Tt ba bl hernia repair

Hey fellow RSers! I am so ready to have my hot mom...

Hey fellow RSers! I am so ready to have my hot mom bod!! I have to wait 6 months following breastfeeding so I have been reading tons of great reviews and learning a great deal! My hubby says I am addicted to this site and he may be totally right. Lol! It's all I got until it's my turn to have an upgrade. :) Come on February!!

Wish Pics!

Getting fit for surgery

So ever since I have decided to get a mommy makeover I have been working out and trying to eat healthy. Almost down to my goal weight of 120. Yay!
Also hoping my fitness will help me bounce back faster after surgery.

One step closer to mommy makeover!

I have a consultation appointment set for November 16th!! I was going to go with a doctor in Florida, but unfortunately he doesn't do hernia repair with his tummy tucks. So I am going with my 1st doctor of choice which is Dr. Reath in Knoxville Tn. So excited!!

Consultations scheduled!

I am actually not going to go to Altamonte Springs for my surgery but don't know how to change it.
I do have two appointments scheduled now. One is in Tennessee with a doctor that has awesome reviews and the other is a local doctor in NC that has great before and afters. My local consult is coming up on October 11th. Can't wait to hear what this doctor can do for me!!

consultation in Raleigh

Can't wait to have my consultation in Raleigh with Dr pyle on December 6th. He has great reviews and am confident that he may be the one for my mm!
Been working out and feeling great.
Here is some updated pics.

Consultation #2 wad awesome!

Just had a consultation with Dr Pyle in Raleigh and it was awesome! He was very nice, personable, and explained everything in such great detail!
I can't wait to get my surgery scheduled!

Surgery is scheduled!!

2 more months to go!! Scheduled for tt, bl, and ba February 10th!

6 weeks to go!

Super excited as it keeps getting closer!
Still a little nervous, but keep reminding myself that the results will be worth it.
I think I am equally excited to just be taking a week off for myself. Although I will be in pain...doing absolutely nothing for a week sounds quite lovely!

My newest wish boobs!

1 Month from tomorrow! New wish pics:)

I am loving the round look. Would love to have something similar to these!

Less than a month to go!

Getting really excited! Been working on my must haves for surgery and what to ask ps at pre op. Eek can't wait!!
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