Rhinoplasty + Septoplasty + Chin Implant Review - Alpharetta, GA

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Rhinoplasty--6,700 + hospital anestesia fee's (300...

Rhinoplasty--6,700 + hospital anestesia fee's (300 + 400)
Septoplasty-2,500 (insurance covers that)
Chin Implant 1,500

A rhinoplasty was something I always knew I was going to get (a chin implant not so much but hey...when in Greece). I had saved for a few years and finally decided that it was time so, I started doing my research and booked my procedure.

I went to a slew of different doctors (5 in fact) over a 6 month period. I choose Dr. Burke Robinson because I felt he was the most knowledgeable...if not a little cocky (and when you are getting facial surgery you absolutely want someone who has a record to allow them to be cocky.) His photo's and the number of procedures he had done put me at ease. He took photos of my face to let me know what my new nose was going to look like...and suggested a chin implant which I went for. Normally when doctors suggest anything else I get annoyed, but with him I just felt like he was trying to get my face that perfect symmetrical way and I appreciated his opinions. (I had a doctor (not Robinson) suggest a nose job...and then putting 450 CCs in my breasts...wasn't there for a augmentation consult but that's another story)

I booked the surgery and two weeks later paid in full (they take credit cards...multiple in my case.)
Another two weeks later and I was looking sexy in my hospital gown.

My surgery was originally scheduled at 930 am...but moved it to 730 as he was having to do something. His staff called me a few days before and I was fine with switching the time...wasn't like I had anything else planned that day.
He arrived 30 min late, which was fine as well cause I was riding the IV valium train and could care less where he was. He came in and said hello, I think I asked him a question but sure as hell don't remember that. Then I was wheeled in and it was show time.

I woke up 2 hours later like WTF just happened. I wasn't in too much pain, the worst part was just feeling so groggy and yuck. When I got home I ate (was starving), took some pain meds, and took a snooze.

The first two days I was swollen as hell. My nose/chin didn't really hurt, the clogging is the worst part. You are breathing out of your mouth, your throat is super dry, you get this gross film on your teeth, and there isn't enough chapstick in the world to help you. I occasionally was choking on my food since you cant really breath. I was taking pain pills every 4 hours for the first 2 days, lots of sleeping/soup and netflix. My face looked bad and there was a moment or two when I was like WHY DID I DO THIS, but by Sunday I was off the pain pills and feeling pretty good. I took that Friday and Monday off from work, and by Tuesday was working from home with no issues. Could have probably worked on Monday but was knee deep in House of Cards. The rest of the week was fine, sleeping was on and off since I was still very congested and the bruising is pretty unflattering but very minimal pain.

I got my splint off yesterday and am very pleased with the results. Getting the splint off wasn't that bad. What was bad was getting the laser treatment to help the bruising heal faster. That hurt worse than the Rhinoplasty but I woke up this morning and there is a HUGE difference. If you can take 2 min of pain I HIGHLY recommend doing that. I am still a bit bruised and have some swelling but my nose is looking exactly how I thought it would...if not better. I keep looking at it every time I see a mirror...a little vain maybe but I don't care. I am still having some problems breathing but that's to be expected. My chin is such a subtle difference you can barely notice...exactly what I wanted. (Perfect since I only told a few people I was getting the chin implant and I'm pretty sure they won't be able to tell at all!)

I go back in another 6 weeks to get the final pictures and will update this review as well.
Overall am VERY happy with the entire experience. A few days of pain for something I have wanted for years is worth it. I made sure to choose my doctor wisely and am VERY happy I went with Dr. Burke Robinson. He really has the expertise that every surgeon needs and when it comes to my face, I only want the best.
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The best

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