28 Yrs Old, 2nd Child, loss volume after breast feeding - Altamonte Springs, FL

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So I had my first baby a year ago and after...

So I had my first baby a year ago and after breastfeeding her my perky breast feel a little droopy and empty...I have always contemplated getting my breast done but never thought it could be an option til i found some info on how to finance them...I also did hours of researching the best doctor and came across Dr. Fiala in Altamonte Springs. His consultation was free and like all the reviews he was very personable and friendly..and he seemed like he knew what he was talking about but not in a "I know everything" kind of manner, he's humble. So they took some pictures of my breast from side to front and then proceeded to explain the different options we had, that's when he told us about "Gummy Bear" silicone implants...I originally wanted saline but since i don't have much tissue they would most likely show ripples as the doctor explained( and I don't want that) He told me I should go for Sientra round high profile 280cc if I want the "Victoria Secret" look...not too big but not too small.and I even got to try them on with a sports bra and they let us see what they look like with a shirt on as well....they gave us a tour of their office and OR and then to the financial part of it all. Everything is included with the price...even the return visits! I couldn't believe that because when i went only and researchedcpeople had to pay out of pocket for that, best part is Dr. Fiala has done an understudy at HARVARD! and has been awerded best surgeon past two years so that makes me feel conifdent in my decison inb hoosing him...I cant wait

34 A Wanting to Go 34 D but Not Sure if I Should Go 350cc or Closer to 400cc

So I though I wanted a smaller size but now i ve been online and see girls with similar builds going 350-400cc even some have gone to 420cc and they look awesome but im not sure if theyll look the same on me...i cant wait til my second consult..i wanna redo with the try ons lol..here's what i look like...if anyone out there has had the surgery with big ones and with pics that would help me out

Wish boobies

pregnant again...love preggo boobs

So we are currently expecting our second baby girl in June so I'm excited for that especially since my lil one will have someone to play with. Also I'm happy this happened before next year when I plan on doing the surgery...so my boobs will be done breast feeding and stretching out in general as the do...I feel this will help with them looking natural after since before I barely had loose enough skin since they where sooo perky before my first baby...got some pics on how big they've become in my 22 week of pregnancy

sizing thinking maybe go 25cc bigger in my left breast to keep it symmetrical

So after looking at my last post I noticed one boob is a obviously a little bigger than the other, my left your right....so maybe go a tad bigger on that side...what are your thoughts on this

wish boobies

2nd baby boobies :)

Just had my 2nd lil girl in June and been breastfeeding. I love the size I'm at but could be bigger in my opinion. Can't wait til we can afford to do the procedure next year in January

after bf second baby....2 months after she was born

Full body pics two months after having my second baby
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

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