No Kids, Petite, 105 lbs, Mentor Silicone Mod+ 275ccs, 32AA to 32D - Alpharetta, GA

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I've wanted bigger breasts from as far back as I...

I've wanted bigger breasts from as far back as I can remember. I was always very petite as a teen and even as I was approaching young adulthood I never really filled out in the typical areas that most women fill out in. I consider myself to be very fit and I lift weights on a regular basis to assist with a more shapely figure. Even though I am petite I have always had a full, round butt and my weight training has helped me achieve what most people consider to be a "perfect" butt. Unfortunately, lifting weights shrinks your boobs and doesn't help them "grow" like it does for the glutes. This makes me want boobs even more now to even out my figure and feel more womanly. I have always been really self conscious of my breasts but thanks to push up/padded bras, I was able to put off having a breast augmentation due to the fact that I could hide my true size from the world behind these "miracle" bras. As I get older, I just want to feel more womanly instead of constantly feeling like I'm stuck in a 16 year old's body. After I graduated from college, I continued my research on breast augmentations and doctors. I stumbled upon Dr. Bauer from the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery again and I decided to book a virtual consultation. So far I am very pleased with the level of service the staff at the Swan Center offer and the vibe that I get from Dr. Bauer. I feel comfortable going through with the procedure. Since I am flying in for my surgery, my pre-op appointment is scheduled for the day before my surgery. I was told that the Swan Center has the largest inventory of breast implants in the Atlanta area so I am hoping that I can find the perfect pair of implants to suit my body frame and size. Dr. Bauer has already said that he recommends I have silicone implants via the inframammary fold and under the muscle. I'm really excited to try on the different size implants in my next consultation. I'm hoping for 250-300ccs but we will see what the doc recommends. I'll keep you all posted!

My stats are as follows:
- 105 lbs
- 5'2"
- 32AA hoping to be 32C

Wish Boobs!

I can't get enough of Instagram and YouTube celeb Sophia Miacova...the girl is just gorgeous! I'm pretty certain she had a breast augmentation about a year ago and her boobs look amazing. Even though she's 5'6" and I'm 5'2", she has the same build as I do so I am hoping to have similar results.

On my way to have my surgery!!

I'm on my way to my appointment for surgery at 6am this morning. I'm not sure what time my surgery is scheduled for exactly but 6:30 am was the time I was told to be there. I've been busy running around the past few days getting things ready for this day and it's finally here! I've got my nightstand setup with all of my post-op necessities, cleaned and disinfected the house I'm staying at while visiting Atlanta, and bought a wedge pillow and extra pillows for upright support in bed. I don't know if I'm having a delay of nerves or if I'm just so excited to have boobs that I'm just not nervous at all. What I'm nervous about is the pain after but I'm hoping it's tolerable.

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment and I decided on Mentor silicone smooth moderate plus profile implants. I chose the 275 cc implants after trying on 250ccs, 275ccs and 300ccs. The 250ccs didn't have enough upper pole fullness and looked a bit like a ball sitting on my chest. The 275ccs gave me a nice contoured look at the top, which is what I wanted to achieve the natural sloped look of breasts. The 300ccs had too much upper pole fulless. Dr. Bauer chose all of the implants in the range (250-300) and profile (moderate plus) that I wanted based on my research. He went off of the pictures I gave him of my wish boobs. Because we are on the same page, I know I will be happy with my results. Dr. Bauer is so sweet, along with his staff, and he is really confident in his work which makes me feel like I'm in the right hands.

He mentioned yesterday that he is going under the muscle and using deep sutures as an anchor so that my implants don't drop below my crease and I don't experience bottoming out. It sounds painful but I hope it's worth it.

I can't wait to update you all and post some post-op pictures when I am somewhat functional again. Wish me luck ya'll :)

I have boobs!!

Here are some pics a few hours after surgery. I'm still drifting in and out of sleep so I will post my surgery day experience later on.

