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HI realselfers! I am just another gal who had...

HI realselfers!

I am just another gal who had insecurities all her life due to her small breasts. I am so glad to have found this website because it has helped me tremendously during this journal.

Some background info on me:
24 year old female who grew up in a very conservative family. My parents were always disgusted by fake boobs. This is mainly because almost every women on my extended family has had breast augmentation. Therefore, growing up it was always reiterated to me that breast augmentation is not something a smart woman would do. M/y childhood was more focused on school work, although secretly I wanted boobs so bad. Fast forward, I started dating my now husband. He has caught me browsing on the internet looking at breast augmentations before. He also really disapprove of them (we both have conservative families). So i pushed that thought aside. A month after we got married, my husband gave me two choices; 1) we invest money into a retirement account for me or 2) i can use that money to get breast aug. I told him he didn't have to even ask! Besides, what 24 year old want to save up for retirement? My husbands likes to plan ahead lol.

My breast aug journey:
So around September of this year was when I started doing research about breast aug. I interviewed with about 5 plastic surgeons (all of which I found through realself). I ended choosing Dr. Bauer from the Swan center (look below for complete review). My advice for those of you who are still doing research - interview with as many PS as you can! This way you are sure of your decision and will not have any regret! In the end, my husband I laid out a portfolio of all the surgeons we saw and we narrowed it down to two doctors. We did went on the american board of plastic surgeon and the Georgia medical board (basically we did a background check). This was what lead us to choose Dr. Bauer for my surgery.

5'5 feet tall
108 lbs ( I weighed my the morning before surgery)
No kids!

I am also a very athletic individual. I lift weights about 5 times a week and run about 3-4 times a week. My biggest pest about this whole journey is not being able to work out!

Some pics!

Here are some pics of my breast before and after. I didn't take enough before pics :(

Day of surgery and day after

My surgery was scheduled around 8AM yesterday (12/10). My husband and I actually came 30 mins late due to traffic! Sitting in traffic did not help with my anxiety. However as soon as I arrived at the Swan Center, I felt a lot better. The nurses made me feel at home. I did a urine test to check for pregnancy (even though my period start yesterday), changed and got hooked up with the IV.
I am a huge baby when it comes to needles, but the nurse made sure I felt really comfortable. She gave me a "cocktail" which made me super relax. I even started giggling for no apparent reason.

Afterwards the Dr came in and marked me. They moved me into the surgery room (which looked very scary with all the machinery surrounding the operation table). The bed I laid on was heated so that felt really nice. The anesthesiologist told me I should be out soon. All I remembered was talking to the nurse about my age (she couldn't believe I was 24) and then I was knocked out. When i woke up, I was so drowsy. I woke up asking the nurses "so when do we start?" and they were like "we already finished, you're all done!"
So yeah the surgery went by quick! Nurses changed me and put me in a wheelchair. Again, everyone at the Swan Center was very accommodating. This made my whole surgery experience super nice.

So this was a topic I was really concern about. After reading a thousand reviews on realself and watching youtube BA vlogs, I noticed that everyone had a different experience when it came to pain. Waking up from surgery I did not feel any pain, just pressure on my chest. I only took 1 pain pill after eating that morning because I thought it wouldn't be that bad. I WAS WRONG. I woke up around 2pm in tremendous pain. I couldn't move my arms or anything. I just laid there wanting to cry because it hurt so much.
Luckily my husband heard my cries and came in. We decided to pop 2 pain pills right away even though it wasn't time yet. After I took my second round of pain pills and ate some dinner....I felt SO much better. I ended up laying on the couch coming in and out of sleep. Sleeping at night on my back wasn't as bad as I thought. I know a lot of girls complain about back pain, but I'm a back sleeper so it wasn't bad at all. I also brought a wedge pillow and that helped alot.

Day 2 update

So far I am doing very well pain wise. It does hurt in the morning when I wake up because the pain meds wore off. I still need help getting in and out of bed though.
Most of the pain right now is on my sides. I wonder if thats because my implants are really wide for my chest OR if the tape is digging into my skin.....maybe both.

