Nervous and Apprehensive but Sick of Being Flat Chested

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Ive been extremely flat chested all my life. The...

Ive been extremely flat chested all my life. The boys used to say "you're so flat, the walls are jealous." Im very self conscious about my boobs and jokingly say I don't need a bra, just bandaids over my nipples. My sister got a BA when she got narried and my mom got one at age 63! Both of them said its extremely painful initially - like an elephant sitting on their chest. And a feeling of pressure and tightness. I'm very nervous about that because I have anxiety which starts as a tightness in my chest. Im wondering if I will be able to handle the sensation. Ive read reviews where girls say it's not bad and others say its like bowling balls on their chest. I try to tell myself it'll be worth it when I have my big boobies!! When I can wear a bikini and fill out my clothes

Pre op pics

Oakland or Genesee County Michigan BA plastic surgeon suggestion?

I have a consultation saturday am. Im looking for several more options to review but am comcerned about price.

Consult w Dr Sabbagh

Had a great meeting w Dr Sabbagh today. He was very informative and real and I didn't feel like he was trying to sell me something. Met w Dr Mok at Allure Spa and he was a total pompous Jerk.

Have a surgery date!!

Surgery scheduled for may 19 2015! So excited and nervous at the same time. My new boyfriend is very supportive (of course). Set with Dr Sabbagh at the Straith Clinic in Bingham FarmsMI....

Two weeks to go

I decided on 425cc silicone high profile unders. Had my blood work and phsical and am all cleared. My dr doesnt ask patients to wear a bra but said I could wear a sportz bra if I wanted. He said it alleviates the pressure a bit. Ive bought a couple XL DD sports brass on clearance at walmart. Not sure if ill fit into them after surgery but don't want anything tight. Ive begun to gather supplies based on extensive reading and stalking this site lol
Bio Oil - ive begun using it in my boobs now to soften the skin
Senokot laxative - my nurse recommends taking this before the pain meds and said dulcolax causes cramping in some
Frozen peas for icing
Bendy straws
Smooth move tea
ZIp up hoodies
Button up shirts
will get magazines/books and rent movies day before surgery
Thats all I have for now. Would like to find a BA friend s similar date

2 days till surgery

I must say I'm more excited than nervous. I'm ready with all my supplies. One tip I read that I think will help is to use a travel neck pillow. Since we have to sleep upright, it may help. Would love to heat from girls with similar surgery dates!!

I have Boobies!!

Surgery was yesyerday and everything went very smooth. I was pretty groggy with no pain but swollen feeling. I slept noisy of day and ate w no nausea. Was sp happy I didn't have the "elphant on the chest" feeling. Boobs looj great - swollen but I like then alreadg!

2 days post op pics

3 and 4 days post op

Detroit Plastic Surgeon

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