Tt ba bl muscle repair

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Hey fellow RSers! I am so ready to have my hot mom...

Hey fellow RSers! I am so ready to have my hot mom bod!! I have to wait 6 months following breastfeeding so I have been reading tons of great reviews and learning a great deal! My hubby says I am addicted to this site and he may be totally right. Lol! It's all I got until it's my turn to have an upgrade. :) Come on February!!

Wish Pics!

Getting fit for surgery

So ever since I have decided to get a mommy makeover I have been working out and trying to eat healthy. Almost down to my goal weight of 120. Yay!
Also hoping my fitness will help me bounce back faster after surgery.

One step closer to mommy makeover!

I have a consultation appointment set for November 16th!! I was going to go with a doctor in Florida, but unfortunately he doesn't do hernia repair with his tummy tucks. So I am going with my 1st doctor of choice which is Dr. Reath in Knoxville Tn. So excited!!

Consultations scheduled!

I am actually not going to go to Altamonte Springs for my surgery but don't know how to change it.
I do have two appointments scheduled now. One is in Tennessee with a doctor that has awesome reviews and the other is a local doctor in NC that has great before and afters. My local consult is coming up on October 11th. Can't wait to hear what this doctor can do for me!!

consultation in Raleigh

Can't wait to have my consultation in Raleigh with Dr pyle on December 6th. He has great reviews and am confident that he may be the one for my mm!
Been working out and feeling great.
Here is some updated pics.

Consultation #2 wad awesome!

Just had a consultation with Dr Pyle in Raleigh and it was awesome! He was very nice, personable, and explained everything in such great detail!
I can't wait to get my surgery scheduled!

Surgery is scheduled!!

2 more months to go!! Scheduled for tt, bl, and ba February 10th!

6 weeks to go!

Super excited as it keeps getting closer!
Still a little nervous, but keep reminding myself that the results will be worth it.
I think I am equally excited to just be taking a week off for myself. Although I will be in pain...doing absolutely nothing for a week sounds quite lovely!

My newest wish boobs!

1 Month from tomorrow! New wish pics:)

I am loving the round look. Would love to have something similar to these!

Less than a month to go!

Getting really excited! Been working on my must haves for surgery and what to ask ps at pre op. Eek can't wait!!

3 weeks and getting excited!!

This week I have gone into total nesting mode. Cleaning everything top to bottom. Also been making a list of stuff I need. Pre-op is Tuesday!!!

Pre op is completed!

Just had my pre op today and it feels so much more real now. So excited!! I will be getting low plus implants 300 cc. Little nervous about low profile since it is not well known, but I trust Dr Pyle and I am sure they will look beautiful.

2 weeks to go!!

Trying to prepare and stockpile on surgery stuff. What are some things that helped with your recovery? Has anyone used anica or bromelain? Were you able to eat okay the 1st few days or are smoothies/protein shakes easier to get down? Just trying to be prepared. The countdown is on!!!

One more week!

It's crazy to think this time next week I will be on the healing side! Here is some current photos. Cant wait to see what the bikini will look like after surgery and swell hell goes away.

Before photos

Belly sticks out farther than the boobs. Not a good look! :P

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Off to Raleigh tonight and then will be heading to surgery center at 7:15. Nerves haven't kicked in yet..just a crazy load of excitement! Wish me luck :)

I made it!!!

Hope this makes since. Lol. I woke up from amestesia and was having a great dream, but don't remember it. :) I ended up with 320 low profile plus and no tummy pooch. Yay!! Everything went smooth. So glad to be on the other side!!

Day of Surgery

Wanted to do a play by play of how my surgery went.
I arrived at the surgery center at 7:15 am. Talked to the coordinator about what I was having done.
Then the anesthesiologist came in and went over my medical history.
Changed into the gown, hairnet, and lovely stocking. Dr Pyle went over we with my boobies goals and then I got marked up. I was then led to the surgery suite and laid down on the table with arms like a T. The anesthesiologist started my IV and game me something to relax me. Next he put in my sleepy medicine,put on oxygen mask, had me take a couple big breaths and I was out.
Woke up saying, "I had some really good dreams, but don't know what they were about" My hubby and MIL came and took me back to the hotel. They commented on how prepared I was with all my recovery supplies (thanks to realself research) and I commented "It's better to be over prepared than unrepaired" Rest of the day was a blur of meds and sleep.

My first post op shower

So fresh and so clean clean!

Making progress...

Last night I was able to go to the bathroom by myself for the first time. Had to have help unbuttoning my garment at the crotch from my hubby or Mil before so was so excited to do it on my own! I have cut down on the pain meds and am doing 800 mg of ibuprofen in between. Also I am only slightly hunched today. Hubs says I am 96% upright. I am shocked at my healing progress and only hope the rest of my recovery goes this smooth. Haven't faced the dreaded swell hell yet, but I am sure it will come soon!
Happy healing ladies!

Just when you think you are on the up and in recovery...

Bam! The exparel wears off and feels like I am starting back at day one. I knew it was coming... Dr Pyle warned me I would hate him on this day. Lol! He was totally right. Oh well.. back to strong meds and moving slow. Time to admire the boobs..

Post op day 5

Well today was definitely better than yesterday and I got to go on my 1st outing. Was so nice to get out of the house! My MIL and I went to Wal mart. Was fun riding on the motorized scooter and I managed not to run into anything or anybody. Yay! Got an outfit to wear to post op tomorrow and some more protein shakes. After the trip I noticed some swelling and my good ol hobbit feet/cankles appeared. So propped up in the recliner for a bit. I would say pain has only been a 5 out of ten today when I first got up. Can't wait to try the yummy tummy tomorrow and get a break from this binder. :) happy healing!

