4 days post op and new pics!

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I have always been small chested. I've always...

I have always been small chested. I've always wanted and dreamed of bigger boobs but wasnt very thrilled with the idea of getting fake ones. But after having my now 3.5 year old daughter and breastfeeding, I finally got to experience a fuller look. And I LOVED it. After breastfeeding- they went back to a sad 34A. Since then I have planned on having surgery to achieve a full C. I figure with all the money I spend on SUPER padded crazy expensive bras- why wait?
I recently got married and my hubby is amazing and very supportive, although I dont think he quite understands why I am doing this because like many husbands do, he says he loves them they way they are. . . but we all know this is just as much his early Christmas present as it is mine ; )

I had my pre-op last week and boy, what a mix of emotions! I had no idea this whole process would be so emotional! I'm so excited but so terrified at the same time. I'm mostly afraid of the recovery and tightness/pressure that everyone describes. (Although it is so comforting to read everyones POSITIVE reviews-- I am steering clear of the bad ones!).

I just really cant wait to get it over with and see the long awaited results! December 17 is right around the corner! : )

5 days away! It seems I get a bit more nervous...

5 days away! It seems I get a bit more nervous each day I get closer to surgery. I'm still just as excited, but a serious case of nerves have set in. On a postive note, I went and picked up all my prescriptions, extra pillows, dial soap and a few cheap button down shirts. I also ordered one of the VS front zip sports bras I have read great reviews on and it arrived today! Looks like I am all set.. Any advice now on how to avoid obsessing about boobies would be greatly appreciated!! Lol

Tomorrow is the big day! In just 12 hours I will...

Tomorrow is the big day! In just 12 hours I will be going under to wake up to new boobies! I am surprisingly calm... Everything is packed to go and ready. Im sure I will wake up anxious- looking forward to this being behind me and healing. I will try to post tomorrow : )

Surgery was yesterday morning. I got there at...

Surgery was yesterday morning. I got there at 8:30- changed into that lovely gown and the nurse had me take a few pills to help with pain afterwards and also set up my IV. I didnt wait very long, the anesthiasiogist came in to go over the procedure with me and then my PS came in to do markings. Shortly after that, I walked into the OR room and the nurse had me center myself on the bed- I remember it being very warm and I remember asking when I was going to fall asleep. I vaguely remember the mask behind placed over my face and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery- VERY groggy. I have no idea why but when I woke up I couldn't stop crying lol. No reason I think it was just a side affect of the anesthesia. I was not nauseous or in any serious pain- just had a lot of tightness and couldn't see straight. I kept holding one eye so I could see my husband and my mother. Next thing I knew they were helping me put my shoes on and I was being wheeled to the car. I was hungry on the way home so we stopped and got a smoothie.. Which didn't stay down long : ( as soon as we got home, I started to feel pretty sick and vomited. It wasn't nearly as bad as I would have thought though. After that I slept in and out most of the day. Hardest part so far has been staying on my back and not pushing myself up... oh and being bored out of my mind!

And while reading reviews on here has helped TREMENDOUSLY.. I do think I have a bit of "boobie blues". I was expecting a ton of swelling.. and while I do have some and they are sore.. I dont feel like they THAT much bigger? Idk.. I know I need to wait a couple weeks/months before they settle and fluff.. but its hard! I will try to post pics sometime tomorrow when hubby goes back to work.

Good luck to all you ladies up next this week! Relax and dont worry too much- it really isnt that bad at all : )

I woke up today feeling great. I am so surprised...

I woke up today feeling great. I am so surprised at how easy this whole process has been. I do still have some soreness, especially around my incision (which is in my breast creast) but Im amazed at how I have full range of motion in my arms. I havent been taken the pain pills since Tuesday. At first I was a little disappointed because they didnt appear much larger but I really think it was bc I did not have much swelling at all. Every day gets a bit better and I'm a bit more comfortable with the outcome : ) Now I just need to get off this couch!! Trying not to push my luck too much either.. :P
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