthesia. Dr. Fiala came in with more reassuring words. Maybe because I wanted this so but I did not feel nervous. I just felt excited.

So I have taken the pain pills I do not intend to be a martyr. My biggest hurdle has been standing up. I tried the recliner then the bed and finally I went back to the recliner. It was very very painful until I worked out a system. I am worried that I injured something but probably not. I will find out at my appointment tomorrow.

The drains are easy to maintain and the anti nausea medicine really helped.

I chickened out on pre op pictures. Sorry I think I just did not want to remember.

More tomorrow......


My belly looks awesome! Dr. Fiala is incredible!

Eyes and TT

Okay my TT is going very well. I am standing upright and my draining is markedly decreased. Stitches and drains come out tomorrow. So happy!

I have been dealing with significant swelling of my eyelids. My surgery was on Monday and my eyelids did not swell very much to begin with. But on Friday they swelled a lot so much so that my vision was affected. My eyeballs hurt as well.

I was not really concerned until I awoke on Sunday and the swelling had gotten worse. I began to ice my eyes then and kept it up all day and Sunday night. This morning (Monday) the swelling is down a lot and my vision is clearing. Whew, I admit I was worried but I went back to the information Dr. Fiala's office gave me and it was all in there. So keep the paperwork nearby because it was very reassuring to know this was 'normal'.

I was too chicken to post pre op pictures but will consider post op pics.

Post op six weeks

Love my TT and eyelids. Dr. Fiala is wonderful.

Ready for my breast reduction and reduction

My tummy tuck is amazing!

Dr. Fiala and his entire staff were kind and attentive during my recovery.

My breast surgery is set for March 1.

Five months later on TT

I could not be happier with my choice in Doctor Fiala! My tummy is looking really good. My scar is pretty long, it goes from side to side but I really do not care.

May 10 is my next surgery date for breast reduction and lipo unless they have a cancellation.

So pleased!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I really appreciate the interaction with first Dr. Fialla's staff and then with him. His staff is delightfully friendly. And he is also. He is thoughtful and I believe honest in his assessments. I will let you know how post op goes but pre-op went really well and I feel prepared.

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