30 Years Old Mother or 2, 135lbs, 5,"1" - Alpharetta, GA

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This Friday I will be going in to have liposuction...

This Friday I will be going in to have liposuction and a breast lift with Dr. Bauer at the Swan Center. They will be doing liposuction on my hips/flanks, bra area, lower abdomen and lateral breast (under arms area), I will also have a breast lift without implants. I am 30 years old and have two children 5 and 2. My breast have always been saggy, so we opted for a lift. I didn't want them to be larger, just small, tight and perky. I have had love handles my whole life, skinny and fat, never been able to wear bikinis or tight fitting shirts because I don't like the back roll. I don't have a huge stomach but always hold fat on my lower belly above my C-section scar. Its that mom "pooch" I asked the dr. what he thought about lipo vs. tummy tuck. since I don't have a huge amount of fat, he suggest lipo.. My surgery is this Friday. I am so so so nervous! I have had two C-sections and understand pain, however I fear this may be worse. and My 2 year old requires a lot of attention. I am nervous that my breast will still be saggy just smaller. I don't want them to be too much smaller. I am a size c right now, would like to be a full B or small C. And I don't want them to lay against my stomach at all.
I hear that the hips hurt the most. I am very nervous about the surgery and the recovery time. 4 days to surgery.

Today is the day

Waiting in the room ????????

nerves before surgery

Ahh!! Nerves are horrible!
Will I be ok? Will anything horrible happen? Will I get desired results? Will I still have saggy boobs? Will I still have back fat?
Will I have horrible scars? Will the pain be horrible?
I hope I recover fast, with 2 kids I don't have much time to be down,
Ugh I think in going to throw up!

Night 1

It's 2am, taking more pain meds. Still groggy from anesthesia. Took the dr 5 hrs vs 4. Removed 6lb of fat. Now I'm wrapped up tighter than burrito on my breast and compression garnet. Can't tell what he sucked out cuz my garmet is soo tight and there is a foam liner that stick out.
When I got released I was white as ghost. Nipples hurt worse and flanks. Couldn't find comfortable space in car ride and kept coming in and out of groggy state. Once I got home in bed and pain meds set in I was better.
Trying to get up and walk every three hrs. They said to out pillow under knees but that puts pressure on my back and that makes it feel worse. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Before photos

day 2

So sore from Lipo. Breast not so bad after lift. Bruising is getting worse. Pain is tolerable just sucks getting in and of bed. Don't skip pain meds first couple days.

Wrapped up

Day 3 post-op

So day 3 is better. Less sore everywhere. Garmet still sucks! It has become my enemy and after my 5 day I am convinced I will ditch this garmet and buy spanks. the swelling has come down some. It seems that sometimes certain area are more swollen at some times than others. My hips and back are still worse pain, lower abdomen and "mons" area don't hurt but the skin feels very loose and wrinkly.
I am ready for a shower and to leave the house!

day 4

feeling better. today is a weird day. my back and flanks are sore. feel sort of number. I am very tired today. feel a little cloudy. tomorrow is my 5 day post -op visit. excited to shower. my hair is nappy.
excited to see my breast.
ready for my life to be normal again.
I have been staying at my moms for recovery this week. and I miss my boys. miss my husband. miss my home. miss normalcy and some routine. sad day.
not even thinking about my body. just want to be normal again.

day 6

yesterday was my post op and that was an amazing day so far. took bandages off my breast so I was able to see them. and they look great. took off the horrible compression garment and switched to a SPANX type garment. so much better. and I got to take a shower. ahhh!
what a great feeling.
went home to be with my kids and sleep in my bed, drive my car. that was nice.
now its all about time. ugh!
slept better yesterday but my back is still killing. any suggestions?

Day 5

1 week - sucks

today is one week. its sucks. I am so so sore. my back is killing me. last night was horrible. I feel like a big balloon that needs to be popped. this damn garment is tight. I keep swelling bigger and it gets tighter. my stomach goes numb. my back is the worse and there is no way to make it better. my stomach and vagina look like a damn turtle shell they are so swollen. my boobs hurt. the tape is irritating.
its Friday night, my 2 year old has the stomach bug and I am broken.
just need a drink.
at this moment wish that I didn't do this. I cant wear any of my clothes. I am in yoga pants. I am NOT a yoga pant and tenni shoe girl! everything else hurts my stomach.
I really hope this starts getting better. I feel like the lipo is getting worse and everything that I read said it last for F***ing ever!
why did I do this.
I just want to be normal. normal Friday night. hanging out with friends going to dinner, having a cocktail and I feel broken!
I sure hope next week is better

4 weeks out- so much better

4 weeks as of this past Friday. feeling normal again.