So I want to share how I ended up with my size. I know implant size is one of the more difficult decisions because we all want to look natural but not having any regrets. During my consultation and my pre-op I expressed that I really want to be a large C/small D. The nurses told me to pick a range of cc....that way the surgeon can start at the bigger end of the range and work down until he finds a size that is safe and natural for me. I picked a range of 350cc - 375cc. Before the surgery I was really leaning towards 375cc. I saw other females online with similar stats as mine with 375 or even bigger...
However, on the day of surgery Dr. Bauer came in to mark me. He expressed to me that he will try to go as big as he could but since I have such a small frame, He doesn't think he could fit 375cc. At first I was disappointed to hear that but I trust him and his judgement. Now that I'm done with surgery, I thought he made a right choice by giving me 350cc. I think any larger, I would really have a hard time healing. Yesterday I wore a button up flannel and went to run errands with my husband. I wasn't wearing a bra (still have tape on) but both my husband and I thought the implants suited by frame really nicely. Not too big and not too small. Overall, I'm happy with my size. I hope they don't shrink too much

Bad grammar

I've been re-reading some of my updates. I apologize for the bad grammar, its the pain meds! I can never focus on one task for too long. :(

Day 10 update

Sorry for the lack of updates! So much as happen since my post op. I had my post op last Wednesday (12.16) and when the bandages came off, my boobs were sitting high and swollen! I could still tell they looked great. Dr. Bauer informed me to continue to take it easy and to ice! Both of which I had a hard time doing. After my post op I started gradually feeling better. Now at day 10 post op, I can finally lay on my size (briefly), get in and out of bed without help, and cook! I still feel numbness around the sides of my breasts and around my nipple. Pain wise, I only feel short periods of pain sporadically throughout the day, all of which are very barely and are more of a nuisance that anything. I stopped taking pain pills around day 4 and didn't even ease slowly by taking OTC pain meds. I just stopped taking pain meds all together and I feel fine. In fact it's because I feel so fine that I forget to take it easy!

2 week post op

Finally at the 2 weeks mark! Healing has really tested my patience. For the 1st week after surgery I was depressed. Depressed mainly because I couldn't enjoy the things I usually do to de-stress (i.e. working out, cooking, cleaning lol). Even though I was resting I was still stressed out because of school (grad school never pause).
Anyway this week has been A LOT better. Everyday I feel slightly more better and have more mobility. I was driving by day 6 and it was fine. I didn't have any difficulty steering the wheel, only difficulty opening the car door and putting the seat belt on. Here's my timeline:
Day 6 - driving
Day 9 - finally getting in and out of bed without any assistance and more ease. Finally able to put on pull over tops and sport bras by myself
Day 10/11- started walking on thread mill at 3.4 mph, pausing every time i felt my heart rate go up
Day 12 - continued light cardio. I can reach high shelves if needed, just gotta reach up very slowly
Dat 14 - I feel asleep on my side! Accidentally though. There wasn't any pain, it just felt weird. I didn't stay on my side for long though.

Pain - I only feel pain towards the end of my sleep. Early in the morning my breasts get really stiff and the surgical bra did not help. I also feel burning sensation on the side of my left boob sometimes. I asked the nurse about this problem and she said it's normal. My left boob is the troublesome one.

Post op appt - At 2 weeks I was instructed to start breast massages (3x a day). The nurse demonstrated to me how to do this. It looked a lot easier than I thought, my breasts are still firm so its difficult to massage. I'm also allowed to move out of my surgical bra into wireless bras, however I started easing into sport bras before the appointment. The surgical bra is so uncomfortable! I brought a sport bra from american eagle in size medium before the surgery and its currently my favorite bra.

Physical aspects - Breasts are still high and firm. From the pics they look high, but trust me when I say that at the 1 week post op they were a lot higher (chin boobs literally). They dropped a good bit, but still got more to go. My nipples are no longer pointing downward.

That's my update! I wish all you gals out there a merry x-mas and happy holidays! If you're healing this holiday season, I wish you a good recovery.

3 weeks post op

No major changes to report!
I'm still having burning sensations on the side of my left boob. It gets worse if I take my bra off for a while, which I do for about ~20 min every night. The pain is also more evident at night towards the end of my sleep.

