1 year of fun with my 415 cc textured BA/BL!!

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Hi! I've been frequenting this website for the...

Hi! I've been frequenting this website for the last year while I was researching and planning for my breast augmentation. I figured it is time for me to start posting since surgery is scheduled! I am a 31 year old mom to three little ones and have nursed each of them for over a year. My natural (pre baby) breasts were amazing. Full perky 34Ds. I miss them! I realize that they will never be the same but I hate the breasts they have become. Every time I look in the mirror I just feel horrible. So, it's time! From the day I decided I would get an augmentation, I vowed I would wait another year before going through with it to make sure it was really what I wanted. Every day I want them more.
I spent the last year researching and found several PS that I was interested in having a consult with. Distance wasn't an issue, I said I would travel up to 12 hrs away if I found someone I really wanted to see. My second consult was with Dr Fiala in Altamonte Springs and I knew immediately that he was the right choice for me. I felt so at ease in his office. I never felt rushed, he was so professional, so confident and just so amazing. I can go on and on, and I will. I booked my surgery the next day.
I'm 5'10, weigh 137 lbs and am currently a 34C but can't fill a C cup fully. Just sag and skin. Initially I didn't want a lift but realized after talking with Dr Fiala that I do indeed need a lollipop lift. I think I was living in la-la land thinking my breasts weren't "that" saggy. Well.. They are. And as he pointed out, I have a lot of excess skin. I also have asymmetry..I'm nervous about the scars but I know I want to do this right. I'm confident that the scars will be worth it and be pretty minimal when it's all said and done. Looking at photos on here has been amazing for me!
I have decided on gummy bear cohesive sillicone moderate profile implants 410cc or 415cc (don't remember off hand)
My husband thinks thats large, I think it might not be big enough!!!
My pre-op is on Halloween so I will see where I go from there. I don't want to end up too small. I want full large Ds again.
Surgery is scheduled for Nov 14th! The countdown begins!!

I DID IT!!!! 415 HP Sentra textured round! Surgery was today!

i did it. I'm on the other side I'm trying to get the courage to post pics, I think I will tomorrow. Surgery was scheduled for 11:00 and I arrived at 09:30 for pre op antibiotics because I'm a healthcare worker. The staff at dr Fialas office continue to amaze me. It's like they are excited for you and enjoy being a part of your journey. Every phone call, every smile... Etc. great staff!!!!
My anesthiolosit was amazing and going under was a breeze. We were talking and he told me which med he gave me and then I woke up in recovery. I had the same RN with me all day. Surgery lasted 3.5 hrs. He had a lot of work to do in on these girls! Felt alright waking up, groggy and dizzy, but I remember most of it. We wheeled down to my car and I napped and nervously jabbered the 1.5 hr ride home.
I have a post surgical bra/dressing that it supposed to stay on til my post op on Thursday! But I have sneaked peaks when doin nipple checks. They are beautiful!! I went with 415 HP highly cohesive gummy bear round textured Sientra implants. I cant say enough great things about Dr Fiala! He's caring, smart, talented, warm, friendly, and an amazing surgeon. Mixing art with science, he has given me exactly what I asked for and I hughly highly recommend him. I trusted my body to him and felt at ease that I made the right choice In a surgeon! I knew he had my best interest at heart from day one!

Some photos

Finally adding some pics!

One week post op! Love them more and more!

Today has been one week since I had my BA/BL. I've been feeling pretty good. I'm not taking pain meds anymore and my pain/discomfort has gone down a lot. It's really just muscle pain when I feel it or that they feel like hard rocks on my chest, especially in the morning. I guess that's the morning boob thing :) I have some swelling around my nipples you can visible see. But all in all it's not terrible. My right side is healing slower, more soreness and my muscle is tighter. But I'm right side dominant.
I had my post op appt yesterday and got my bulky surgical bra off!!! The tape underneath my breasts was driving me slowly mad. What a relief!!! Dr Fiala cut a few stitches, and they put steri strips on my incisions. I am clear to wear a regular sports bra now. I had purchased an under armor sports bra that is very comfy...Yay!! It was the first time I got a really really good look at the girls. Aside from peeking. I absolutely love them!
Dr Fiala is amazing. He's such a great surgeon. I am amazed by my results and I know they are going to just get better. My breasts are exactly what I asked for, I know it's early but I am very very impressed. The staff there continues to be amazing. I came out to the desk and said "I have BOOBIES!!!" And they were laughing and joking with me and genuinely happy for me. Next post op appt is next week.


I just tried on my Fredericks of Hollywood bathing suit I bought last year that was big on me.... OMG! I couldn't believe these are my breasts now!!!

