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Hello ladies! I've been following the many...

Hello ladies! I've been following the many inspirational stories on this site for quite some time now. Now that I have finally scheduled a surgery date for my breast lift, I figure it's time for me to give back. I've never been happy with my large sagging breasts; at only 24 and with no children, there really is no excuse for my sad boobies. After many...MANY...consultations, I've chosen Dr. Thomas Fiala; he and his staff came highly recommended and so far they have been extremely kind and comforting. My surgery is not until August 2nd, but in the meantime hopefully you ladies can tell me everything you recommend for before and after surgery. I'll be having a long awaited "short T" anchor lift. It's been really difficult finding before and afters of breast lift patients with large breasts, that are not having reductions or augmentations, that also have darker skin. Hopefully this will benefit someone when this is all said and done :)

Extra info

I realized I forgot some important pre-op information! Right now I am a 34DD or DDD depending on the brand. At first I was contemplating a reduction, but my doctor asked if I was happy with my breasts while wearing a bra, and while at times I can feel top heavy, the answer was yes. He informed me that with a lift I'll probably only go down about half a cup size because I have a lot of dense breast tissue. My left breast is bigger than my right, so he'll try to make them more symmetrical in that aspect. I don't need to go bra-less, as long as my areolas are much smaller and I can look down and see my nipples I'll be a happy camper, lol!

Ladies, I need your expertise!!

Hello all!

I'm about two weeks from my pre-op and a month out from surgery!! I'm trying to get a list of items together I can pick up throughout the month, just to ease my mind. Do you ladies recommend one stool softener over another (I have zero experience with these products)? Should I invest in a silicone scar treatment right away, or do you prefer the scar tape? Do you have a favorite surgical bra? Please please let me know anything you think I absolutely need. Thank you so much!

Pre-op Appointment Today

So I had my pre-op today and none of this feels real for me yet. It's weird, something I've wanted for the past 9 years and I don't even feel excited... or scared... or anything. I am the type of person that doesn't get excited about a trip until I'm on the plane, so maybe I'll start to get anxious the morning of. Maybe I'm just trying to avoid the disappointment if something prevents this from actually happening. Argh, I just want to feel something about this very big thing I'm about to do!!

Anyway, the appt. was very informative. I was surprised to hear that they don't want me to change my dressings until my first post-op, which is 5 days after the surgery. It was very interesting to here all of this from the pre-operative nurse who had the same surgery, by the same surgeon, a couple of years ago. I was asking her questions about scarring and she let me see her tummy tuck scar so I could see how neat his scars look! When i asked if she felt 6 days was enough time off of work (I have a desk job), she told me that she had a full lift, implant exchange, tummy tuck, and lipo of her flanks and she was back to work in 2 weeks!! How awesome is that? Now, all I have to do now is fill my prescriptions and wait!

One more week to go!!

Just thought I'd add some pictures of me bra-less in some clothing.

On the other side

Today went by so fast couldn't believe it. I'm drugged up right now, but when the pain reliever wore off earlier I my was only at about a 2 out of ten because the Dr. performed Lipo on my left breast bc it was about a 1/2 a cup size larger. I'll post pics when I feel up to it, getting a little drowsy now....

I took a quick peek..

And i love them! They're really tight right now and my left is bruised pretty badly bc he lipo'd the side of it to correct some asymmetry. I can't wait for everything to settle. I feel fine, my mommy is seriously an angel taking such good care of me. Just the incisions feel like they're burning and I've been sleeping a lot. I'll update some more a little later.

First post-op appt.

My update keeps getting deleted...I give up, lol! Please let me know if you have any questions!

More photos

I don't know why all of my pics aren't loading

Trying again..


So today was my first day back to work and i think i might have over did it. I have a desk job that requires some very light walking and the occasional heavy binder or two. After doing done paperwork, I grabbed a big binder and that was fine, after doing that a few more times i started to feel an, I don't know how to describe it, ache? in my left boob. I went to the restroom to check on it and I was bleeding a little bit from my horizontal incision. It wasn't a lot, and it stopped immediately, I'm just assuming the worst since I.haven't really bled til this point. I see the doctor again on Tuesday, I'm just hoping I didn't ruin anything in there.

2nd post op appt.

I just had my second follow up appointment and all is well! I got to see my scars for the first time since surgery and I have hope that they will heal okay. He cleared me to start massaging my scars to keep them soft and flat, and im allowed to start scar therapy. I picked up some Scarguard, but if anyone has something that worked better for them please let me know!


My incisions itch so bad today! Has anyone else had this?

Minor Setback

About a week ago, i noticed some leakage under my right breast. The next day there was more leaking and i could see a yellow-ish opening under my breast. Assuming the worst, I saw my surgeon who assured me that this is a common occurrence with anchor lifts. The weight of the breast is supported by this one t junction so its common for the wound to break down and open. He said the yellow stuff is proteinaceous tissue attempting to heal the wound. I've been using the wet/dry gauze method and in about a week there's been a lot of progress. Next time I change the guaze I'll make sure to take a pic.

Pic for last update

After removing the gauze and tape from using the wet/dry method.

One month post op

Hello, all! It's been on month since my surgery and i just wanted to keep you ladies updated. Everything is going well, the wound got a little bigger, but now it's filling in. It's still pink, just waiting for it to heal completely. My right breast has some retained areola at the top of the vertical incision. If you look at my before pictures, my areolas took up the entire bottom of my breasts, and even more on the right side. He couldn't safely remove it all without sacrificing shape, blood flow, scar outcome etc. I guess it's an easy revision 6 months out, but I'm not sure it's worth the recovery. What do you ladies think? So far, this has been the best thing I've done for myself, I love them, especially now that they're all jiggly again, lol.

I guess the pictures didn't upload

I'll have to try again after work

1 month post op pics

New pics

Uggghh, why won't they load

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

The entire office is very sweet and helpful. They all seemed genuinely happy for me after the procedure was done. Dr. Fiala is very knowledgeable and patient.

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