35 Year Old, Mommy of 2, 90lbs weight loss, breastfed 2. BA/BL(450cc Natrelle HP) Flank Lipo, tummy tuck with Muscle repair - FL

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Ok RS. I've been on here for a while, and have...

Ok RS. I've been on here for a while, and have decided to finally write something. At my heaviest was 236 and I am finally down to 150. My husband told me that if I was able to maintain my weightloss, then I would finally get a mommy makeover. Its been 5 years since I've lost all my weight. I am dealing with sagging and loose skin and deflated boobies. I am happy to say that I have put my down payment and have booked a date for 4/15/16 for a Mommy Makeover (TT, BL, BA, Flank Lipo)! I am so ready to start feeling better about myself! It's sad when you workout 5 days a week and eat clean, but all you see is stretch marks and flabby/saggy skin. I am also a Beachbody Coach and will be doing 21 day Fix up until the day before surgery. I have ordered my Shakeology and will stock up on it. I know with a surgery like this, I won't be able to do much until the Dr okays it. I also don't want to eat bad and start to put on weight because of inactivity. Sticking with eating fruits and veggies and drinking my Shakeology Shakes.

Big day tomorrow Mommy Makeover

I know plenty of you have been in this situation, I'm sooo nervous now. Tomorrow is the big day for my new transformation. A little bit about myself... I'm 5'6" breast fed 2 kids, 80-90lbs weight loss, pre-op size 34b, weight ranges from 150-160lbs. Mommy makeover is a tummy tuck with Muscle repair, flank lipo, BL on 1 breast, BA with Natrelle style 20 450cc hp under the muscle. Here are my before pics of myself before my surgery tomorrow.

Heading home to recovery.

Day 1 post op, doing ok because of all the pain meds. Sorry I didn't update you yesterday, I ws knocked out pretty much all day. Started surgery about 9:30-10a.m. and done by 3:30-4p.m. It was hard waking up and u don't remember much from yesterday. But by this morning around 6 a.m when I was kinda waking up out of it, it felt like as if by abs were hold a crunch. Maybe from them sewing up my abs back closer together??? Anyways, I feel sore breasts are sore and numb and my hands are swollen and numb also. Like little needles pricking. Back hurts from the lipo and my drain tubes are ok, just hurts a little where the tube are coming out of my public area. Dr. Fiala's staff were great and my overnight nurse was outstanding! Thank you Ms. Karen for taking such good care of me! And from what I've seen so far... Dr. Fiala is the best!

Pics update

So I asked Dr. Fiala to take a picture of my skin that was cut out, which h3 also marked during preop. When I saw it, I was like ewwe gross. Now with the new tummy, it's still hard to get around. Hubby bought me a walker for $5 @ Goodwill, which is great! My tummy feels super tight and where the drain plugs are hurt when I get in and out of bed. I've been putting out quite some fluid, and the pain meds help keep the edge off.

Day 3 Post Op.

I'm feeling okay today, yesterday I think was the worst with my emotions. Dr. Fiala and his nurses sure we're right about this emotional roller coaster. I'm still super soar, but with the help of the pain meds, I'm getting by. He also put in a nerve/pain blocker during my surgery, so that my pain level wasn't so severe. Thank you for that! My drainage tubes are slowly starting to drain less, which is a good sign. And I have a post op appt to see Dr. Fiala tomorrow. Maybe then, I will get to sneak a peak of the new me. I'm still swollen though, but I was told that would take time to get back to normal, maybe even weeks.

Day 4 Post Op

So I went in today and saw Dr. Fiala. He took my binder off and replaced some of my dressings. Everything looks like it's healing well, thank God. I'm still draining quite a bit of fluids, so they kept it in and said if by Friday it's less than 30 they will take them out. If not, I have to wait over the weekend to see him again next Tuesday. He also said that day by day I need to start standing up straighter :-) He put in some nerve blockers on the day of my surgery, so all of my stomach and boob area still feel numb. Otherwise I would be in excruciating pain. I can also finally take a shower today!!!! Yay!!!! I just have to be careful with the drain site getting wet, so hubby is going to have to help me some more. I'm so grateful to have him and have him take such good care of me. Anyways I got to take a pic of Dr. Fiala's work and I can't stop looking at my new stomach!

11 days post op mommy makeover

Here is am 11 days post op. They took 1 of my drain tubes out yesterday, but one of them wasn't quite below what they want in order to take them out. I go back this Thursday and I guess we'll see what will happen. All of the sutures came out yesterday also, and I was told that everything looks like it's healing properly. I'm still very swollen and still have to wear the compression garment 24-7.

Here are the girls

I got 450cc HP Natrelle Style 20 silicon filled for both. My left nipple sat lower than the right to Dr. Fiala did a lift on the left. They are still sore especially down the bottom and on the outsides. Does anyone else have that same problem? I'm just about 2 weeks post op. I'm very happy how everything is turning out. I'm still dealing with swelling on my back and hips, I know it will go down just give it some time.

Swelling continues

Going into week 3 post op (3 weeks this Thursday) I feel alot better. I can do a little more, but I have to constantly remind myself yo take it easy. Today, I was up on my feet most of the day, so by the end I noticed my feet were swollen. Another sign to take it easy. I am still wearing my compression garments and said by next week I should be moving into wearing spanks. I've already gotten so used to wearing them - it feels more secure when I have em on. I did notice that one of my bobbies are still more swollen than the other one. Maybe because they lifted my nipple on one of them? I will call and ask. Anyways, I still feel numb in the breast area especially around the nipple and my abdomen still feels numb. Hoping all the swelling will start to go down as well as the numbing. I just can't wait to start working out again, but that will take time too. I don't want to get back into things and mess up anything that the doctor did.

1 month Post Op (4weeks)

Hello ladies! So it's been 4 weeks post op this passed Friday. The swelling continues to go down, but I notice more swelling at night after being on my feet. My insicion sites are bumpy and really hard, but I was told to keep using the scar stick and massaging the sites. I know I'm still swollen because I'm 5-6lbs heavier than I was pre-op. My abs and brests are still numb :-( and it still hurts whenever I cough, sneeze, or laugh. Also, when I massage my breasts, I hear like a rubber noise? Maybe the implant rubbing on my ribs or muscles inside? I'm hoping this will all go away soon.

8 weeks post op TT, Flank Lipo, Breast Aug.

Ok RS ladies. It's been a while since I've posted an update. I went camping in the Keys just at my 6 weeks post op. It wasn't that bad traveling, just had to get up and move every few hours. I just saw the Dr last Thursday for my 8 week/ 2 month post op visit. I've been cleared to go back to working out, except to hold off on any abdominal workouts. I'm still numb in the tummy area, but that will take a while to go away. That's what I've been hearing. The swellng has gone down, but I still swell as the day goes on and I have noticed that if I sit for long periods and stand uo, it may take me a while to straighten back up. Im still afraid of stretching too much, don't wanna mess anything up. My scars are healing well, I have to put some lightening cream the Dr. F prescribed. I have alot of pigment in my skun, so my scar darkened. Anyways, he did it so well, you can't even tell when I wear underwear, so I don't mind. Also, I finally went to VS and was fitted for a bra, since I've also been cleared to wear whatever bra I want... 34DD!!!!

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