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Hi, I'm 30 yrs old, I'm 4ft 9 and I weigh 117...

Hi, I'm 30 yrs old, I'm 4ft 9 and I weigh 117 pounds. My surgery is a gift to myself for my 31 bday. I just left my consultation, I thought I was a 34B, but the doctor said I was a cup. I have a 6 yr old son when I was pregnant I gained 17 pounds. My breast didn't get that much bigger. But as I get older they dropped and are smaller. I have wanted BA surgery for 13 years. I loved the doctor I wish I could of got my surgery today! Lol but I'm waiting until my son is on spring break. I found this site on accident and was reading for hours. Because I'm so petite meaning my frame at 4ft 9 I decided on the 275cc saline implants. I will share more as the time fly by to April 2.

Wow its March 3, I have 4 weeks and one day to my...

Wow its March 3, I have 4 weeks and one day to my BA surgery. I can't wait. I keep trying to post pictures but I can't I don't know why. But my pre op is scheduled for march 26 time is flying by!!

I have 15 days to my BA!! And 8 days to my pre op....

I have 15 days to my BA!! And 8 days to my pre op. Im super Excited. Everyone keep telling me I dont need them. I hate when people say, there not that BAD. I can't load my pictures to show my before. Im wondering how long the downtime will be??? Im in the entertainment busy so im guessing 3 weeks or so. Im glad March is flying by!!

10 days to my BA!!! Ya hooooooooo lol. Because im...

10 days to my BA!!! Ya hooooooooo lol. Because im a dancer I been asking all the girls questions and feeling boobs. Lol im super excited I need to get some button up shirts I don't own any. Im wondering about the pain. I had an emergency c section back in dec. 2006 AND when I left the hospital I didn't need a single pain pill but I was 24 than also. But I had Laporspy ( I can't spell it but I have endrometris so they went in my navel) december of 2011 and I was down for about 2 and a have weeks. So I will find out Sooner than later!
My pre op is on Tuesday! About to get some sports bras. Im also not keen on not being about to go to gym. I love Pilates and Zuma I love love love food. But I can walk. . SO BORING! LOL I HOPE all the ladies are healing well.
Also ladies most of us take care of the kids if you have them, partners etc. Its time for you to take care of yourself! This wont happen every day... so NO NEED TO FEEL GUILTY!!! Im a single parent and I love my son, but nothing wrong with loving yourself too. Xoxo

I had my pre op this morning and paid the...

I had my pre op this morning and paid the remaining balanced o and signed a lot of papers. And I have 7 days until my surgery so this time next week I will have my BA!! I must say the Swan center were im getting my BA is 3.1 miles from my home in case I get ill from the meds. I got my prescriptions. I honestly didn't have any questions because of my research I'm just ready to getherdone! I didn't get no super list of things to do. Or not to do. Because some of the list on here I felt was kinda crazy. I saw someone say they needed to cut off all there hair including eyebrows, or no nail polish. But that's not the case!!! I was concerned about my extreme lashes but im ok.

They said I would be tapped up until I go to the doctor on April 8! That seems like a long time and I will be able to take a shower. Than start being able to wear sports bra and the bra they give me. I know its a slow process but I'm human I want Instant Results. .... but I had already planned top take off 4 weeks so I will see how I feel and look.

And my 6 yr old will be at a friends house so I know I will miss him dearly. It will be his spring break I hope we can go to the movies or something. I'm always working being a single mommy and my family is 700 miles away. All the people I know that has Ba say don't worry or be scared! Well im antsy. Wishing everyone the best of Luck! Xoxo

Its so Surreal to think my Ba is in 3 days!!! I...

Its so Surreal to think my Ba is in 3 days!!! I must say the past couple of days I was very anxious in my sub conscience. I felt like I am worrying myself to Death! ! I'm normally an easy going person. Im just an emotional rollercoaster, can't sleep etc. My period starts the day of my surgery so im pms so that's enough of a reason to go Crazy, cramps and emotions. Not to mention my breast are so Tender! ! So I'm already sore than im getting my Ba. I don't know how next week is going to GO! Lol

I think I'm a little of a perfectionist and it concerns me when I'm not incontrol.
But any who im pretty mellow right now! Thankfully. I got my son to Karate and to Easter egg hunt/magic show! So that was a high light of my day. Thou I must admit my son always seems to press my buttons when my period is coming, I know he is only 6 but it feels like he is the sweetest kid until my cycle come. I did a lot of praying at the church. Lol I almost wanted to take one of his Adhd pills.

