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Much like EVERYONE else on this page, my boobs...

Much like EVERYONE else on this page, my boobs never grew in! Since I was little all I wanted were boobs like my moms (she has a full C) she always told me to be patient and as I grew they would too. I mean, I would put socks in my training bra... as I got older my grandma gave me her chicken cutlets from when she had breast cancer and I would use those to lift up my skin to make it look like I had cleavage. It was around 18 and I asked my mom about my boobs and she finally admitted "honey, I guess I was wrong, the boob fairy never came" haha! From that time on she said once I graduated college I could get my boobs. So here I am, going to be a senior in college at UGA (go dawgs!) and after much begging she is letting me get them for my last year in school! The only reason she didn't let me before is because luckily she has paid for my school and thought if I could afford a BJ I could pay for my own school. Anyway, I am so excited to finally begin my boob journey. My mom sells a product to plastic surgeon offices so she knows my surgeon on a personal level, this past weekend I went to a convention for plastic surgeons with her and I got to meet all the reps for all of the potential breast implants I would be getting and that was AMAZING. It was so cool to talk to them about why their implants are the best and let me compare and feel all the different types. Next week is my consultation. 5 days from now actually. I am wanting to be a full C, not too big and not too small... I just want boobs. I have an athletic build, lifetime full of weightlifting, crossfit and even a past bodybuilding competition. I am known for my big booty so I just want to be symmetric! Getting gummy bear because thats the only type my plastic surgeon does now (which is okay I wanted that anyway) thinking textured tear drop because I love the natural slope look. I am going to post before pics that I took. And hopefully, like many other posts on here did for me, I can help at least one other person! :)

?The *second* long awaited day finally arrived!! I....

The *second* long awaited day finally arrived!! I had my consultation for my BA! I went to the Swan Center in Alpharetta, GA and met with Dr. Bauer and his assistant nurse Lindsey. It was SO.GREAT. First we went over my history and Lindsey talked to me about all the choices with incision types, type of implant and over/under the muscle. Ultimately I kind of already had an idea of what I wanted but overall I decided on the Mentor round smooth implant, under the boob crease, and under the muscle!! Dr. Bauer was wonderful, so nice, and made me feel very comfortable. Come to find out my bra cup size is a negative A.... so thank God for my scheduled BA! After all that and more questions answered the fun part came! Trying on the sizers!! In my mind I had a size that I didn't want to go under and a size I didn't want to go over. Attached are pics from the size range I chose! For my body size and width I wanted a full C/ small D so I am going with 375-400 cc's. Bigger than what I thought I would want but it really did just make my body that much more proportionate. After all of that we scheduled my surgery!! July 28th can not come fast enough!! I am taking a week off from work (I serve during the summer) and my mom will be going with me and then taking care of me! I can't waittttttt!

More before boobs

I bought a bathing suit just to fit my new boobs in! It's a VS large top- this before pic are my boobs pulled as far as they can to give me fake cleav! Haha I know others know what I'm talkin bout, the grab and pull!

Wish boobs!!

A made a whole photo album in my phone of wish boobs! These are just a few of them. The natural slope at the top is my favorite party and obviously a common trend with my wish pics!! I'm just ecstatic to have boobies finally!


I am exactly two weeks out today from my surgery and I can barely stand it- the days go by so slow and I think this will probably be the longest two weeks of my life! I'm posting pics of myself pre BA in full frontal nudity because I need opinions! In my consultation initially I had decided on 400 cc but the past couple weeks I have been going back and forth on whether I may have chosen too big but then I don't want boob greed afterwards! The strugggggle. So then yesterday my mom actually mentioned something to me about it also saying that she was also wondering if I chose too big. I know the doc says don't go by cup sizes but I want to end with a full C... No bigger no smaller! What are yalls opinions, wish you would've gone bigger? Glad you chose the smaller size? Let me know!!


I had my much anticipated pre-op today! I can't believe I am a week away from the best thing I have ever done for myself!! Every single process of this journey is so great, even initialing a million different pages was fun today! I went to my pre-op today by myself, my mom actually had some business to attend in the same facility so she was there but not in the room with me! I met with a nurse and could finally throw down my $3500 I had been saving in cash from working all summer. Such a great feeling having a rubber band full of money to give away for something so amazing! haha! We went over all the paperwork and finally I tried on sizers again, I made my final range for my boobs 350 cc - 400 cc. I completely trust my doctor- but to make me feel a little better the nurse said to email them pics of my wish boobs and then boobs I do not like and he actually tapes my wish boobs up in the surgery to make sure I get the same! All of this info made me feel 100% better and made me trust Dr. Bauer even more. Today was amazing, and I know this is going to be THE LONGEST week of my life!! I am attaching pics of my body proportions- so you ladies can get a feel of how big my booty and legs are compared to my barely there boobs! :) Already put in my prescription into the pharmacy, buying antibacterial soap, ice packs, and miralax this week beforehand- anything else that I HAVE to have please let me know!!

The longggg awaited day!