My stats are as follows:
- 103 lbs dry
- 5'2"
- Was a 32AA (based on doctors measurements yesterday but have worn 32A bras since forever)
- Now I'm a 32C (4 cup sizes bigger)
- Mentor Round Smooth Implants
- 275 ccs Moderate Plus profile
- Under the Muscle placement
- Inframammary fold incision

Surgery Day Experience

I was told I couldn't eat after midnight the night before my surgery so I was happy when I got the call the afternoon before saying I had to be to the Swan Center at 6:30am. They don't tell you the exact time your surgery is but I knew it must have been scheduled for early if they wanted me to come in at 6:30am. The quicker I got in and got out, the quicker I could eat! :)

I checked in at the Anesthetic Center and waited for about 5 minutes before I was called in by my anesthesiologist. He led my mom and I to my suite which looked like a hotel room. The Swan Center and it's amenities remind me of a fancy hotel which made me feel relaxed and not like I was about to have surgery.

After they tested for pregnancy, I slipped into my gown, hair net and medical shoe covers. They put me in a recliner and placed a warm blanket on me. They also had a mini heater pointed at me which also made me feel nice and toasty. I tend to get very cold and start to tremble when I'm nervous but this time I just felt relaxed. As you can tell the Swan Center is very skilled at making their patients feel comfortable and at ease from the first consultation to after the surgery. They then hooked me up to an IV and put some medicines in the line. Dr. Bauer came in, marked me up, and minutes later I was led into the operating room. I remember lying down on the opeating table and my anesthesiologist injecting my IV line with something which made my arm sting really bad and it was lights out after that!

I don't remember being very awake and aware of what was going on once the surgery was over. I remember voices and being put onto the wheelchair but that's about it. I woke up 3 hours later in my bed at home and even then I was still drifting in and out of sleep. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was about a 5.

Every time I went to the bathroom, which was quite a bit given the amount of water I drink a day, I kept taking a peak of my new boobs ^_^ I couldn't help it! I stayed awake for a few hours to eat, take my medicines, ice my chest and attempt to watch a movie. I would fall asleep a few minutes into every movie because of my pain meds; they made me drowsy. I didn't experience any nausea whatsoever after my surgery and could eat just fine, so I consider myself lucky. I have what I think to be a sensitive stomach so I found this to be interesting.

I have a bit of swelling in both breasts but it's normal and as the day went on my chest felt tighter and the pain went from a 5 to a 8. I have no bruising so far and I started taking Arnica and Bromelain for swelling, bruising and pain. My breathing is fine so far and I can take long breaths. I do find myself hunched over because pulling my shoulder back stretches my chest muscles and causes a lot of pain.

Trying to keep my arms at my sides will take some time to get used to as I'm not used to the T-Rex like positioning of the arms . I'm trying not to reach for things and letting my mom get them for me instead. She has been so caring and helpful; I'm really glad she came to Atlanta with me for my surgery. I received a call later on that night from Dr. Bauer just to check on me and see how I was feeling. Dr. Bauer and his staff truly make you feel like you are important and apart of the Swan Center family. I've had such a pleasant experience so far. I pray it stays this way and I have a speedy recovery.

I've attached some pictures of the Swan Center and my suite in case you're thinking about having surgery done in Georgia.

Pain, Pain Go Away

So my doctor warned me the day before my surgery by telling me I would hate him the day after surgery. He said the day after is always the worst, pain wise. Well let's just say I'm in the most pain I think I've ever been in in my life but it's still tolerable once I'm on the pain meds. I've been trying to sleep it off in the hopes that I'll just wake up to no pain eventually. Like many women on here have described, it feels like my implants are going to pop out of my chest and an "elephant" is sitting on it. I'm having to take shorter breaths now as the tightness increases. I can't even get out of bed without someone physically lifting me up. Once I'm up, I'm in a lot of pain from gravity weighing down on my boobs so I've been taking it easy all day and have been lying in bed watching Netflix, eating, sleeping, etc. Feeling a bit helpless but still hopeful. I have 1.5 more weeks to recover before I head back home so I'm in no rush.

My doctor also prescribed me MiraLAX to help with constipation from all of the meds I'm on and I finally had my first bowl movement today. It took 24 hours to work but it's better than a lot of the others who went days without having a bowl movement. Before the surgery I went once or twice a day. I also bought some Magnesium Citrate just in case the MiraLax doesn't work but I seem to be doing just fine.