I'm hoping the surgery isnt as bad as I have forecasted it to be. I tend to over think things that never come to past. . I think I'm so Relaxed because its 70 degree and sunny! I love love love love the sun, I guess I should love the sun because I was born in June! Lol

I hope everyone's breast are healing well. Its amazing how some woman breast come out perfect than others take more time. My doctor already warned me that they take time to d and f. I can't wait to cross the finishline with the ladies in April. I kinda feel like I'm at that point where I don't need any more information!! Lol almost like when your pregnant everyone says do this and do that and before you know it your overwhelmed!!!

I got the call!!! I have to be at the Swan center...

I got the call!!! I have to be at the Swan center ( Ironic name) at 7am and my surgery is at 8 am. So by this time tomorrow I will have my titties blowed up!! Like I said before I live in Atlanta just me and my son. Im from Ohio I told my mom the other day I was having surgery on my breast, she said are you getting them cut off? Lol I said no, she said o you getting them blowed up I said yes ma. Lol I love her sense off humor it rubbed off on me. She has always supported me ive read other profiles were there family and friends aren't that supportive.

I must say im pretty mellow relaxed. Its 70 and sunny outside. I'm about to go get a medi pedi, go to express everything 40% off! And run a few more errands before my date tonight. Im super excited! I was a nervous rack a few days ago but I have a sense off peace. Looking forward to my recovery.
I got my drugs, my bendy straws, and the little thing to put my pills in someone mention you can't open the pill bottles so just in case I'm ready.
I remember when I had my son who came at 37 weeks I already had my bag packed I knew he was coming early even though I had a perfect pregnancy. But when my water broke and the contractions started coming, I was thinking im not READY! LOL well im ready for my fuller tatas!!!
I only slept 2 hours last night, so hopefully I sleep well tonight I'm sure my bf will help me get to sleep! (Tmi)

I still have not gotten any sports bras since I have to keep the tape on until the 8th I figure it wasn't no point! So I will get some next week. I looked at some cute ones. The sports bra I wear now make my breast look so Flat!
Can't wait till I can fill a bra. Anywho im about to go enjoy my last day with my breast. Xoxo

Hello ladies I got my BA done yesterday!!! I...

Hello ladies
I got my BA done yesterday!!!
I got there about 7 am. And the nurse was waiting on me when I enter the office. She took me in the back and I took my pregnacy test and changed into my gown. She started me on my Iv than before I knew it doctor came in and drew on me ( I also told him I wanted to do 300 cc but he said he would try but if it was too big 275cc). Next thing I knew I was waking up. .. I had to stay a little longer my bp went up and wouldn't come down. They put something in my Iv but it really didn't help they ended up giving me a pill to take later on and told me to call my regular doctor.
My bf got me a sandwich from subway, but I got nauseous so I took a pill for that and laid down. I felt a lot of pressure and at that time I didn't think the perocets was working. But I took 2 every 4 hours. Later that evening the doctor called and said I would feel worst on the second and third day after the numbing stuff wore off. At about 5am I felt like I was dying!! Pain was at 10. I have a tapped bra on until I go back on Monday. But today is much worst. And my body won't stop itching. It really feel like an elephant is on my chest. I feel helpless but thankfully my bf has been my male nurse. I started my cycle doing surgery so my bf been changing my pad! So embarrassing. Its so hard to get out the bed. Oh and my back is really hurting from sleeping upright. And I have not had a Bm yet. Im icing my breast non stop because they are swollen.
Im happy with what I can see they are pretty high but the tape comes off Monday morning. I can't stand this tape it itches and its tight. The doctor went with the 300cc saline under the muscle. I'm right handed but that side is more sensitive so I been doing more with my left hand. I think the fact that im on my cycle is making me more sensitive. My bf been rubbing my back and that seems to be helping a lot! I have not been out the house but if and when I do go out I don't know what I can wear to cover up the tape.... lol I will post pics when I get to a computer. X oxo

Well I'm on my third day of post op. I do feel a...