It's here! The day is finally finally here! I think this week was longer than a week before Christmas as a kid! I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 so I think that my surgery should be around 8:30/9. I am honestly so blessed. My support system is just great. My mom is driving me to and from surgery before she goes to work. My boyfriend will be taking care of me all day today and then my dad the rest of the days! My good friends got me flowers and an adult coloring book also. I have no idea how some ladies do this without support! I definitely applaud you. Well... Wish me luck. See ya on the other side!!!

Post Op: finally the other side!

Whew! What a day! I can't believe this time last night I didn't have any boobies.... Well I guess I'll just tell about how my day went. I got to the Swan Center around 7:30 and waited for a little bit before getting called back. I tried to stay as calm as possible because I have bad anxiety and I just didn't want to panic or anything which ended up working, no anxiety at all! I got my blood pressure taken, took a pregnancy test and finally got some meds through the iv that calms your nerves- felt like a pitcher of margs to myself! Haha! Dr. Bauer came in and marked me all off and then I walked to the surgery room and was out so fast. First thing I remember was Bauer talking to me about having patience for them to drop and what not and talked to my mom in the recovery room while drinking some ginger ale and I slept on the way home! I pretty much slept all day long until some friends came over (with more flowers) and my bf also got me flowers, it's a little garden in my room! Haha

The pain was the worst when I woke up from surgery. After I took my pain pills once we left though I've felt a lot better. I still need help lifting my body up and also having trouble wiping myself after I pee? (Didn't expect this, anyone else experience that?) idk what I'm going to do when I go number 2 haha. No numbness really.. Nipples are sensitive but not awfully bad at all! Over all I feel great for just having surgery.

I have to wear this tape shown in the pics until Monday which is probably for the best so I don't compare/ have bad thoughts / etc.

Oh! He ended up going 360cc moderate profile. EXACTLY what I wanted! :)

Post op: Day 3

So today was day three of post op (counting the day of surgery) and not much has changed! I don't really have any awful pain, more of just tightness in my chest. I do get a few zingers in my incisions when I try and use my chest muscles but it's not that bad! The worst is after sleeping for a while- my boobs are hard and sore and I have to be helped out of my sleeping position! Those are the only negatives so far though and if that's the worst I experience then that's amazing!! People keep asking me if its worth it and it is 150% worth it. I finally took a bath tonight and carefully washed around my tapings! They don't come off until Monday so I don't really know if my boobs have changed since day 1 or not. I love all the support I have gotten from you ladies on here and I can't wait for Monday to be able to see them fully!!!

Post op: day 5

Yay I finally got all my taping off today! I had my first post op appointment and was cleared to take a shower before the appt to make it easier to take the tapings off! That was a greaaaat feeling. I came off my pain meds yest which I'm regretting a little today because I'm super sore. I went to a Shania Twain concert Saturday night though which probably wasn't the best choice even though I sat the whole time... I was still super sore and sleepy the whole time. Anyway the doc said everything looks perfect except my incisions are a little irritated and I can definitely feel that- they're constantly sore so hoping after getting my taping off and resting some more they'll heal up pretty quick this next week. I got put in the lovedddd granny post op bra and it's really not that bad (considering I was in a tape bra all last week) I didn't get to peak at my girls at the post op appt so I rushed home to take my first look and I. COULDNT. BELIEVE. MY. EYES. They are absolutely perfect. Perfect placing, perfect size..... And they haven't even dropped yet. I'm just in awe at Dr. Bauer's work! Makes me want to sit still all week and not mess anything up. They were so perfect I just stared in the mirror and cried. they just look like they were meant for me. Like something I should've had all along, and the pictures don't do them justice at all. So for everyone contemplating getting a BA or not........ Do it do it do it- you won't regret it.

Some more info to help out: whatever you can take and do to make your movement in the poop area easier, do it. I took smooth move tea and some poop pill my doc gave me and that's it. On day 4 I took a laxative without stool softener or anything and it was nottttttttt goooood. Probably the most painful part of this whole surgery yet far!

It's hard not being able to raise my arm above my head to put my hair up- I have so much of it and it's so long I get annoyed so some advice for ladies w that, get a giant alligator clip. My mom just twirls it on my head and puts all the hair in that clip: makes it so easy!

Let me know if you have questions and happy Monday, don't think anyone's could be as good as mine right now!!!!! :)

8 days post-op!

8 Months Post Op

Still the best decision I have ever made! I can't say enough of Dr. Bauer and his work. My main goal was for my boobs to look natural and drop just like normal non-surgical ones and that is exactly what has happened! Only downfall is stretch marks I got when they dropped because they were so small but they are barely noticeable!
Joseph Bauer

I absolutely loved Dr. Bauer and all the nurses at The Swan Center! From the moment you walk in you are treated like royalty and made to feel so special. The nurses will tell you their boob stories and Dr. Bauer really listens to your wants and needs! He made me feel so relaxed and the fact that he does the procedure at his center and not a hospital is amazing and made me that much more relaxed. Barely any waiting times, the information given was easy to understand and helpful all the way through. After surgery, that night, Dr. Bauer personally calls and checks on you. That's real customer care! I will 100% recommend Dr.Bauer and The Swan Center to ANYONE looking to get their breasts worked on in Georgia (or outside of Georgia)!

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