39 Year Old Breast Implant Removal After 10 Years - Alpharetta, GA

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My breast implants were slowly poisoning me. There...

My breast implants were slowly poisoning me. There were so many things going wrong in my body and I never made the connection until I came across this website. A few months ago I realized something was very wrong with one of my implants. I suspected a rupture so I began to research the possible complications. I was astonished to find so many women with the same symptoms. Thankfully I found an amazing doctor that understood my concerns and helped me get rid of the implants. Today I am 6 days post op and I feel amazing. Just to name a few, for now, my insomnia disappeared immediately after explant and my body temperature returned to normal. It had been slightly elevated for a few years. Not enough to be considered a fever, but enough that it was not normal for my body. Additionally, a few years ago I started to develop extreme dryness of the skin in my hands, especially a few of my finger tips. The skin was so dry that it was cracked, painful and flaky. Just 2 days after explant and the skin on my hands are so smooth and on the road to a full recovery. I will post more details about my symptoms, but I just want to encourage anyone who is not sure if they should explant. I am so shocked at how quickly my body is recovering that I just had to make it public as soon as possible. It is worth it!!! Your life is so much more important than the size and shape of your breasts! You can do this!!!

7 days post op after breast implant removal

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for being so supportive and so brave to share your stories. I never thought in a million years that I would be unhappy with my breast implants. I will post pictures later today. I did not think I would feel comfortable sharing my story on the site, which is why I never took pictures of my breasts before the surgery, but I will try to find something to show you. I understand how important it is to show you my results as I am sure it will encourage many.

Several years ago my health began to decline. I started having a number of issues that really began to scare me. My skin tone changed to a strange pale color. Darker colored bags started to form under my eyes. I began to suffer from insomnia, nerve pain, bone and muscle pain, tingling in my hands and feet, extreme dryness of the skin in my hands and arms (so bad that the skin was cracked and sometimes bled), dark spots in certain areas of my face and lips, fatigue, massive brain fog, constant coughs and colds, elevated body temperature, dryness of the throat causing massive thirst, ringing in my ears, constipation and headaches. I am sure that I will remember more as I continue to post. Every time I went to the doctor I had a laundry list of symptoms that the doctor just was not sure why I was having them. I think the doctors thought I was either crazy or lying because it was so much going on and they had no explanation.

Two years ago I became pregnant with my second child and everything got much worse. I developed two different types of infections in my breasts and to make matters worse, my breasts grew from a small D to a very full DD and they never went down after the pregnancy. They hurt so much and my left breast sometimes had a strange hard ball towards the bottom. A few months ago while doing sit ups I noticed that when I would lay back flat on the floor I developed an alarming and very uncomfortable pain in my right breast. At that point I had enough so I started doing research because I suspected that the hard lump was a result of a rupture. As I searched frantically on the Internet, I came across this site. I had never been so relieved in my life to find information that totally backed up everything I had been going through for years. Needless to say, I began a desperate search for a good surgeon that would be able to successfully remove the implants and the entire capsule that was likely contaminated. After about a week I found Dr. Rudderman in Alpharetta. Even though this was going to cost me money, I was thrilled about the possibility of being me again. I became so excited about healing and watching all of my symptoms disappear.

My consultation in early August with the PS was very encouraging. He told me that I would feel so much better after they were out. He was right!! My surgery was in the early morning of September 1st and I have felt amazing since. He was able to remove the entire capsule on both sides and even though one of the implants was ruptured, they both came out completely as well. He took pictures of the implants and the ruptured one was totally discolored. It had turned a dark yellow color.
Tomorrow is my follow up appointment. I can't wait to see what the doctor has to say. I will keep you all updated after my appointment tomorrow. Again, I thank you for all of the support and love!!

9 days post op

9 days out

Hi Ladies, I should have posted this update with the pictures above, sorry for any confusion. Today I am 9 days out and I feel amazing. My boobs still look big in the pictures so you can imagine how huge they were with the 457cc silicone implants. I saw my doctor yesterday and he reassured me that the swelling will go down and that the skin will shrink back some. I am going to get measured today for a comfortable bra to wear during the healing process. I was previously a very full DD, probably a borderline E.
I am happy to report that most of my symptoms have disappeared. No more insomnia, no more constipation, my deep dark circles under my eyes are gone, my skin looks more youthful and a severe skin reaction in my hands that caused painful bleeding, cracking and roughness is GONE!!!! I am so happy. I had forgotten how good it felt to be normal.
My doctor confirmed that over time implants can cause chronic inflammation that can affect EVERYTHING in the body. He told me that I will detox and that I will feel better than ever. I understand the need for a woman to feel beautiful and feminine with beautiful breasts, but the risks of having them are so much greater than any benefit they can provide.
I will tell anyone that wants to listen about the dangers of implants. The scariest part of having them is that the symptoms and the poison slowly creep up on you and the changes are so small that over time you may not connect the dots and realize the implants are destroying your health and causing your body to decline.
I am a very private person and I would rather NOT share my journey, but I understand how important and lifesaving this information can be. I hope that I can help someone out there make the right choice. Many blessings to you all!

10 days post op

Well, I was fitted for a bra today because I need more support than the sports bra I am wearing. I measured at 36C. I almost cried.... I want to be so much smaller. I know I am still swollen, but I doubt my chest will shrink a whole cup size. I just may have a lift in a few months after I heal from the explant. That may help me get to the size I want.
Dr. Randy Rudderman

Amazing doctor...very professional. He understood my concerns and helped me every step of the way. Unlike other surgeons, he never tried to convince me that I would not like my breasts without implants. He reassured me that I would feel so much better after explant. His surgical skills are amazing. The results were so much more than I expected. My breasts look great, even after removing 457cc silicone implants after 10 years. I recommend him to absolutely everyone!!

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