2 weeks:
I did have draining from my breast starting at 2 weeks. had to go to Dr. every 2-3 days for them to check. they said it was just pockets of fluid that came to service and leaked out through the stitches. it was gross for the first week then slowed down. but no infection. So that's good.
no more leaking now.

3 weeks:
I started wearing my jeans. now I can wear anything. yeah!
my weight is the same as when I went in. I am not sure if I am gaining weight or still swollen weight. I did read it takes a while for scale to change. I feel nervous cuz I haven't been eating great and I have been drinking on the weekends. but I'm trying to chug water during the week.

every day is better. sleeping through night now. not as swollen. still puffy at the bottom and still some back fat I hope that is going away soon. dr. said I am still swollen. only time will tell.
I actually don't mind compression garment now :) feels jiggly without it.
and I am back in clothes!!! Dr. said I could start walking for exercise, no heavy lifting yet. but I can pick up the kids more and laundry and things like that. feeling back to normal. still just waiting for my belly to firm up. my skin is saggy. I don't that is going to go away without exercise. and my butt and legs are bigger. but they said its the swelling moving down. (I hope so). I weigh the same as I did when I went it. they said they sucked out 6lbs, but I haven't noticed one of the scale yet. Dr. said not to weigh, but how can I not.
my grandparents had lipo about 10 years ago and said that they would swell here and there all the time and really didn't see final results until 6 months. so its a waiting game now.
So far I am happy I did my breast, vote it is still out on weather I am happy about the lipo yet or not.

my boobs are doing great. very happy with the way they look. they are natural and perky. I think they will look great in a bathing suit! finally. and not pull on my neck cuz they are so heavy.
I had an inside stitch come through a cut on my nipple this week, so they trimmed that and it is ok.
tapes got me pretty bad. when they pulled them off 2 weeks ago it pulled top of my skin on nipple so that is healing now. dr. said it will heal back to normal. then I did it to myself this weekend on the side of my breast.
but the dr. wants me to wear them for 8-12 weeks. got to a get a normal bra this week. no underwire, but some padding, so looks better in shirts.

Pics from 3 weeks out

6 weeks

Friday was 6 weeks!! Yeah!! Feeling better. Swelling still there and moves around. Like today my belly is puffy!
But my back feels smaller today than yesterday. Yeah!! That's my biggest thing I want gone. My breast are great. Still lil sore. Go to dr tomorrow I hope they tell me I can wear a real bra. Still in my compression garment. I actually don't mind this thing now. Belly still Jiggly so it helps keep things feeling right. Started excercising! Only walking.


I'm working out now walking 3 miles. Going to joy New gym.but I'm bigger and feel like results still suck!! Want the back far gone. Stomach feels bigger, legs r bigger, face feels fatter. Frustrsted

3 months

So it's been 3 months. I was told I'm at 70% healed. My back still looks bad! It's like the fat came back. Stomach is smaller..well less poochy. Lipo I still don't think was worth the 5k. I don't look much better in my clothes,
Breast however are great! Healing wonderful! Scars are fading, wearing my scilicon gel pads every day. Got new bras! I'm still a c cup but a perky c cup! I can put them in a push up and it looks good! No more pulling them back up into place all the time!
Joined orange theory this month.. See if that will help me get more fat off. Stomach cincher helps reduce bloat after a weekend of too much fun! But it will give u a stomach ache. Keeps u from eating though.

5 months

So here are some pics of 5 months. Lipo on my back sucks. I can't really tell a difference. Boobs great. I love them. Nice natural and look great in a bra without being super sexy all the time
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Bauer now twice for a consultation. I really liked him and he has a great bed side manner. he didn't rush me through the visit. stayed with me as long as I need to and answer my question. when I went back for a second consultation to discuss different options he spent just as much time as the first. the nurses are very warm and friendly as well.

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