Bra sizing:
After my 2 weeks post op, I was told I could move to wireless bras. I brought a Bali bra on amazon (pic is shown) and the smallest band I could buy is a 34. Wearing it right now. It's not super comfortable so I might return. I also went to kohls and brought a wireless Hanes bra in medium. The hanes bra is super comfortable and fits me much better.
Last week I did go to the mall to do some last min x-mas shopping. I ended up trying out bras at Gap. Could not fit their 32C, as the band and the cups did not rest on my ribs. I went ahead and tried out a 34C (thinking the band might be too small) but the same thing occurred. This means, my cup size right now is a 32C/D, depending on the brand. I do have measuring tape at home and measured myself 5x! From what I measured, I'm 32D. I hope they do not shrink too much because I really like my size right now!

Right after my 2 week postop appointment I forgot to massage my breast. My husband and I were traveling and I kept forgetting. After x-mas my husband reminded me and I got to it. Gotta say, it helps so much with tightness! Throughout the day my chest muscle tenses up from moving around and the massage really helps relaxes that muscle. My breasts has gotten a lot softer because of this too. They're still firm compared to natural breast though. Still got a long way to go!

Question: Has anyone taken their bra off before bed? I don't recall being told to remain in a bra during bed time but I still wear a sport bra while I'm sleeping, just for support.

6 weeks!

Hi everyone!

Can't believe it's already been 6 weeks. Some days I wished recovery would be faster, other days I'm amazed at how time has flown by.

Pain/discomfort: At my last update, I talked about the burning sensation on my left boob. Happy to say, that pain is gone! By the 4th week, the burning sensation had dissipated. I can sleep on my side, I can lay on my tummy - no discomfort whatsoever. I just can't lay on them too long because my boobs start to get stiff.

Dropping - Boobs have dropped a lot. However, they still have a bit to go. They haven't "fluff" much in my opinion. Maybe around the 3rd month, I'll see more fluffing.

Size - I really really hope they don't shrink! I have no more swelling and I love my size. Some days, I wished I've gone bigger but for the most part I am happy with them at the moment. I brought a few bras from the VS semi sale and am fitting in a 32D perfectly. I still wear size S for most sport bras. The best part of all is that no one suspect a thing! The only people that know about my augmentation is my husband and sister, both of whom knew only because I told them. My in-laws, parents, coworkers and even close friends cannot tell! My gym friends can't even tell! This is probably because before the BA, I always wore super padded push-up bras (even my sport bras). Still wearing wireless bras and sport bras.

My post op appointment with Dr. Bauer was scheduled for this week but it got rescheduled to next week because he's overbooked. Will update with any news from the Doc next week!

Here are my surgery stats again for those who asked:

- Height: 5'5
- Weight: 107 - 109 lbs
- 350cc Mentor moderate profile silicone implants
- Implants were placed under the muscle

I love that I went with moderate profile because I like the side-boob look. Moderate profile def made me look more "full and wide" on top. My husband told me I looked more curvy and full now, as if I've gained weight. Which is great! I no longer look like a skinny pre-puberty teen.

8 weeks post op

Nothing significant to report!

Breasts have continued to drop and I think the swelling is pretty much gone. I am loving the shape of my breasts! I am experience boob greed on some days. Sometimes I wish I've gone bigger, some days

8 weeks continued...

Realself just posted my update in the midst of me typing!
Anyway, yes I am still experiencing boob greed. My husband thinks they look great though. Hopefully this feeling will subside.

I have almost fully adjust to my workout routine pre-surgery. I starting running last week and had no problems. I just couldn't run for more than 8-10 mins at a time because I wasn't use to the bouncing.

I miss my 6th week post op appointment though. I am still wearing silicon strips on my incisions as instructed at my 2 weeks post op. I havent seen any drastic change to my incisions other than the fact that they're no longer risen. Would appreciate any recommendations on scar-healing products!

4 months post op

Just wanted to give quick update on my boobs! They have continued to drop and as a result have gotten bigger. I love them! I am now boderline DD cup. I should have waited to buy bras but I'm definitely not complaining about a bigger cup size!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bauer is such a friendly personal doctor. As soon as I met him, I knew I wanted my surgery done by him. The staff at the swan center are beyond amazing! Every nurse was so accommodating, it made the process so much easier.

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