10 days post op

I've been healing really well the last few days. My left breast actually feels softer and like it belongs to me. (It's still firm, but softening)...the right breast is more firm and is still sore and tender from time to time. The muscle definitely doesn't like when I do too much! Still wake up with boulders on my chest and I am still sleeping upright on the couch because it is more comfortable for me that way. I go back to Dr Fiala tomorrow for another post op appt. My right nipple seems slightly lower and it was preop as well. In fact my whole right breast was lower and the crease under my breast was lower on the right. The fact that they are this symmetrical to me is amazing. I know I have more healing to do and they are sisters not twins. I just love the shape and size and am so so so happy with them.
Info for anyone looking at the healing process... I stopped taking Bromelian day 7, still taking Arnica maybe for a few more days. I have little to no bruising and swelling seems to be pretty minimal. I have been taking Singulair and will for 3 months post op to help reduce the risk of capsular contracture and will start vitamin E for the same reason.
-I stopped taking percocets several days ago and now use Tylenol but can start taking ibuprofen at the 2 week mark.
-I have textured implants so no massaging for these gals, they are supposed to adhere and heal to your own tissues and don't want them moving around like smooth implants need to. I'm curious how much, if any... If they will 'drop', settle, or fluff any more. I don't want them to get smaller!! Haha I love them like they are!
-I am lucky to have nipple sensation on both sides. But decreased sensation on the right in some spots.
All in all I'm really doing pretty good and in love with my new and improved breasts.

2 weeks post op!!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks! I'm feeling really good. I think day 11 or 12 I finally felt close to normal again. I could move my arms without muscle pain, etc. I'm basically back to doing everything (except lifting anything more than 10 lbs). I love trying on different shirts and see how I look in them now, and I can't wait until I can shop for a bra in 2 weeks! I especially can't wait until I can start working out again! I made some comparison photos and I don't see much of a change over the last week. My husband thinks they look a little smaller like swelling went down. They are getting softer and I can push them together now! They even jiggle when I brush my teeth etc. They've been so firm it's good to see movement in them. They are still quite firm but it's nice to see them softening up a little. I'm wearing the same steri strips my doc put on this week, they will stay on til Thursday next week and then I will switch to silicone scar sheets. My right breast is the one that still gets sore from time to time, and the nipple is lower. The breasts themselves are very symmetrical, round, and I love the shape.
Still really happy with them, still very much in love with my new sisters! So far the whole experience has been great.

3 week post op appt

I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and had my third post op appt with Dr Fiala and Brittany, RN (who has been with me since surgery day, she was in the OR and following me every visit). I got my steri strips off !!!! Yay!! And I started using Embrace silicone scar sheets for the vertical part of the scar and prosil silicone scar stick for the nipple. The scar sheets stay on for a week at a time. I had one suture poking up on my right breast, Dr Fiala clipped it. I can now start doing scar massages (or torture pinches.. As I fondly called them). And I can start working out in one week!!!! Also I can wear a bra next week too! Yay!!! Excited to get fitted.
Overall, I feel awesome. Seeing my scars is awesome! They look so so so good! Im so happy with them and I think the vertical scars will be barely visible if I keep healing at this rate (thank you dr Fiala for your skill)!!
I have a little difference in height in my nipples... Which has been since the beginning (pre op it was like that, I have scoliosis, and that right breast was always lower). I think it will even out with time. He said it's an easy fix if it bothers me but I don't honestly don't think it will. I've had asymmetry all my life and these breasts are better than I ever imagined!!! My left nipple is not perfectly round right now because of tissues pulling and stretching from the lift . I'm not too worried about it . Dr Fiala says it will settle and become more round as my tissues settle and relax as well. Dr Fiala is so reassuring and so easy to discuss everything with.
I went back to work this week, I am an RN so it's been an adjustment being busy, on my feet, and 12 hr shifts. I still cannot do any heavy lifting at work however. But I feel really really good.
Everyday I look at them I'm thankful for my surgeon and feel like I made the right choice in doing this surgery with him. I hope my posts help someone else make that jump as well. I go back in two weeks for my next and 4th post op appt.

4 weeks feeling great!

I hit the 4 week mark yesterday. Not a whole lot new to report. I feel great and I plan to hit the gym in the next few days! I haven't had a chance to really shop for a bra but I was fitted at 34D. But we will see when I actually start trying them on! I put in a before and 4 week shot! Wow! I absolutely love them... All the time.
I still can't sleep in my bed. I've tried, but it's too uncomfortable to sleep on my side or flat. The couch just works for me right now. Maybe next week. All in all I'm doing great! So glad I did this for myself!

4.5 weeks

I had another post op appt today. I have had post op appts every week since surgery and I have seen dr Fiala every time. He takes such good care of his patients post op. My mom came today and met him for the first time and thought he was great. She said the same thing about all the staff actually. She was impressed. But said "I knew you would find an amazing doc, You research everything way too much" haha she knows me too well.

