Petite 5'1 100lb Fitness Lover - 234cc Allergan/Natrelle Round, Smooth, Style 15 (Mod Plus), Unders, No kids

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I am very petite and lean. I worried implants...

I am very petite and lean. I worried implants would look fake and huge on me. I was unhappy with mine because they were so small. 32A. I love my body and proud of my abs and overall physique...but my boobs were practically non existent. After going over several options, we decided on Allergan smooth round 234cc silicone implants. My goal is fuller breast that fit my body and look natural. I would rather have them on the smaller side and perky (full) than even a little too big. I am 3 days post op and honestly have not had any pain whatsoever. The first day I felt like I worked out with heavy weights. Other than that, nothing. I ate normal. I hung out with my husband while he catered to me. I had full range of motion by the next morning...although I followed Doctors orders and did not reach for anything. Yesterday was the same, Im literally forcing myself to behave. Today I took a partial shower and I feel sooooooo good. I already love my boobs. Feeling super thankful and blessed by this whole experience. I have heard horror stories of the "recovery process". I owe it all to my surgeon...and his staff....and the fact that I am a diligent patient who is following all orders. I could not be happier. I can not wait to get out of this wrap and wear bikini tops!!!

2 week uodate

Feeling soooooo happy and slightly obsessed with my new boobs. The numbing stuff is wearing of slowly so I wake up slightly sore (like I worked out hard) but after a few minutes I'm good. They are perfect for my size and everyone who knows (I've been selective) loves them too!! Here's a few updated pics. I don't get my second set of Steri strips off till Next appt (Thursday).

Here's another pic

This is so u can see them w no top on. They are lovely. Thankful to Dr Fiala.

Just over 3 months post op

Its been a roller coaster....Mainly because I felt so good and was unable to be as active as I normally am. I did experience "morning boob" for a few weeks. Sleeping was probably the least talked about recovery issue and for me, it was the biggest issue. Got through it though. Finally back at 100%. LOVING my boobs!

What scars!!?

Used the scar stick the first 6-8 weeks. Now all aloe. Scars are almost Invisable 3 months post op. Happy Girl!!

Almost 5 months post op

Not much to add - some people asked about before pics to compare. So I'm going to try to upload some now. Thanks for all your kind words and support. I'm very thankful
For my doctor...Dr Fiala has made this experiments amazing.

Collage I made

Top two pics are - Pre op and first week post op - bottom pics are midway (maybe 6-8 weeks) and most recent (last night). Quite a journey. Feeling so blessed. Loving my new boobs.

Almost 6 months post op

Nothing new to report - simply loving them. Size, shape, feel. Perfect for me. Thank you Dr Fiala. I wouldn't change a thing.

Close to 6 months post op

They feel like natural boobs!! I am so happy. Here's a few more pics from this week.

Taking my girls out for the night ???? 8 months post op

I'm almost 8 months post op....and happier than ever. It's been quite a journey... Lots of ups and downs. Mainly all mentally....but it was really hard not be able to train upper body weights for almost 6 months. I was being cautious but truthfully.... Better safe than sorry. I'm back to doing everything the way I did before my BA. Finally. I had a few moments through my healing process where I thought i was good to go and then the next day, felt like u was back at month 1. It was strange. I'm very active so it really messed with me. Happy to report, I got through it. Here's a pic from this weekend. No padding - slight push up bra. 34C - I'm loving them!

Almost 9 months post op

Couldn't be happier. Very happy with them...shape, size, feel. They are so squishy and perky. Exactly what I wanted. Most people think I was born this way. :) Yayyyyyy!!! Big thanks to Dr. Fiala.

Supplements & Lifestyle

For those who wanted to's a list of my everyday supplements.

PhytoMulti - Metagenics
EPA-DHA 500 EC - Metagentic Omeganecis
SPM Active - Metagenics Omegagenics
E Complex - Metagenics
Tumero Active - Apex Energetics
Ultra D Complex - Apex Energetics
Glucosamine - Standard Process
Probiotic - Ultraflora - Metagenics
Spirulina - Brand varies
Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
Super Oxcicell - Apex Energetics
Apple Cider Vinegar

90% of my meals are organic plant based.
I have been drinking water with lemons for 10 plus years.
I eat tons of organic greens.
I do not eat meat or dairy.
I do not eat processed foods.
I'm far from perfect but I am trying to be more mindful of the world around me.
Trying to learn as much as I can about our planet.
Go Vegan.