Day 2 Post-Op

Today was my first day out of the house. My mom and aunt decided to go to the gym so I tagged along for the ride and went to the nail salon next to the gym. I didn't want to be out for long just in case I started to get tired so we aimed to be there for about 45 minutes to an hour. I felt like treating myself to a manicure and pedicure after being cooped up at home for the past 2 days. It also gave me a chance to walk about and help with circulation in my legs. I didn't use the back massager in the pedicure chair as I knew I couldn't handle my new breasts bouncing up and down as yet. Jerky or quick movements are a no-no when recovering and you'll learn that fast enough. A slow back massage would have been great though since I do experience some lower back pain from me sleeping in the upright position every night. That will be another treat to myself once my doctor gives me the go ahead to lie on my breasts. Anyways, the highlight of my night was the fact that I had to lift my hand up and over my breasts to have my manicure done. I was glowing inside when the lady asked for my hands and I had to clear my side boob first!! I also haven't been able to wear a bra since I'm still in a taped bra and today I only had on a track suit hoodie. I couldn't believe how nicely I filled it out. Even when I wore a padded bra in it prior to my BA, I didn't look as nice as I did in it tonight. It's these little things that mean so much to me :D

Posted some pics of me today as well. Swelling is going down and the implants aren't as "square" as they looked the day of surgery. My muscle relaxes a little bit each day and the top of the implant starts to look smoother. They still look like torpedoes but I think it's because of the taped bra. It's supposed to maintain a particular shape and position. I'm hoping once the tape comes off in 4 days, they will be free to settle in a natural position and start to drop.

6 Days Post-Op

I had my first post-op appointment today. I was asked to shower for the first time this morning so that the taped bra would be easier to come off at my appointment. I was ecstatic when I woke up this morning; the past week has been rough with me only being able to have sponge baths. I'm big on hygiene and I felt like I wasn't able to address the issue properly. It's hard to get rid of any armpit odor you may have within the first 6 days because the taped bra covers half of your armpits.

So I drove to my appointment this morning and didn't have much discomfort. Taking sharp turns was the only issue I had because the car I borrowed was an older car and the powersteering wasn't that great. The tape came off easily at my appointment and the doctor said everything looked great. He just advised me to keep on icing and continue to keep my arms at my sides. He also said to take it easy as people tend to think they can resume normal activities just because they feel better. I still have some fluid "a squishy spot" in between my breasts and Dr. Bauer said that that will go away if I continue to behave. My incisions are healing but they look bumpy and it's still very red. They put some steri-strips over the incisions and fit me into a post surgical bra towards the end of my appointment. Mannn it felt tight. My implants felt like they were being squished into pancakes. The steri-strips are supposed to provide extra support to my disolvable sutures. They told me they will also help flatten out my scars and make my incisions heal straight. My breasts look more natural now that I'm out of the taped bra, even though they are still sitting high. The taped bra made them look and feel more like torpedoes. I am still a 32C but my doc did say that as the swelling goes down, I could end up being a full B/ small C. I hope I don't go down to a B cup because I might just experience boob greed.

I bought some silicone strips after my appointment to assist with the healing of my incisions, along with Airborne to make sure I stay healthy while I recover. I sneezed last night and I felt like my chest was going to explode. I ended up having some pain in the middle of my chest afterwards. The nurse told me sneezing and coughing could lead to the sutures pulling apart. If this happens I would have to go back into surgery. That really scared me since I thought I may be getting sick because of the change in weather. Right now I'm just taking vitamins, herbal supplements and Advil (when needed) to help me through the rest of the recovery. I'm continuing to ice also, as per doctor's instructions. I will update you all going forward if anything changes.

12 Days Post-op

Everything is going great with my recovery so far. At my 6 day post-op appointment, my doctor said to continue to take it easy for another week and keep my elbows tucked in at my sides as much as possible and that's what I've been doing. I no longer experience pain throughout the day and I've stopped taking pain killers. I'm only taking Bromelain and Arnica to help with the remaining swelling and prevent future bruising. The only discomfort I experience is in the morning when I'm getting out of bed. This feeling I experience in the morning is known as the popular term "morning boob". My chest muscles feel really tight first thing in the morning but as I get up and move around they start to relax. I've also been given the go ahead to buy a wireless bra which I can wear 14 days post-op. I'm quite excited to get out of this surgical bra next week because I'm experiencing chaffing and itchy rashes from the one the doctor gave to me. I'm not sure if it's too tight or I'm allergic to the bra. I've been using Burt's Bees diaper rash cream to alleviate the symptoms and it works well. Finding a 32C wireless bra was a challenge. My doctor recommended I get a Bali bra from Target but I couldn't find my size. They were all for bigger women with bigger cup sizes. I ended up finding a nice wireless lounge bra from Victoria's Secret. The orginal price was $49 but I scored a deal on Black Friday and bought two (buy one bra get one 50% off). I also found some nice soft bras by Hanes from Target for $14.99. They are super soft and comfortable for wearing to bed or around the house. Links for the bras are below:®%20Women's%20Full%20Coverage%20SmoothTec™%20Band%20Unlined%20Wireless%20Bra/-/A-16776678

