36yr Mother of 2, Lipo, BBL with BA and Tummy Tuck. Mommy Makeover for Me.

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I am 5 days Pre Op and looking forward to this...

I am 5 days Pre Op and looking forward to this procedure. Doing 2 seperate procedures. BBL first then BA and Tummy Tuck. Of course I have anxeity but am very happy I found Dr. Fiala and his wonderful team. They are very passionate and caring. I will write more after the procedures and keep you updated on the experience.

Three days until surgery

I am still nervous but excited at the same time to see my body take on a new shape. scripts all picked up and ready to go. Bags getting packed. I am probably annoying my husband with all the can you imagine what this will look liked after. Then the well I hope I am not getting my hopes up to much about the transformation. He tells me he is prepping for the emotional rollercoaster I will be taking him on soon and is ready to be the rock I will need when I may be doubting if I should have done this or not. Overall I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend some time on me so I have the self confidence to do more with my family instead if hiding from pictures or bathing suites. Will load pics soon.

Day of surgery

I leave in a couple hours for surgery. Having Lipo of flanks and abdomen with a BBL this go round and when I am healed mostly from this one we will do the TT/BA. Quite a bit of anxiety today and could not sleep for anything last night but at the same time I am excited to see the outcome and be over this hump. I have the best Dr and know I could not be in better hands. Will update after surg.

Wish pics

Hoping my Butt looks at least close to one of these when all is said and done.

I am a little behind so going to play catch up

Day after surgery. really out of it from all the anesthesia still. Not hurting too bad but staying on top of the pain meds. I was really dizzy and nauseous but other than that not too many complaints. I cannot see much and they told me I won't be able to see the final result until closer to 3 months

2 days Post op

Today I am feeling it. I am hurting and irritated with the binder. Definitely feeling the roller coaster of emotions the nurses were warning me about. I would cry just because my binder felt too tight in one area or was too lose in another. I did get up and walk a little and went for a short ride just get out and get fresh air. Still have not seen much under the binder. I go Thursday to get drain removed.
I keep feeling to make sure its still there. We did not want to go huge but get a little projection. still too soon to tell what it will look like in the end. still really swollen on the sides as well.

Behind on posting again

These pics are from 6 days post op. I am still pretty swollen but overall I am happy with the results. Man was the Dr correct though when he said it will be a roller coaster of emotions. I have gone from being irritated with the binder, to having the giggles, to crying and then depressed because I feel I should be able to whatever I want by now. The most painful part I am dealing with at the moment is my lower back other than that I am not hurting too bad.

Shower and driving 13 days post op

I got to shower finally 7 days post op. I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. in fact the dizziness continued up until abut 12 days post op for me when I take the binder off. I drove for a long way today for the first time and I am beyond stiff and my tail bone/lower back hurt. wondering if I am ever going to feel normal again. I go back Thursday for my 2 week checkup and hopefully after this weekend I will be feeling a little more like myself. Funny thing is even though I still hurt I keep checking to make sure my butt is still there haha. Oh and as far a pain meds go I backed down to tylenol only during the day and Percocet at bedtime right at a little over 1 week post-op. Will try to get new pics posted this weekend after I see if more of the swelling has gone down.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

So far I have just had the consultation and the pre-op appointment and both were great. This Dr. is very honest and upfront about everything and makes you feel very comfortable. Love him and his staff! Will write more later.

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