Quick Update

Before and After side by side. Someone asked me for this a while back, sorry for the delay. As far as my stats, 5'1, about 100 lbs - I'm petite. I lift weights and do yoga. My BWD is 10.9. I went with Allergan Natrelle style 15 (Mod Plus), Smooth, Round, Under the muscle, 234cc . I was not even an A cup pre op and now I'm a 32/34C - depending on the bra.

I am so thankful for my surgeon - Dr Fiala and his staff. I couldn't be happier. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Good vibes, y'all. :)

First Bandeau Bikini Top Ever:)

My whole life I always envied girls in bandeau bikini tops. I always always wanted one. Sooooooo imagine my excitement when I tried this one on for the first time. :) I actually cried. So silly...but it was very emotional for me. I feel so thankful. Is it weird that having boobs can change you in a way you never imagined. I thought I would just be excited to have boobs. But its more than that. Maybe I'm just a weirdo... I don't know. Anyway, happy healing RS friends. Good vibes coming your way!

Just over 11 months post op

Not much to say...I just wanted to keep updating to my 1 year post op anniversary, which is next month. I will say this journey has been crazy. I couldn't be happier with my choice. My surgeon has been amazing. The staff has been just as awesome. Aside from not being able to workout like I normally do the first 6 months, everything was pretty easy. I LOVE them. Super Happy Girl!! Some days I still can't believe I have boobs! Its wild! :) Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I hope that we all continue to do each other out...encourage one another. I appreciate every one of you for going on this journey with me. There were days (early on) that the only thing that kept me sane were you girls. I thank you all, for that. And if I can be of any assistance, I'm more than happy to help. Happy healing, lovey ladies!! Remember beauty and confidence starts on the inside. Nothing we can ever do outwardly, will ever make us feel beautiful, if we don't already recognize that we are.

Just over a one year post op

I absolutely love them. I'm so happy with the size. I wish I could live in bikinis now. :) One thing I will say about having boobs is this....I thought I'd go braless 24/7. ;) However, I've learned they need a little support. So I wear barrettes a lot and bikinis a lot....and its nice to wear those tanks with the elastic under your boobs with out a bra and still have boobs.....and have support. But I don't go braless as much as I imagined I would. I do sometimes where near as much as I thought I would. It's funny to me because I truly thought I'd never wear a bra again. hahaha. I also must say t-shirt bras are way more comfortable than any padded push up bra I wore before my BA. Life is good.

Love yourself

I read so many reviews on here....Women picking their bodies apart. Mainly, their breasts. They're too wide, too small, too big, too narrow, too much space in-between, not enough cleavage...and the list goes on and on. Revision after revision.... Striving for perfection. I want to take a moment not to share more boob pics....but to remind everyone that there is no such thing as perfect. Our breasts weren't perfect pre op and they aren't post op. Maybe reminding yourself that you are beautiful no matter your breast shape, size, projection, gap size between breasts....I mean...c'mon ladies. There is more to life than boobs. I will admit, I LOVE having them. It feels good when trying on clothes I couldn't feels good shopping for bikinis and bras because now I have boobs to put in them. But I don't sit around staring at my breasts. Comparing them to other Breasts. Picking them apart....its not ok. My advise it to stop. Stop over analyzing them. Stop comparing them to other womens breasts. Every single one of us has different anatomy and bone structure. Spoiler alert: Not one of us are perfect. If you aren't happy on the inside ....and love yourself amount of cleavage is going to fix that. So go on and cut yourself some slack....and remember you are perfect in your imperfections. There is way more important things going on around us....I promise. :) Be kind to yourself...and to others. You're body hears everything you're saying and thinking. Make it good. Be well.

Side angle

Someone requested a side pic of my boobs. Sorry for the delay. Here are two. Hope it helps.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

He's professional and honest. He made me feel 100% comfortable. His office staff and surgical staff are both friendly and knowledgable. I have to say, this whole experience was a lot easier than I anticipated. So thankful to Dr. Fiala and his angelic hands and artistic eye.

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