My right implant is taking a bit longer to drop and has a square shape to it. I notice it more in the cleavage area. I'm assuming this is due to me being right handed and using my right chest muscle more but I could be wrong. I also had two pea-sized bruises - one on my right and one of my left breast. They showed up a few days after the surgery but are almost gone now. I'm continuing to be patient as I know these are common issues within the first few weeks of recovery.

Dr. Bauer did such a great job! I love how natural my breasts look and it's only 12 days post-op. I can't wait to see what they look like in 3 months. I spent Thanksgiving with majority of my family and they were amazed at how natural my breasts look. Several of them, including my aunts, commented on how they wanted to have a BA after seeing mine and hearing about my experience with the Swan Center and Dr. Bauer. The women in my family aren't blessed in the chest area so I wasn't surprised when they expressed that they would like to have the surgery done in the future.

20 Days Post-Op

I met with a nurse two days ago to go over massage techniques, which I was told to start right away. Dr. Bauer recommended a 3-point massage and I find it very easy to do. I'm massaging three times a day to assist with the dropping of the implant and so far I've noticed my breasts don't feel as hard. It's supposed to also help get rid of the indentation I have on my right breast in the cleavage area.

I also had some questions for the nurse and she answered all of them with confidence. I caught a cold a few days ago and I started sneezing and coughing. I was concerned about the effect it could have on the implants and the capsules forming. It feels like the implants are going to burst through my chest every time I sneeze. The nurse told me there's nothing to worry about and that I should just brace myself for the sneezes by holding my chest.

Also, the skin below my nipples have gone numb and the nurse reassured me that this is normal and feeling can come and go in the breasts during recovery. I found it strange that they went numb all of a sudden since I had feeling in them for two weeks post surgery.

I also asked if I can start sleeping on my side again and she told me I can start now as long as I don't experience any discomfort. She told me to listen to my body, it will tell me when I'm ready to do certain things again. I've been alternating between sleeping on my sides and back every night and I haven't experienced any discomfort. She did recommend that I hug a pillow when I sleep on my sides to alleviate any pressure I may have on the sides of my breasts.

She also told me that I can start doing some light, stationary cardio this week. I told her I didn't plan on working out again until 6 weeks post-op but it's good to know I can do some sort of cardio if I need to.

My nurse told me to continue changing my steri-strips every week and that I can start using silicone strips for scarring in three weeks time. I changed my steri-strips again today and the scars are healing very well. They're getting flatter and less pink in color. However, they're starting to itch like crazy! I only scratch the skin around the incision and it seems to do the trick. I am amazed at how small the incisions are. I can't stop wondering how they fit the implant through such a tiny incision.

4 weeks PO pics

6 Weeks PO Update

I thought at 6 weeks PO it would be smooth sailing but I've encountered a slight problem with my left breast. Approaching 4 weeks PO, I was feeling almost 100% normal again. Then out of nowhere I started having really sharp pains around the edge of my implant in my cleavage. A few days later I noticed what looked like rippling in the same spot. I tried doing massages to relax the muscle but putting pressure on the area was painful. The nurses at the Swan Center and they said it is normal for someone my size to experience rippling and said I should continue to ice and take Motrin when needed until the muscle relaxes. I've also lost 3 lbs since my surgery which I can't afford to lose, due to me eating less and not being able to weight train. This is not something I wanted as I have been struggling to put on size (fat and muscle) for years to maintain a healthy weight. I knew that losing weight meant the fatty tissue in my breasts would also decrease, increasing my risk of rippling. It is also a bit difficult for my doctor or the nurses to examine me closely and carefully via Skype or emails since I live out of state. I haven't heard of rippling being associated with sharp pains so I'm still a bit concerned. Researching the possibilities has me a bit worried since similar symptoms are associated with infections, capsular contractions, and symmastia. I decided to stop researching for now and put my mind to rest. I'm hoping if I do as my doctor says, the rippling and pain will go away.

