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I am 32 a mother of 2 with 2 c sections and the...

I am 32 a mother of 2 with 2 c sections and the last one I had a hysterectomy as a result of labor complication. I am 5ft, 155 lb and I gained about 20lb after my last child. My body is a perfect results of unbalanced homones, depression, poor diet and lack of excercise. I look like I'm 5 months pregnant even though my son is now turning 3.

I've been married for 8 years, my daughter is 6 and son turning 3. I find myself very discourage with my figure and my depression is taking over my self worth, marriage and my quality of life. Last year, I went back to my country to get liposuction one on my abdomen but to my surprised, I was in so much pain, I could only bear to do the upper tummy and the two side...leaving what was the most important part (lower adbomen) bulky and baggy.

So, a year later, I'm determined to get it fix with a tummy tuck.

9/22: I had my Tummy tuck done at 11am. The doctor...

9/22: I had my Tummy tuck done at 11am. The doctor was on time and very professional. The nurse made it so easy because I was already asleep as they were rolling me into the OR. One of my greatest fear was to still be awake in the OR room and to the the overhead lights. I woke up approx. 4ish and was very groggy but I was able to hear the nurse as she was sending me up to me room. That night I was in and out of sleep and under pain killer.

9/23: The pain was not as bad, it almost feel like a C-Section that I've went through. I knew I have to get up and out of bed sooner or later. That was the most excruciating pain. I saw the doctor right after the surgery and twice the next day. I have only one draining tube and it was not as uncomfortable as I would expect it. I was sleepy most of time. That evening after seeing the doctor again, I was discharged. Pretty excited to be out of the hospital.

9/24: I stayed at my brother's place for the night since he lived 5 minutes away from the hospital. He drove me home that morning. I was slouching in the car and was leaning on my side. Every little bumps feel massively painful. Came home and quickly shower and removed my bandages. I saw my body for the 1st time since the surgery and for the most part, I was numbed and swollen..other than that, I looked amazingly smaller. My love handles are gone, my flaps and bulges are gone. The doctor did a great job at lifting my saggy lower tummy and the belly button is centered.

9/25- I rinse my body off in the morning and the...

9/25- I rinse my body off in the morning and the majority of the day was just taking it easy. Pain was managed by med. I was having a hard time pulling myself up off the couch. Body starts to get a bit that's a good sign og healing.

9/26: day 4 after TT...I was on senokot before and...

9/26: day 4 after TT...I was on senokot before and after the surgery, and I think it help cleanse my system. I was gassy the last 2 days and finally has a BM today. Draining at 20ml every 12hrs, I'm schedule to have my drain removed in 2 days. I started peeling off the bandages off my side and back where the doctor has done some ultrasound lipo, I noticed that he gave each hole at least 2 stitches to close it up. That's why I'm not oozing from the lipo area. I have to say, that's impressive! I was asked to massage the area that was was painful the 1st few days but as my body's becoming more manageable.

9/27: did a bit more walking today .....boy was...

9/27: did a bit more walking today .....boy was that painful! My tummy tighten up and was a bit swollen follow by back pain. Came home and had to take ome painkiller and was K/O for a few hours. I need to just take it couch potato for the rest of the day.

9/28: got my drain tube removed today. Was quick...

9/28: got my drain tube removed today. Was quick and scary at first but wasn't painful. Didn't know that draining tube goes from one side of the tummy and it runs across to the other.

9/30: 1 week post-op yesterday. Feel great knowing...

9/30: 1 week post-op yesterday. Feel great knowing my tummy will soon be shrinking and less swollen and numbed. Every time I walk a few blocks (which I didn't think was excessive) my tummy would swell up and its pulling on the stitches that I have around my tummy, making it it very tight and painful. I have to take it easy even tho my head is thinking I'm well, my tummy doesn't feel the same.

Just weigh myself today and to my surprise, i've...

Just weigh myself today and to my surprise, i've lost 6lbs! That's a bonus for me, but I think it was dued to lack of appetite after the surgery. I hope to keep loosing the excess weight be at 135 for next summer.

9/30: I have to voice my opinion on one thing,...

9/30: I have to voice my opinion on one thing, ladies....I'm tired of hearing my family members including my spouse accusing me of " taking the easy way out" by opting for a TT procedure instead of diet and exercising! They dont understand your frustrations, depressions and lack of motivations when it comes to loosing weight. This procedure cost money, time and lots of pain and suffering... And if they can't understand or comprehend your desire or respect your wishes...tell them to STFU! They sometime make it sound so sinful to alter your body. For me and million other ladies ou there, it's a new chapter, a 2nd chance to empower yourself with love and confidence. I love the song by Beyonce, " girls run the world" ...
So, for those who are on the bench- let's move it! And those who've done it- more power to you!

10/3: day 11 post-op ...just got my stitches out...

10/3: day 11 post-op ...just got my stitches out this morning. Have to come back next week for the remaining stitches on my BB...doc only remove some not all. Prescribed a cream to help fade the scars...still emphasize on daily massages of the hip and abdominal. Overall, pretty happy with my figure...even happier knowing that it's going to shrink a bit more. The incision and BB part is still numbed and hard/swollen, that will take a while but I'm very optimistic that I will look and feel amazing in a few more weeks.

2 weeks post op! I'm actually feeling a lot...

2 weeks post op! I'm actually feeling a lot better, at this stage, the swelling has subsided but it's still very sensitive and numbed! I have a few technique and advice on how I care for my scar! I think it is just as important if not the most important part of recovery. After 7-10 days after the stitches were taken out, I was applying Biafine (prescribed by the dr) I slap it on the wound and wrap it with body bandages. I changed it daily and noticed that my scabs were being peeled from his cream+bandage combo. After 3 days, I noticed my scar was pink and tender, so I stop the cream and switched to applying acuaphor without the bandages. I did that for another 3 days and my scar looks amazing! I washed my wound with antibacterial soap from the hospital twice a day. Also, moisturize your skin around the tummy at all time. Most importantly, rest as much as you can the first 2 weeks, stay off our feet and wear yoga's super comfy!
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