Well I'm on my third day of post op. I do feel a little better. Last night I went to wal mart to get out the house. Those speed bumps and pot holes are the Devil!!! I don't seem to be walking as straight like I normally am. My back is sore and the tape is real tight around my breasts so I'm kinda hunched over not cute at all. Not to mention I'm walking slow. But I slept much better last night. I may of gotten up twice last night. I still have not had a bowel movement my bf went to the store and got me a fleet endema but you have to lay or your side or doggie style. Well my underarms hurt bad not to mention the tape so I tried to lay on my side. After he put it in my butt after it seem like hours he had only got about 1/4 of it in my butt!! Not enough to do nothing! My stomach is so big I'm on my period and ain't had a bm since Sunday! My bf cooked Cornish hens and asparagus. So I got some fiber. I'm drinking a lot of water maybe I need to move around more and I'm taking the stool softners 3 Times a day. My stomach so big it make my breast look small which I know is temporary. My back is been really tender from sleeping upright. I normally
Sleep on my side. My bf been rubbing my back a lot and it helps. My breast feel like weights and this tape is itchy around my neck and underarms. I been doing a lot of icing because I can't do much else. I been feeling a lil bit of spasms in my chest area nothing to bad. Today I been able to space out my Percocet because I been taking 2 every 4 hours. But today I been able to go every 6 hours. Tomorrow they said I can do my motrin 800. I'm trying to spend some mommy time with my son. But I'm in pain had to take a pill. It takes so much energy to do everything! I'm looking forward to Monday to see my breast without the Tape!!

Post op Day 8!!! Hello Ta Ta family. Lets see...

Post op Day 8!!!
Hello Ta Ta family. Lets see every day has been better since post op day 4. I most admit this is the worst pain i have every felt in my 30 years on Earth. And i have a son who i was in labor with for 24 hours before they did a c section. I started driving on saturday!!! Finally had a bm on saturday i kept taking stool softners and even laxative, but my mcdonalds milkshake got my body together.
I went to my first post op doctor appt. on monday and the nurse took all that tape off of me. Im really swollen and my left is more swollen than the right. My dr. told me to keep my arms down and continue to ice them. Oh and i got this not so cute tight bra. I'm getting used to the bra kinda, its a 36D and i fit it pretty good its a lil room around my nipples but they said i will fit it as they drop and they said i have to wear it for six weeks! :( The nurse said i may be able to start massaging them next week after my second post op appt on tuesday. I have sharp pain here and there in the left one it seems to be more tender than the right one. I have 300cc saline unders, when i see. the doctor on monday i asked him could i went bigger. Lol he said you have the max that you could fit in your little frame. Than he gave me a look and my bf said this to. He gave me the look like he may of thought i should of went with the 275cc. Anywho i have not did to much of anything today but i must say these breast feel like a Ton of Bricks on my body. I know my muscles have to relax or whatever they do. I will be glad when this time past because that may be my only negative thing is how heavy they feel. Ladies what help the swelling go down???? I hope everyone is doing well. xoxoxo

10 days post op. I feel pretty good much better...

10 days post op. I feel pretty good much better than I did a week ago. My surgical bra is not that comfortable. I'm 4ft 9 so I keep bumping my breast because when I'm at a counter my breast is there if I sit down at a table I bump them even ran them into my dining room chair. Lol so they are sore because of ME! I WONDER how long it takes to get used to them. Tonight I took my son to Dave and busters. I know I can't lift my arms etc but I did a few racing car and a few other games. I was so sore not to mention my son bumped my tits twice and a man literally tripped over me. I just think its best to stay home! ! I'm still icing my breast pretty much all day I'm off work for a month so I don't have nothing else to do but focus on my breast. I can't wait to my post op Tuesday so I can start massaging.

2 weeks Post op. I went for my 2 week...

2 weeks Post op.
I went for my 2 week appointment this morning! Gush I can't believe the time is flying by. The nurse showed me how to change my tape on my scar weekly. She also showed me how to massage my breasts and I have to do it 3 Times a day. The best part is I went to the store and got some bras!! finally, because that surgical bra in Hotlanta was not cute! It was 78 today you can't wear no tank top with all that bra in the back! Lol. I'm still swollen at the top but she said that was normal also. I don't have to go back until my 6 week check up! I can do light workout like a treadmill nothing with my arms yet. I did my 3 sets of massage and my right tit is a lil sore.

I feel pretty much like myself I'm still bumping them because I'm not used to them. One thing I don't care for is I'm light skinned and you can see my veins on my breast. I don't find that cute but I guess I'm lighter than I thought. I must say my new bra fits and is comfortable. I will post pics when I get on my computer.
I didn't realize getting a BA that the healing process is so long. And I guess honestly if I wasn't a dancer it wouldn't bother me because I would have my clothes on.. I know I have to wear the table under my breast were my scar is, but I have to wear it 4 more weeks than the silicone scar bandaid thing. :( That's like forever!! But it is what it is. I wanted them so I need to take care of them. Xoxoxo
I hope everyone is doing well!