On the bright side, both breasts are dropping a lot quicker than expected. They don't look like torpedoes anymore and aren't sitting high. My left breast looks bigger than my right but I'm sure it's just from swelling as my left breast has been giving me problems lately. The swelling in general has gone down significantly in both breasts, maybe even a bit more than I hoped for. I might even be a full B now as opposed to a small C. I'm still happy that I had the surgery though because I'm much bigger than I was before. I also started getting some sensation back in the skin under my nipples and my incisions have heeled well.

My doctor told me I can remove my steri-strips and start using the silicone scar strips at 6 weeks PO so I took the steri-strips off last night. I've only been wearing the silicone strips for a day and my incisions are itching like crazy. I took a peak in the mirror at them right before I showered and I noticed the area was slightly red. I hope I'm not allergic to the silicone strips but I'm going to continue using them for another day to see if it gets worse. My other assumption was that my bra is now making contact with the skin that had been covered by tape for 6 weeks, so it might just be irritated due to sensitivity.


14 Week Update

Hi Realselfers,

Sorry to skip out on posting updates but I've been so busy lately.

So I saw my doctor 4 weeks ago to go over the concerns I had with my left breast. I was experiencing sharp pains and rippling in the cleavage area. There was this constant burning feeling when I wasn't having the sharp pains, which had me worried that my implant was rubbing through my skin due to the lack of tissue in my breasts. After a quick visual/ physical inspection by Dr. Bauer, he said that my left breast looked fine and that the muscle just needed time to stretch around the implant and settle down. The news he gave me next took me by surprise...he said that I needed to take it easy with my right arm and try to use my left arm to do everyday tasks. Apparently the supports in the inframmary fold of my right breast looked weak. He also said the incision looked a bit irritated so he asked that I stop using the silicone scar pads and go back to using the steri-strips to give my incisions and inframmary fold more support. I've been so cautious over the past few weeks because the last thing I want is for my implants to "bottom out". I haven't attempted to start back training my upper body either.

Towards the end of my visit, Dr. Bauer asked that I wear bras with more support, including a U-shaped underwire bra which I would have to buy. I didn't mind since this gave me an excuse to take advantage of the semi-annual sale at VS :) His nurse also took a look at the bras I brought with me to my visit to make sure that they were the right bras for me and fit properly. We determined that I need to go up a cup size in my VS bras and try to find bras where the wire goes further up into the cleavage. I'm now wearing 32D bras from VS, including their sport bras.

One of the advantages of being busy over these past few weeks is that somewhere in between my last visit to Dr. Bauer and last week, the pain in my left breast completely disappeared and I didn't even notice. Instead of focusing on how fast I'm healing and "dropping", I'm just living life as if I didn't just have surgery 3.5 months ago. It helps the time go by much faster and when I actually take the time out to reflect on my progress, I'm amazed at how well my breasts are healing.

I've posted some pics to show you where I'm at today. The swelling has gone down significantly, if not completely. The rippling isn't as bad as before and as I mentioned earlier I don't have any more pain in my cleavage. My right breast always looks likes it's healing faster than my left so you'll see that it looks more fluffy and has dropped more than my left breast. However, the left is catching up slowly but surely. I can't wait to see how they look a year later.

5 month PO update

I must say time has been flying by now that I'm back to my regular routine and no longer experiencing pain/discomfort. I've forgotten that I have implants most days! My left implant is catching up with my right in terms of how much it's dropped. I'm actually no longer able to fit into 32C and have gone up to 32D. Thankfully I only bought one underwire bra in 32C. I no longer have rippling in my cleavage as the muscle has relaxed and appears to be smooth. My only concern is that my incisions are a bit above my crease and they are still dark. Even though I've been using the silicone scar strips everyday, they haven't lightened much in the past 3 months and I'm afraid that the positioning and color of the incision will make it very noticeable. This was one of my fears prior to the surgery and I'm hoping that I can have laser done in a few months to lighten them.