1st Post op appt.

Heading back to Wilmington from my post op in Raleigh. Everything went well! He noticed I still have bruising and am a little swollen. Says it will be better in a few weeks. I asked about drop n fluff and Dr Pyle days it could take up to 6 months for them to settle. Guess the girls will just be high and mighty for awhile! My pain I have been having on my incision most likely is a suture and will go away with time. Got my yummy tummy today and while I love how it doesn't dig into me like the other garmet... it is such a pain to get on and off. I broke a sweat and was out of breath trying to maneuver it to use the bathroom at a restaurant. Will definitely take some getting used to. Other than that things are going well. Still haven't picked up my 17 month old. Dr Pyle showed me the safe way to do it, but I am still scared of messing something up. May try this weekend cause I am missing my snuggles. And that's about it. Will keep ya'll posted. Going to try to take some recent pics as well. Happy healing!

1 Week Post Op

Yay today marks one week since I had my surgery. I have entered the "Swell Hell" phase that I have heard so much about. My pain is not too bad now. Maybe just a 3 when I get up and start moving around.
Had something interesting happen today.. I was sitting with my mil watching Chocolat when I kept hearing this pop noise. Sounded like rice crispies. I figured out it was coming from my left boob and had her listen to make sure it wasn't just me. Sure enough lefty was a popping!!
I got curious, looked in the mirror, and noticed lefty is lower than my right breast now. So I guess popping noise was the implant moving down some. Yay!! :) Here is a one week pic of my progress.

Stretching hurts!

So I have been sleeping in my recliner and it's killing my back. Feel so stiff when I wake up which makes me want to stretch. So I do..and while I am stretching my arms above my head it feels great.. but then the pain hit. Ouchie ouchie ouchie!! Had to take a pain pill afterwards cause everything hurt so bad!
I am only taking them as needed now and taking more ibuprofen.
I named my boobies yesterday. They are now "Thelma and Louise". They are starting to hurt now. I guess the numbness I had nipple down is starting to wear off. They had dropped a smidge, but still lots of d&f needed. Can't wait to see what they will look like when they do! I have been staying at my MILs house since surgery and feel good enough to go home today. Still need a lot of help with the little one. Told the hubby he is going to get a "honey do list" of things I will need help with. He works from home so that makes things easier. Hating the recliner so I am going to try the bed soon. Should of asked my PS when I can lay flat. Need my back to feel better. Really need a massage, but I still have a lot of bruising on my back. Been using arnica gel and it has really been helping. My swelling isn't too bad. I can see my ankles yay!! Will do my weekly update of pics Friday. Happy healing!

2 Week Pics!

3 weeks post!

Doing really good at 3 weeks.
Not having much pain and only taking ibuprofen occasionally. I am able to sleep in the bed now slightly propped up on pillows. Have tried to lay on my side, but not comfortable yet. Hopefully can soon. Never have been a back sleeper so sleeping is still rough. May be tmi but, hubby and I were able to do the deed last night. Yay!! Thought I would be sore after, but was pleasantly surprised :)
I am starting to get my energy back, but still have to take breaks after doing housework. Can't wait to be able to go shopping. Going to wait until all the swelling goes down. I am feeling very confident with my new figure and am so excited to dress it up. Bye bye baggy clothes!! My tape on my tt incision started coming up today so I got a sneek peek at it. Looks really thin and good.
My ps wants me to keep the tape on till 6 weeks so I put more tape over it to keep it in place.
Happy healing and will update next week! Here is some current pics..

4 week pics and update

Hey hope everyone is doing well!
Did some shopping yesterday and it was so much fun. Haven't felt this good about myself in a long time!!
I am 95% back to myself. I am able to take care of my toddler on my own now. Energy levels are back up and am able to do cooking and cleaning without feeling beat afterwards. My swelling just keeps getting less and less. This surgery was totally worth it!! Here is some pics of swimsuits and what I got shopping yesterday. Haven't found the right swimsuit yet. The ones I did find show too much boobage for my taste. Love the bra and underwear set I got from VS. They have really cute bras with no underwire. :)

Swimsuit pics

Cute, but still haven't found the one.

2 months PO

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated. Been a busy bee lately. I went to my 6 week po apointment and was cleared to resume all my normal activities. Got all my tape off (woo hoo finally!) My scars look really good. Tt scar is nice and low. My lollipop scars are really thin. One of my nips isnt as round as the other but its no big deal. Still have some tightness and cant do ab exercises yet. I tried and my tummy didn't like it. Here is a couple recent pics. I am not wearing the yummy tummy anymore and my swelling has its moments. Overall loving my results and my boobs keep getting squishier. Will take more pics soon.

Recent pics of scars

New update!! Been awhile!

I am doing pretty good. Over 6 month postop now. I still have some swellen when I eat bad or exercise a lot. My tummy is still looking great though. Scarring has lightened up a lot in the middle and is flattened there too. Loving the shape and size of the boobs. Scarring is still a little dark on those. So glad and thankful I was able to do this surgery. Love being able to wear whatever I want. Also I am super excited about Halloween coming up and can wear something cute this year!! Hope you all are doing well!!

Recent pics

Jeremy Pyle

Everyone was very friendly and caring. From the consultation to the surgery. Couldn't have asked for a better team of doctors!

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