Hello Ladies Im 3 weeks and 1 day. I feel back to...

Hello Ladies
Im 3 weeks and 1 day. I feel back to myself minus a sharp pain here and there nothing serious i know my body is healing and adjusting to my new girls. Last week when i went to my post op for my 2 week check up i got 2 bras in the size medium but as they drop if they are dropping im thinking i may go get a small because its so strechy. i still have swelling in both my breasts but mainly in my left one. I didnt ice much last week. But i started back icing this week and it looks like it may be helping. Im massaging 3 times a day and my right one is soooooooo soft. That Left one is hard and tight like a Virgin. Smh. I been rubbing vitamin e on them and all kinds of stuff. When they removed the tape around my breast after 6 days i have a few tape burns so im hoping those will fade away soon. In my pictures they look nice but i cant wear a tank top and certain shirts because of the difference in the swelling make them look kinda lopsided. Also before my surgery i was the type of person when i go to bed i would sleep my 8 hours peacefully. Since my BA not so much. After about my 8th day post op i started sleeping on my side like i used to do. But i toss and turn most nights. Almost like i cant get comfortable. I think its the weight of the breast idk what it is. But i cant wait to i can sleep peacfullly for a full night of sleep. I dont go to see my Ps until my 6 week check up, so 3 more weeks. so i have to wear my bras 24/7 unless im in shower. O my NIPPLES, gush they stay Hard. I wonder is there anything i can put on them! Yes im wearing a Bra but they are front and center ALL DAY LONG! I feel like a Prevert. lol I hope everyone is doing well and healing on there journey to ta tas. xoxo.

So great they updated the site and you can upload...

So great they updated the site and you can upload pictures thru your phone! Lol

Hellllllo I cant believe 4 weeks have flown by. I...

I cant believe 4 weeks have flown by. I really have not had any changes from the week before. I been having more sharp pains and they just come randomly. I went back to work last thursday. I had been off 23 days. I had planned on taking off the whole month of April but i was beyond bored!!!! I live in Atlanta with my son and i dont have family and no friends so i felt like i was in HELL. I believe we all need a break but by the time the 3 mark passed i said ENOUGH. Like i said before im a Dancer/Stripper so ive sent pics on here and to some of my girl family members but other than my bf no one has seen them. So i went to work and felt like a puppy everyone wanted to feel them and asked a million questions. And they Loved them. lol So that made me feel AWESOME. A few girls didnt know i had got implants and thought i was Pregnant because they looked bigger and fuller. I think we all loved that newly pregnant full breast look or for some of the ladies whos breast get plump on there cycle. I was at work Thursday and Friday and the guys kept saying you look good somethings different. Idiots. I didnt do much at work because im not trying to lift my arms much, honestly when i held the pole above my arm it felt like i was doing to much so i kept my arms by my waist. My doctor told me to wear my bra 24/7 minus the shower of course. Here and there i let the girls get a break from the bra because i feel like im DYING. But at work of course i didnt have one on. So it didnt hurt it just felt different. I still have the upper fullness that need to drop or go away. When im at work i had a top that covers that. I can tell from my first pics from 4 weeks ago that some of the swelling has went down i just figured by the time 4 weeks came it would of been gone. I go to see my doctor in 2 weeks for my 6 week po. I cant wait hopefully they drop or something. Im missing my zumba, pilates classes. Doing cardio is fine but not using my arms is so boring. Im still massaging 3 times a day. I think i may ice i always say i do but than i be lazy. lol My scar look nice at 4 weeks im going to take some pictures, when i showed the girls at work they was all up under trying to find them. I really Thankfully for Dr. Bauer he treated my body with care. No bruising. I hope all the ladies are doing Great.

Well I'm almost 5 weeks po. I must say I'm inlove...

Well I'm almost 5 weeks po. I must say I'm inlove with my right giddy its nice than welllll the left one. That one stubborn! Its May and the weather is going to be in the 80s I would like to go to the pool. But I know I'm not ready and I'm not even thinking about getting sized yet. I wonder how long it take to get movement back in your breast? I hope everyone is Well

Can't believe it will me 6 weeks tomorrow! I can...