8 months PO

I can't believe it's been 8 months already. Looking back I definitely don't regret my decision to get breast implants but I still have some concerns which I intend to address with my doctor. So far I've only been able to see Dr. Bauer twice since my surgery because I live outside of the country. Between my job and his busy schedule, it's been difficult trying to meet with him. Even when I set up Skype sessions, I end up only getting to talk with a nurse.

I'm starting to notice that my breasts aren't completely symmetrical. My right is more natural looking if you ask me. It has that natural tear drop shape and hangs lower than my left. My left implant seems rounder. I didn't notice it prior to having a breast augmentation but my BEFORE picture shows a bit of asymmetry so this could be why I'm seeing it more now.

My breast implants also sit below my incisions and while they do not look like they are "bottoming out", I don't like the fact that my scars are more noticeable since they aren't in the folds of my breasts.

I switched from the silicone scar sheets to the silicone gel. They're both made by Scar Away. I like the fact that the scar gel is more discrete under clothing and I no longer have to worry about washing my scar sheets after each use. My scars seem to be improving and getting less red. I still plan on talking to my doctor about having laser done to get rid of any scarring that's left.

Stay tuned! My next update will be after I've had my next appointment with Dr. Bauer.

Picture Update

8.5 Months Video Update

8.5 Months Video Update

12 Month Post-Op Update

I saw my doctor 12 months post-op in lieu of my 6 month post-op appointment because I was too busy to take time off to travel. Everything went great during my appointment and I was given some bleaching cream to help with the pigmentation of my scars. I'm to use it at night only for 8 weeks. Dr Bauer said that my folds probably dropped lower than they should have due to the level of activity I engaged in post-op. I still don't know if I really believe that because I felt like I was more cautious than most people, even up to 6 months after my surgery. Good news is that it's not a big deal but if I want to correct it, I will have to undergo surgery again. He also recommended I try BBL treatments if the bleaching cream doesn't work. I was also told to keep massaging my breasts and refrain from doing any chest exercises indefinitely.

Back at lifting heavy again

I'm back at training hard and lifting heavy weights again. I've completely stopped training chest directly but all upper body exercises still work the chest as the muscles are all connected. It's still a strange feeling when my chest muscles flex. The constricting of the muscles on the implant is still an awkward feeling. But other than it feeling awkward, I haven't had any pain and I'm able to push myself far enough to start seeing results again :)

Almost a year and a half later...

Almost a year and a half later and my implants continue to look/feel softer every day. For those of you who are in a rush for your implants to look/feel natural, note that it is a long process. Even though my implants have "dropped", my muscles and nerves are still adjusting. From time to time, I get numbness on the bottom half of my breasts but I was told it's perfectly normal even at this stage. I still massage my breasts once a day as directed by my doctor and stopped using my scar lightening cream.

I spent this weekend at the beach with family/friends and nobody suspected that I had a BA (I did keep it a secret for the first year). Most people commented on how perky and perfect my boobs looked but they thought my bathing suits were creating the illusion LOL. When I told them my "little secret" they were shocked. It's so funny how people assume if you have breast implants they will look "hard", "fake", "like tennis balls", or "like gigantic balloons". So glad I did my research and found a doctor that knows how to create natural results!!

I must admit that I have experienced boob greed a few times since my surgery. After the swelling went down and my implants finally settled into place, the difference in size became more noticeable. Sometimes I find myself staring at my breasts in the mirror wishing I went a little bigger but don't think I could go through surgery anytime soon. At the end of the day I'm just glad I'm no longer flat in the chest area :)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I'm really happy with my breast augmentation results so far. It's going on 4 months since my surgery and I'm blown away everyday by how natural yet full my breasts look. Because I'm petite I didn't have to go very big to add some size to my chest...I chose 275cc moderate profile implants from the selection of sizes Dr. Bauer recommended. I did have a few complications in the beginning due to my petite size and lack of breast tissue but Dr. Bauer's recommendations have helped the issues subside. I felt very comfortable leading up to the day of surgery which was unusual seeing as I have always been afraid of going under the knife. The staff at the Swan Center are all very nice and knowledgeable. The facility is very nice, almost feels like a upscale hotel. My only issue was getting the expected level of attention I needed during the first few months when I was going through complications. I am an overseas patient and the Skype sessions were almost impossible for them to coordinate and I felt like my appointments were rushed. I guess it just goes to show Dr. Bauer is a busy guy and of great demand because of how great he is at his job.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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