Post Op Day #1 - Altamonte Springs, FL

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A little background 5'10 170lb 475cc Silicone ....

A little background 5'10 170lb 475cc Silicone . Start -A small B Cup.
Not sure what to think so far, my lift + augmentation was done in about 3.5 hours, Dr.Fiala i have a lot of faith in, my only concern is a concern most have.Did i go too small? Pain is about a 6, doubled up on meds tonight. Will continue to update.

Post op day 2.. mid day

Still very much in pain, the hydrocodone doesn't seem to be working for me, unfortunately anything stronger cannot be given unless in person, and that's not till monday, inquiring about changing to maybe vicodin or something. Swelling seems to be slightly increasing, nipples seem to have good color, no feeling at this point however, there was a lollipop lift done with the augmentation. Still not sure about the size, but from countless research, i know you can't tell at this point. Dr.Fiala's on call service is pretty good. Sandy has been very friendly and i understand her limitations regarding the medication. we'll see how things go. Just took my 4hour later Hydrocodone liquid (gastric bypass requires liquid) as i can't take pills.

On call Nurse...

Sandy the on call nurse is calling in a extra strength version of the hydrocodone for me... eg.. less tylenol more hydrocodone, 3x as much! I hope this works now, i might actually be like so many others who just sleep through this part of the recovery!

Post op Day 2 or 3? Whichever

I consider day 1 the day of my surgery, anyway... Day 2 or 3 whatever you want to call it, has been a bit better, getting out of bed is very helpful, however i may of overdone it a bit, so time to watch some tv and take some meds. I felt a pop on my left side boob/armpit area, not sure what happened, but it seemed to begin to swell in that area, and a bit of numbness, it happened when i moved the hair out of my face. Maybe the implant moved further to the side? I'm not sure, as far as i know, i have no sutures inside, just stitches from the implant/lift itself. I've not taken the sports bra off at all, just doing nipple checks as instructed, i go in to See Dr. Fiala tomorrow, which if i am not mistaken is just the nurses and not actually the dr.But i dunno, i assume thursday i will see him. I'll mention the pop tomorrow. But maybe just normal.

Observation from the boyfriend /on : The breasts look more defined and seem wider than they were, i wouldn't say you can see a huge drastic change so far, but with all breast augmentation research we did, i can't join the OMG they are small team yet. It's too early, of course i never would of been against going larger, but after all they are hers and she has to carry them around and be seen.So it was her decision and we both felt comfortable with 475. FYI... I'm still trying to get her to post pictures, she's not been willing so far. i tried to explain to her how much we learned from others who posted pics, but nonetheless i hope the post op "play by play" is good for others researching, particular those in the Central florida area, as honestly. If you check each PS in the area's MPL claims, some are very scary, Dr. Fiala was one of the few without anything to be overly concerned about in the last 10 years... We'll see how it goes, i've promised to take care of tummy tuck/arms for Angela and hopefully that 20k more or so, is with dr.fiala awaiting to see how this turns out and his after care. /BF observation off
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