Anyway, this week I went back to the gym, ran 3 miles with a good support sports bra, did abs and did squats. Feels great to be back to working out. I've gained a few lbs since surgery during the holidays!!!
I started wearing REAL bras. I bought a really nice Calvin Klein bra 36C. I tried some 36Cs that were too small.. And 34Ds fit really well too. So I guess I can do either depending on the brand and style. Perfect! They look bigger in a regular bra! I love them! I may develop a bra and panty addiction in the near future!!
My scars are healing well, but my right one is more ropey and firm, my nipple scars are so minimal you can barely see them. My vertical incisions are just going through usual healing, just feeling firm. How are everyone else's vertical scars? Do you guys have that thick ropey feeling at this point in healing? I hear that's common In the 4-6 week mark.

I have to work them really well with scar massages (ouch). And I do those 3x a day. I'm still using the silicone scar sheets (Embrace).
This whole thing has been such an awesome experience.
I go back in Jan. For another post op.
I'm posting some pics of my bra and in a shirt. Will post more pics at the 5 week mark.

6 weeks!!!

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks! I love my boobies more and more everyday! They feel like they are mine and not foreign. They are getting softer everyday! I was able to lay on my stomach last night without pain! I'm still using embrace scar sheets and prosil scar stick around my nipples. Not a whole lot new to report otherwise. I'm Just really enjoying my new additions!

2 months!!! (8.5 weeks)

Time flies! Nothing new to report, just wanted to post some pics of 2 months. I am still doing the embrace scar sheets (will do a total of 8 weeks of that )..
My breasts are soft, they jiggle, I'm putting in pics of me squishing them. They are textured and stay in place, but I can push them together for cleavage.
My scars are doing great. I can barely see anything around my nipple but the vertical incisions are doing really well. They aren't rooey anymore and are flat and soft.
My right nipple is still a little lower and my PS says we can raise it a little in office if I want in a few more months, but I am so happy with them I don't really care at this point. We shall see how the next few months go. I'll try to post monthly posts/pics.

3 months!

It's been 3 months and I love my boobies! I'm done with my embrace scar therapy (8 weeks) and now just doing prosil on the scars. I love everything about them! I'm so happy I did this for myself!

4 months!

Wow, 4 months already! Nothing new to report. I'm in love with my boobies. Had another appt with Dr Fiala and everything went well. I'll see him one more time at the 6 mo mark. My only advice is don't wait to do it... Just go for it. You will be so so so happy you did. It's worth the scars, the $$, the downtime. Best decision I've made for myself!

6 months!

I can't believe it's been 6 months! I love my Breasts and every day I'm thankful and happy with my choice. My scars are flat and finally starting to exit the redness phase of scar healing and starting to fade more. The scars around my nipples are barely noticable. My final size is a 34 D. I'm so very happy that I did this for myself!

Wow 9 months!

Hey! It's been 9 months! Things have been great. I'm pretty sure I'm done healing and settling at this point.. But I've heard it can take up to a year... They haven't changed in months. Textured implants are definitely more firm. In the long run, I think they soften up pretty equally to smooth implants but it takes a lot longer. my implants stay in place, when I lay down they stay there, they don't drift to my armpits or look like balls on my chest. But When I jump and move, so do they..I love the way they look in clothes, in bathing suits, and naked!! Dr Fiala is amazing!!!

1 YEAR Boob-A-Versary!! A year of fun with great tits!

Well it's been a year!! I actually wished my boobs a happy boob-a-versary this am! What a crazy year. These breasts are amazing and I love them every single day. They are a part of me and enhance me. They look natural if I want or crazy big and perky if I also want. 95% of the time I wear a cotton sports type bra with no padding no underwire. I LOVE IT! That's my favorite part. I don't need a bra at all if I didn't want to. My scars are barely visible and my breasts move and shake and jiggle with the best of them. In fact, a few weeks ago I was playing with them (yes I still do after a year) and it felt like one implant was barely palpable.... It freaked me out for a minute that something was wrong but no, it was the start to the extra softening up phase. It took almost a full year for them to really really soften up to where they are now. Be patient textured ladies!! I've included a bunch of pics from today and recently! I've mentioned I have done pinup photos in the past, I included some recent shots to see how the girls look! See you guys soon!

Dr. Fiala is an amazing surgeon. I spent a year researching plastic surgeons and was very picky about who would do surgery on me. I am a research junkie and knew exactly what I wanted with my experience in a plastic surgeon. He exceeded my expectations from day one. He blew my other consults out of the water and I knew he was MY plastic surgeon. I booked my surgery the following day. I am an RN and deal with a lot of physicians and surgeons, and I was so pleased with his knowledge, demeanor, his bedside manner and the way he took his time with me during our consult and every interaction after. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a breast augmentation or a breast lift. I would travel to have this physician do surgery on me (I'm 1.5 hrs away from him). He is worth it. I'm so happy with my outcome and I'm only a week out of surgery.

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