Can't believe it will me 6 weeks tomorrow! I can workout my top now, can't wait to do Pilates and Zumba. They said no push ups or planks yet. No more surgical bras or sleeping in a BRA!! I THINK I will still wear something at night. My right side has dropped more they said because I'm right handed so I need to do more massaging on the left side. I can wear underwire bras now. I got 2 at Target I had to get 36 D. I couldn't find a sports bra that I liked or fit well. Also I tried on this cute bralett bikini top I need an extra large top. Yeaaaaaa
I never thought with 300cc I would be so large, but than I forget I'm 4ft 9. I saw my mother this weekend for my brothers college graudation

When my mother seen me she said she was glad I...

When my mother seen me she said she was glad I didn't go to big. I found some bras but the straps are to loose at the top. The Joys of being small! I don't have to go back to my doctor until my 6 month check up. Most days I forget that I have Breast Implants. No pain or tightness like before. I can't wait to get a swim suit. Xoxo

I went to my first Zumba class tonight!! I feel...

I went to my first Zumba class tonight!! I feel really good my girls got in the way but I got a good sports bra from Wal-Mart a 36D and it kept them in place. I must admit I been looking for bras for a day and a half I have tried on 11 different bras and been real disappointed with all that padding in the bras. I didn't like it before my BA but I really don't like it NOW! The 2 bras I got yesterday have a little lining but I can touch my bra and feel my nipple. I don't want a bra that I can't touch myself in. I know that may sound crazy but if I wanted all that I would of saved my 4500 dollars. I'm 6 weeks po. I still don't have movement yet but I know its coming. I love how my breast look in a Real Bra because after wearing that surgical bra and bras like that its a difference. ....

So I went to Victoria Secret to get sized. So I'm...

So I went to Victoria Secret to get sized. So I'm not a 36D I'm a 34D. I told the lady they feel to tight. But she said after I move around I will be ok and snap it on the middle one in the back. I got so used to the strechy bras now I have to get back used to the regular ones. I know a lot of ladies wished they went bigger but I could of went smaller. I was shooting for an C cup. O well I'm not complaining just adjusting. XOXO

New Pic.

8 weeks flew by.

8 weeks PO. It's funny when you first gets your BA you seem like your looking at your breasts non stop!! Wondering when there going to look like something. Than the days and weeks fly by and one day you look in the mirror and BAM they look like breast the nice ones we paid for. My left one is still higher than the right. But I can tell in the 2 weeks since my 6 week check up that since I started massaging twice as much as I'm doing the right the difference. I look in the mirror and can't believe I wasnt born like this!!! Last night I was dancing on stage and I could hear a couple say they can't be real they are to Perky! THERE'S NO SUCH THING! LOL. This past weekend I danced in Myrtle Beach with people I didn't know and I have never gotten so many comnents on my girls. Most people thought they was real and asked to feel them. I have saline. I've heard silicon is softer, but I can't imagine mines being any softer. I workout I love for my butt to be soft but Firm. I lost a little muscle in my booty but it's coming back. I don't have any pain I sleep fine. I'm loving my summer dresses. I got a cute 2 piece swim suit from h&m I had to get a size 10 for the TOP! I HOPE all of ya are doing well.

Happy Birthday to myself ( 10 week and 1 day post op)

Hi Ladies.
I'm had my breast 10 weeks. Today is my birthday and I got my BA for my 31st birthday. I love my breast. I think I got the perfect size which is 300cc. They have dropped amazingly!! They are soft my left is still slightly higher but you can't really tell but I KNOW! I'M still massaging 3 Times a day. I also sleep in my bra the doctor gave me after my BA. When I first started wearing it 9 weeks ago I hated it. Now I love that bra at night! I know we don't have to wear a bra but I want to Protect my Investment. I have a girl I work with and she never wear a bra and I don't like how hers look being honest. I wear a 34D bra. But they don't look like they are big. They look very natural, I will be happy when my scars dissappear being I dance you can see them if you look. But I'm happy! The 4500 cash money I paid was worth it, someone totaled my car so I also got a new car last week! So I had an Awesome bday. I went to the pool today for 3 hours.
I got the look I was going for, I'm grateful for the Swan center and Dr. Bauer. I hope all the ladies are healing and filling out them swimming suits! Xoxo

5 months ( 23 weeks) Loving my girls!

It's been 5 months that flew by! I love my 300 cc saline 34D's! They look very natural. Out of the 10 girls I work with with BA mines are the best very soft. I meet a lady and we both got ours done April 2. Me in Atlanta her in Miami she had silicon. Hers feel like rocks idk why but maybe there to big. I hope everyone is having successful results!

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