38 Year Old Female, Lower Blep with Fat Repositioning - Alpharetta, GA

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Day After Surgery- I feel good. No pain at all....

Day After Surgery- I feel good. No pain at all. Eyes are "sticky" and tight. Swollen pretty good, icing eyes and keeping head elevated. I'm taking the Arnica tablets and antibiotics as directed. Haven't had a need to take ANY pain medicine. Slept great last night after getting home from hospital. Was a little nauseous from anesthesia, ate slice of dry toast and felt better. Feeling hopeful, obviously as this is only day after surgery- can't see a difference. Will keep you guys posted day to day. Pictures will follow soon.

2 Weeks Post-Op

Ok, The recovery for me has been pretty easy. No physical pain or discomfort. I followed my post op instruction to the "T". In fact, I'm going to sleep with my head elevated a little while longer. I figure, it can't hurt. I'm no longer icing my eye area, but I still use a warm compress every few hours- not sure if it's still doing anything, but it feels nice and relaxing. I couldn't work out for the last 2 weeks, so I took easy walks during the second week. I had to remind myself not to bend and lift etc....because you feel fine, you can forget that you're still recovering. As for my actual bags....I could see a small improvement day to day the first week. Now it seems like I look like I did before surgery. I know it can take weeks or months even to get an idea of what the final result will be, so I'm trying to stay positive. As of now, I've seen very little improvement. I have about another month to go before my 6 week post-op office visit. I took pics during the first 2 weeks. The photo quality is not the best, but you'll get an idea. If you have any questions, ask away. I stalked the Internet before my surgery, so I know what it's like to "want to know".

After Surgery Photos/ Day 1-Day 11. No improvement.

Jury is STILL out....

I had lower blep with fat repositing exactly one month ago. There is now a bag under my left eye. I understand it can take time to see results, but after 1 month I don't think I should have a bag under one eye. Starting to feel a little discouraged but trying to remain positive. Any words of advice or wisdom from those of you who may have experienced something similar is very much appreciated. I'm scheduled for my 6 week post op appointment in about 2 weeks. Fingers crossed. The thought of ANOTHER surgery to address the same issue is terrible.

Anyone else still have bags 5 weeks after blep?

This is week 5 for me since surgery. Not seeing a big difference. I had lower blep with fat repositioning. There is very little improvement. Anyone else have this experience, and if so- how long did it take to see a difference or did you have to have a revision. Thanks in advance for sharing.

Revision Needed for Lower Blep with fat repositing on left eye.

Pretty early on into my recovery I knew something wasn't right. Sure enough my surgeon said I need a revision on my left eye. I'm so disappointed. Should I even trust him again? If any of you have experience with a blep revision, please let me know the final outcome. I waited 20 years to have this surgery. I followed pre and post op instructions to the "T". The thought of doing this all over again, including missing work is draining. I really don't know what to do. Should I Ben trust him again?
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